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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the guidelines on footwear in Iran, including not wearing shoes that cover the ankles and insipes of the feet, and suggests wearing snug gear with a strap at the back. They also encourage viewers to share their issues and donate towards the series.
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What kind of footwear is permissible for men in a state of Iran

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and hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah. Generally speaking, the prophet has spoken about the guidelines of footwear, he sets a lot he was tell him that we shouldn't wear regular shoes, meaning shoes that cover and envelop the whole foot. He said, we shouldn't wear hope that covers up the ankles and the whole foot in their entirety. Rather that we should wear something that are non sandals, which means that the top bone of the foot, the instep of the foot should have a presence and a prominence it should be shown, and that the ankle bones should be shown, there's dispute amongst or on a map, which is which was meant by the prophet sallallahu. It was seldom because one

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of those will have a came and said O Messenger of Allah, I have a foot injury and I when I need to wear my shoes, the prophet said will wear your health, but make sure that your ankle bones are uncovered. So there's a little bit of disagreement in that. My suggestion to you is, it certainly doesn't have to be those, you know, plasticky ones that are like a flip flop. But it can be something that's a little bit more substantial, essentially kind of one that doesn't rip off you and your long journeys, my recommendation are slip on kind of gear, your toes are exposed from the front, your ankle is clearly exposed. It doesn't. It's okay, if you have a strap at the back that

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kind of settles your ankle into place, as long as it doesn't cover the entirety of your instep and the bone of your feet. That should be shot law, a clear guideline and I'm hoping that the attached photo should be clear and show Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of the videos I don't know what somewhere over here, there, whatever whatnot is beautiful. This, this series of videos face IQ and we need your support. And that's by watching it by sharing it and then by donating towards us. We continue to make more videos that deal with more of your issues does that Kamala Harris Philharmonic Rahmatullah

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim answers

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