What Is The Best Time For Tahajud

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Shaykh Yaser Birjas answers


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The speaker discusses the best time for a 200 practice, which is the late night prayer. They explain that the practice is recognized as the "vanity prayer" and begins at any time after Salvatrona. The hedging practice is the most popular, and people should practice it during the time of the "vanity prayer" to receive forgiveness from heaven.

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So what is the best time for 200

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or 200 as a term is recognized as the late night prayer that you do sometime you know, later at night after you wake up from sleep. That's how people define. However, in essence, 200 is considered family, which means night prayer. And the night prayer begins anytime after Salvatrucha all the way until any moment after before further before a project begins, which is basically the break of dawn. So anytime in between between a short time after you press out of Asia, all the way until before the break of dawn, this is considered the night in which you could pray clamor late the night prayer and the night prayer starts from after Isha. Any moment you want to all the way until the end, the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam according to the law, she said men could lay karma Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam means the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam he prayed to her Jude or Pamela the night prayer from every portion of the night which means sometimes he did it at the beginning of the night, sometimes at the middle of the night, sometimes late at night. So he would pray differently. So I want to live with Rama it depends on the circumstances if it was winter versus summer, if he did something before or after whatever. So the night is open for DACA for Korea, Malaysia. So what is the hazard in this case? The hedging is the portion of the night where people they wake up after you

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know after asleep and they do their salon so whether it's the middle of the night, the end of the night, or even you know, right after Isha if they just took a nap and then they woke up to W qualify as tahajjud possibly, but it's still considered the nightmare. The best of the nightmare obviously is the one that is performed later at night right before surgery is the time that is called walk to Sahar, the pre dawn moments in which Allah Subhana Allah praise the believers during that time, he says, will as Harry whom yourself your own and during the Sahaba time which means the pre dawn time they seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal and this is the time when Allah subhana wa tada in a

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manner that suits His Majesty descends to the earthly heaven and he looks upon His servants and creation and ask those who are seeking His forgiveness to forgive them and ask him for mercy or ask him for things to be done for them so Allah and fulfill their needs. So this is the best time basically for people to do so. So if anyone wants to get the best reward, inshallah, they try their best inshallah to go to sleep after a shot early, so they can wake up sometime before fetcher to the hedgehog melas counter and make it easy for them and make it acceptable to me