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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of memorizing an ayah and its implications for future practice. They explain that memorization is not a reflection of one's past, but rather a reflection of their intentions. The speaker also mentions reciting an ayah and the importance of keeping it up to date.
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How do I make the such of tilava? When I'm memorizing an ayah? And if the I have a lot Bismillah beaker lady Hello comes up. So I love that last Ayah then what would you do? Do you make 47 such that

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it is not typically my place to give fifth based opinion. But in this arena where I have been aware, I've learned, I will let you know clearly to the statements of my teachers and those of the past who've been running the memorization system for 100 plus years, hundreds of years. If you are memorizing an idea that has such a dilemma, where you read an ayah and then go into prostration, reciting it 20 times 30 times what if you need to read it 12 times just to get that one word, and at the end of your sitting, you'll make one sajida to encompass them all, because you were in the intention of memorizing the Book of Allah. If you want more on this fic ruling as a jurisprudence

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and its proofs, please look on further and you'll find more information, but to answer your question, the way to make such Attila while when I've recited some an ayah that has the such that in it. I will recite it as many times as I want and make one such law and it is he a lot who knows the best

When memorizing Qur’an, we are bound to come across an ayah where lays a sajdah tilawa. Memorizing a verse of the Qur’an requires constant repetition of a verse. Do I need to make the sajdah every single time I read an ayah with sajdah tilawa?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers

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