Yasir Qadhi – The Parables of The Quran #24 – The Parables of False Gods

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various examples of parables used in various context, including false gods and the role of the creator as a burden on owners. They emphasize the importance of understanding the roles of the creator and productivity in society, and mention recent events where multiple candidates were announced and the possibility of a double chance for democratic candidates. Multiple Gods are impossible for individuals to worship multiple Gods.
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Nina Shay. banyo lungeing Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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smil Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was a woman what I'm about, we move on to our next parables and we're going to be doing quite a lot today, at least four of them because they're all of a similar motif. They're all done in a very similar manner. And in the first one Surah nahan verse 75, to 76, Allah azza wa jal gives two parables, Allah says thought of Allah who method and Abbot then memerlukan ly up the other shade. Allah gives the example of a slave or a servant, who is not capable of doing anything compared to the one one marzec now who may know this and has an for her unique woman who still run guajajara compared to the one whom Allah has made,

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wealthy, powerful, Allah has given him everything, and he is spending his money left and right. So Allah azza wa jal mentions * yes, they won't. Are they the same? Now this parable is actually double meaning I need you to pay attention. It's a very deep parable, our scholars have differed over does it mean example a or example B but in reality, it means both of them. Allah is giving an example of parable a or the first motif, the righteous Muslim versus the one who doesn't believe in Allah. According to this, Allah is saying is the one who is stingy, who owns nothing and spends nothing the same as the one who is wealthy and spends for the sake of Allah, the two are not the

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same. However, there is a higher meaning and that is, according to the majority of scholars the primary meaning because the context of this surah the context of certain health is about idolatry versus doe heat. So Allah is saying, is the example of the one who is spending IE Allah, the same as the example of the one who has nothing to spend ie the false gods. So Allah is giving the metaphor or the parable of himself, being the one who spends and being all powerful compared to the gods who are incompetent, who own nothing. So Allah saying are these two the same? So this is the first parable we're going to do the other three are exactly the same and you can have both of these

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meanings. The next verse will Dora Bala who method and Roger Delaney how to whom other camo lie after Alicia in wahoo or cologne Allah Allah a NEMA your G hula tibia hide held yesterday who a woman yet rubella Abdullah, who is rotten with sapim. Allah gives another example right after this one. The first person is that he is a once again a servant who is dumb, deaf, he cannot speak he cannot talk unbecoming. ly aka doodle either shape, he is not capable of doing anything. On the contrary, he is a burden on the person who owns him. Wherever the owner sends him, he comes back with trouble, he brings no good Is he the same as the one who is guiding others commanding others

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being a positive force in society. Now, once again, we have two human beings in this parable. And some of our scholars said that one of them, let's say is Oh my God. And the other is, let's say a Buddha could have stood there. They even give the names even. Or sometimes they say it is a Buddha, and Hamza, and this is a valid example. So the first of the person Allah calls him deaf, dumb and blind, he doesn't command any good. He's a burden on the people. He's doing no good to them. Is he the same as the one who is standing firm being a proactive force in society preaching, teaching, causing good so this is one level. However, in reality, the higher level is what is really intended.

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Actually, this is a parable of the false gods versus Allah subhanho wa Taala. The false gods Allah is saying they are someone Bookman, they have no capabilities, they're not commanding anything. There are a burden on the very people who own them. If you own an idol, you have to literally purchase it yourself or carve it yourself. You give offerings to the idol the idol is not benefiting you at all. The idol does nothing to you. It's cologne Allah Mola. It's a burden on the owner is that idol the same as the one who is commanding right and good, calling others to righteousness and of course that is Allah, Alhaji Allah is the ultimate guide. So this parable once again, it can be

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operating a two levels, the first level to human beings, one of them good, and the other that is empires, and that's a valid parable, and we can read it and that in that understanding, both now has 7576 and then as well both of these parables can be used for false gods

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And for Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is one, one set of verses. The next verse we're gonna do is again very similar sort of the room verse 28 surah to room verse 28, barraba method and fusi come, Allah has given you an example from amongst yourselves. Allah gives you an example that you're very familiar with helical min mama cut a modal command Shoraka female is now confined to V. So up to half una honka FIFA to command full circle caddy corner fasudil omiya Quran, Allah is saying, and again, remember, this is a slave based society, Allah is saying these slaves that you own or we can say in our understanding, so we understand that if you're working for a person, you're working for a

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corporation, you are an employee, that Allah is saying that are these people that are your employees? Are they the same as the bosses? Are they do they have the same rank? Do they have the same status for unto v so are all of you are exactly the same to hapuna, Hong Kong, Chico and forsaken, that you fear from them what you would fear from a powerful person? Now again, what is the metaphor being given? Allah is saying that, just like in society, you have presidents and CEOs, you have people that are at a lower level on the socio economic status and what not each one is given. It's how, how can you equate Allah azza wa jal with these false gods, you yourselves do not have

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that type of society where everything is equal? How can the created be equal to the Creator, when even in your own societies you understand that the owner is not the same, the CEO is not the same, the one who is the owner of the company is not the same as the employee. So Allah azzawajal gives this metaphor and powerbot and he goes, this is from your own society from your own living, you understand that the one who has more power the one who has a higher level that there are privileges that come How about the one who is the creator of everything, how can you turn away from him and worship a created being so this is another metaphor that is understood to all and the final what

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we're going to do on all of these are the same of you know, servants or slaves compared to the powerful people a lie saying, you understand this metaphor, do not apply it to Allah azza wa jal because you don't apply it in your own lives. The last one surah Zoomer verse 28, barraba lovoo method and rauland Fie, he showed a cow Mata Shakti soon warra jhulan selama Lee rajadamnern Halle estar we aneema Fela Alhamdulillah he bucked federal formula at the moon, Allah has given the example of to a person who is owned by multiple people. And those people are arguing over what he should do. They're having a debate amongst themselves, one man, so imagine you are employed by 10

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companies. And each company is asking and, and begging, and each company is giving you tasks and chores and they're arguing amongst themselves, he must do this, he must do that. how productive this employee going to be versus what our children said Emily Rajan, versus the person who is under the employee of one under the ownership of one, are these the same? Once again, Allah is saying, how is it possible that there can be multiple Gods when the system of this world is so perfect when everything is in sync and harmony? How is it possible that one person can worship multiple Gods you wouldn't even do this in your own lives? You cannot be employed by 10 different corporations. Each

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of them has the same stake and share in you It doesn't work that way. And Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran, that if there were multiple gods in this world, then this world would not be in the harmony that is in low kind of fee Hema Ali Hassan Illa Allah who left us at the top. If this Wirth Earth had multiple gods, this whole world would be in chaos, the fact that it is not in chaos, and everything has a synergy. Everything has a symbiotic relationship, everything is in perfect harmony. Allah says this indicates there is one God in control, one master, one ruler, one creator, otherwise there would be chaos, just like there would be chaos. If there were multiple leaders of the same of

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the same entity or of the same person. It wouldn't work that way. So Allah says and hamdulillah but a thorough humla afternoon most people don't think about this. So these are parables or examples four of them that I've given the on the same motif, which is that it's not possible for there to be multiple Gods it's not possible for there to be multiple creators out there, there's only one and therefore you understand this in your own relationships with other human beings with your servants with in those days slaves that is not possible that there's multiple so too You can look around in the world and realize there is much one God and you should worship him and him alone. So these are

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all motifs that are similar and because they're all related to shear and the same motif, I put them together had to go quickly over these inshallah tomorrow resume other parables within each other. Of course, by the way, as you have heard today is multiple chance

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Have a little clutter so be be extra vigilant. It is one of the odd nights it is the 25th which is one of the highest candidates after the 27th and it is also Friday night as well because Tomorrow is Friday. So as of neeraja have said that when the last 10 and the last odd and the Friday they all coincide together it has a higher candidate or chance of being later to Qatar. So let us exert extra effort tonight May Allah azza wa jal accept our efforts.

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Welcome, ganas who can serve in return on jG B's shaving solution, Ernie, be worth Don't be too

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