Mohammad Qutub – Tafsir al-Baqarah #22 – Distorting the Words of Allah

Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The use of the title Islam in the West is discussed, including its use as a reference to men and women and its use as a reference to the Bible. The use of the term Islam is also discussed, including its use as a reference to the Bible and its use as a reference to men and women. The language used in the conversation is also discussed, including its use as a reference to the Bible and the Torah, and its use as a reference to men and women. The speakers explore the use of "the" in a conversation about the origin of Islam and how it is distorted, and how it is used to distort speech and false accusations. The speakers also explore the use of "the" in Arabic and the conjunction it has with the Bible.
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Mana Raheem hamdulillah Robben Island la sala to attend Mota Salim ala Sayidina imam in our hobby Bina availa costume Mohammed dibny Abdullah who either early he was off be here with we are in woman Tabby on the SN Illa yummy Deen Subhana Allah and Milena LM LM tena indica interlingual. Hakeem rubbished roughly surgery wise, silly Emery. Was that me Listen EF Kaho holy I praise a lot of mighty and I said prayers and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is no good family righteous companions and all those that follow them with the right guidance and for the Day of Judgment. I mean,

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glory be to you Allah, no knowledge have we accept that which you have taught us Indeed you are the All Knowing the all wise, my dear brothers and sisters and Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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May Allah subhana wa Taala accept from us and you in sha Allah and make this blessed month an argument for us in sha Allah and the Quran and the fasting all an argument for us in sha Allah intercessor in the Day of Judgment.

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My brothers and sisters we continue with the Tafseer of Surah Al Baqarah.

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And we got to the following verses. Allah subhanaw taala says that the ministry honorable James Milan Rana Rahim

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effort Apple now guna mean hola como further Karuna ferry? In whom yes smell una Kerala la Heath. Your hand me funa to your holiday funa whom in de ma boo Mia Moon why either pull arena

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Paul who

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will either call

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ILA about

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Paul to have the tuner home on the tuner

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long while they equal me or

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do to

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the rune

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law higher hola hola

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so he says if I talk Mona you mean hola como.

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Now we see that

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there seems to be a transition.

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We were always talking about the Jews of Bani Israel. The stories of Bani Israel of the past Allah subhanaw taala was telling us about the stories of Bani Israel, that history what they had done, their crimes, their disobedience, things that Allah azza wa jal was mentioning and reminding them about and reminding the Muslims about. Now, he is talking about the Jews that are

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living with the Muslims in Medina. So now he's talking about the present Jews and their situation.

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he tells the Muslims EFA dogma ona and Manu Lacan, this is a reference to the Jews that are amongst you now. For that matter own, do you really hope or covered, that they will become believers that the Jews around you will become believers? Of course, this is in Medina,

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the Muslims are living with the Jews. There is coexistence between the Muslims and the Jews of Medina. You have the unsolved, who have some fairly good relationships with the Jews. So yes, they did cover it, they did want them to become Muslims. They hoped that they would become Muslims. But Allah subhanaw taala is telling them otherwise, effort of my own, do you really hope do you really think that they will become believers and you mean will that come after tomorrow that you mean will come work or they can fit for minimum, then he takes them to the past?

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So do you think or do you cover that they will become Muslims, they will become believers and follow your Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when this is what their ancestors used to do. So in the first instance, you will give them an example from their ancestors.

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Welcome to Karna fairy for minimum and there was a group of them.

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you smile Oh Nicola Mala.

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Who would hear the speech of Allah

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yes my own Akella Mala film now you have a foreigner who when they will distort it

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first of all effort of my own and you may know let them wakad karna fairy on minimum, a group of them not all of them, the Quran is always Subhanallah it is precise and this is the way Muslims should be as well. We should be precise when we are talking we don't necessarily generalize to all the Quran itself is saying 31 minutes not all of them. A loop of them.

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Yes, smart winner Kayla Allah, they would hear the speech of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Notice, this is one of many that proves that Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks, this is one of the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala which is the Quran confirms Qlm Allah the speech of Allah, Allah speaks and the Quran is the speech of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and this is the belief of the Sunnah.

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Yes, my owner Kalam Allah, they would hear the speech of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala

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what is the speech of Allah here in this ayah

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there's actually some differences of opinion. It may seem immediately obvious, but there's some difference of opinion. What could that be? What is the color of Allah here? Okay, what kind of ad hominem yes wow, that Hello. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola be thorough, right? seems fairly self explanatory here the switch of Allah is a Torah that Allah subhanaw taala give to Musa alayhis salam.

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And this was the opinion of many,

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even is half

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narrates that this is not the Torah. This is not what is meant by your smartphone or calla Mala.

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Rather, he says they all heard the Torah so why would he say

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that Federico minimum? Yes. Now Nicola Mala a group of them heard

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the speech of Allah, they all heard the speech of Allah as he says.

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So the opinion of urbanists hap and others

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of the tabular in that did tafsir they said, this is actually the group of 70, the cream of the crop that we're with Musa alayhis salaam when he went to Japan the poor,

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and that they actually heard the speech of Allah as Musa alayhis salam heard the speech of Allah

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can see some bewildered faces?

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Yes, Maulana Kalam Allah, they heard the speech of Allah.

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Can it apply to the Torah? Absolutely. What about the 70?

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Is it possible that they also heard the speech of Allah?

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It's my own Allah, Allah is the opinion of women has happened others that they heard the speech of Allah, as the prophets do, and as new Salah Salem did,

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some who may argue against that would say, if they also heard the speech of Allah, then they are like Musa de Sena, as if Allah spoke to them as well. Then what is the use of saying what is the uniqueness of saying, Musa alayhis salam is the killing of Allah is the One to whom Allah spoke. Right? Seems like a fair argument.

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How was Musala Salam, then unique, if they also heard it?

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We might say that Musa alayhis salam may have engaged in a conversation with Allah they didn't. They were just hearing what Allah had to say is my owner, Callum Allah.

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and other scholars said this is not correct. And the opinion of evidence hat here is based on

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his own narration, which in this case may not be authentic,

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and that as we said, this will then

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cancel the uniqueness of the

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Prophet Musa alayhis salaam being the one to whom Allah subhanaw taala spoke Kaleem Allah.

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But then even harder after mentioning this also retorts and says, but the texts from the Quran and the Hadith seem to indicate that the uniqueness of Musa alayhis salam is in something a little bit extra, not just that Allah spoke to him.

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Because we may say that Allah azza wa jal spoke to others.

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Yes, Allah spoke to Adam and he said,

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Allah spoke to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So he says that the texts of the Quran and the Sunnah seem to indicate that there's something a little bit more

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unique about it. And if that was indeed the case, then the possibility that they also heard the speech of Allah is there,

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that those 70 Heard the speech of Allah subhanho wa taala. And interestingly, an imam povery supports this opinion very strongly.

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That it is the 70 who were with him? They actually heard the speech of Allah subhanaw taala. And he claims if it was Otherwise, he wouldn't have said what kind of funny hoomin whom, yes, ma Nicola Mala. You would have said something like waka Khanna,

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very familiar whom you have any foreigner, Kala Mala. And you wouldn't have actually mentioned this first part, which is yes, my own Akella Mala. If we take the other opinion, that this is actually the Torah that this is that they heard the speech of Allah and then they distorted it, we might say that he mentioned wakad kind of theory on minimum that there was a group of them that heard the speech of Allah and then distorted it. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying that this group, yes, all of them heard the Torah. But this group heard the Torah heard the speech of Allah and then distorted it. So why did he mention Yes, my honor kalaba Allah, because He's emphasizing the egregiousness of

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the sin.

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They heard the speech of Allah,

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the Torah, and then they distorted it.

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And this is the worst that it can get. Awkward kind of coming home, your smart home that can anima familiar Hadley foreigner who mean that in lieu Mahonia Allah moon, then they distorted it, they tampered with it.

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Was it just a simple tampering? based on ignorance? No, they understood it. Remember, the MA Lu, they understood what Allah subhanaw taala was saying, and what he was, what the indication was, what the interpretation was of his speech, and then they distorted it and they tampered with it. This is the worst part while homea Allah moon, and they know how egregious This is, they know what a destructive sin this is.

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So notice, they heard the speech of Allah one, they understood it, too. They know how evil This is three, and yet, they committed this vile sin, to change the words of Allah Subhana Allah.

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If this was the Torah, then changing the switch of Allah here would be

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distorting the words of Allah in distorting its meaning. We know that distortion may be of several types, one, distorting the meaning, you keep the text as it is, but you say no, but this actually means something else.

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This is not what this means, even though they know what this means. Remember the Maya Lu, they understood it. But then they gave another interpretation. As vile as changing the words themselves. No difference. The other type of distortion is changing the words itself playing around. We saw this in the Old Testament and the New Testament, actual versus being deleted. Other verses being added parts of versus being changed. Words inserted words omitted. Allahu Akbar, distortion of the words of ALLAH to my Johari funa whom embody Maha

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if we take the opinion of even his heart and poverty and others?

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This is the 70, who actually heard the speech of Allah. Some narrations mentioned that when they went back to the people,

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Musa alayhis salam would say, This is what Allah said. And they would say, actually, this is what Allah sent your law.

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Can you believe it? So they heard the speech of Allah like Musa heard it. And then when they went back, we started playing around, they didn't transmit it

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to the rest of the followers, the way they actually heard it from Allah.

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Through may you have a fuller who, in the Edina Hailu home yeah, honeymoon.

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Again, go back effort Optima owner a you knew loco, do you really hope they really think that they are going to believe. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is actually making them fall into despair.

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of them believing don't have that hope in the first place. When this is what they used to do. This is what their ancestors used to do. They used to play around with the speech of Allah and distort it. Do you then expect them to believe someone whose hearts are as hard as was mentioned before, that they would distort the speech of Allah the Torah, or they heard the speech of Allah with Mousavi Salam, and then they're playing around with it, you expect them to believe don't have that hope.

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And of course, this applies to us today. It applies at the time of the province I was 11 applies today, for tomorrow. And I mean, this is what they used to do. And eventually he's going to talk about what they are doing now as well. But this is one example. This is what they used to do.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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no M and Abby, Asha Romina, Lea hood, the M and abelia hood.

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If 10 of the Jews believe in me,

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all the Jews will believe in me.

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Of course, scholars discuss this hadith, because they said actually, more than 10 did believe more than 10 Jews did believe in the prophets of Salaam, many eventually believed.

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So some said actually what is meant that 10 of the scholars of the Jews

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of course one of the scholars of the Jews did believe his name is Abdullah bin Salman. Right only Allah Han

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and some may say even that Mohammed

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was another one of their scholars who believed when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said after develop offered, that McCarrick is the best of the juice.

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So some said those two believes. And what is meant is that if 10 Normally, and that would be the whole 12 leaders of the Jews that are mentioned in surah, Thelma ADA

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biasa Ramona Leah who behold

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maybe another opinion is if 10 of the Jews were to believe at the same time.

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And that's an interesting one. Because if they all believe at the same time, then maybe everyone else will follow when one or two believes they're immediately cast away, as heretics as pariahs as ignorance as whatever, and therefore the rest wouldn't follow. So maybe if 10 believed all together, then it would have an effect on others and others would have believed as well. Subhanallah the point of the Hadith if 10 were to believe all the Jews were to believe were would believe they did not. In other words, don't have that false hope that they will believe. And of course, this idea

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shows us how evil it is to play around with the words of Allah subhanaw taala to make you hungry food at home in the mouth. And here let us talk specifically about distortion of meaning. Meaning that

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of course, that distortion distorting the words is the one of the most

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Evil sins as well, right? But, but that's on another level to actually play around, change the words change the verses add and subtract. But this is another type of a sinister distortion of the words of Allah subhanaw taala as well, because

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ostensibly you have kept it intact. He was the word of Allah. But then you play around and you say no, but this is not what is meant

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when I was given a must have

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a very beautiful translation of the most half

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my the Kardashians

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beautiful, obviously,

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they spent money on it.

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So I immediately went to the translation, I immediately went to which I can you guess? So obviously, one of the main issues with the caveat is that they claim that we'll have an idea and here's another profit. So what do you do with the wacky Rasul Allah, Muhammad, maybe the seal of the Prophet so I went there immediately opened up long footnotes,

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right there,

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playing around with the word of Allah, trying to distort what exactly is the meaning of the seal of the Prophet? does it actually mean? The last of the prophets? Does it mean something else? Does it mean maybe the last of the prophets, but not necessarily the last prophet? There may be other prophets that will come after but from his line

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Allah playing around with the words of Allah subhanaw taala Of course, what do you do with that hadith?

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This is part of the problem. When you have groups like the Quran knights, who say we only take from the Quran and we don't take from the Hadith Oh playing with the deen of Allah distorting the deen of Allah subhana wa taala.

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But this is an example of where you keep the words in tact. But then you play around with the interpretation. No, no, no, we want a modern interpretation. Let's try to now have a modern interpretation of the Quran.

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Again, this is part of the Hadith. From May you have the full name embody Mahalo. There are people who claim the hijab is not in the Quran, who said that women are to cover their hair and wear the hijab? No, the word hijab is there but it doesn't mean this. Okay? And the other verses No, this is not about hijab, they're playing around with the words of ALLAH, they're distorting the words of Allah. It's very serious. So now you have the fool now who embody ma Lu wahome. Yang. So when Allah subhanaw taala says that they understood it, and they knew what an evil sin this is.

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So there is no excuse. There is no excuse where we might say, Oh, this is that will, or this is unacceptable that we owe there's a difference of opinion. Yes, there's a difference of opinion, I just gave you the difference of opinion. Now, the amorphous serene and the opinion of Obon is hot and the opinion of Mr. Tabari but this is an acceptable way, an acceptable opinion, not something that goes against the fundamentals or that which is known by necessity, or clear Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or twisting the words of ALLAH around and saying no, this is what it means playing around with the with the language, maybe coming up with an interpretation, the

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language simply cannot give you how can you interpret it this way? You cannot possibly get that meaning from that word, which means this in the Arabic language, you cannot just make things up and say this is what the meaning is. Okay. So recently I heard something similar Subhanallah and you might you might have heard it as well.

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Is this what is meant by the verse or not?

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Even if you look at the different opinions, is it a test which may be acceptable or not? There are rules for this. You don't just make it up or

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possibly play around with

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because of pressure, very, very serious, especially nowadays, with all of the propaganda against Islam and Muslims, oh, we can tweak it. No, this is not exactly what the Quran is saying this is not exactly what is meant by this verse, why? Because of pressure because of political pressure, because of propaganda. Sometimes it can be very seamless, but this is somebody you respect and somebody you know, and somebody who's knowledgeable.

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Yes, but the pressure is very great as well.

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Is this possibly what is meant by the idea or not?

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From you have the foreigner who in the zoo or who may Allah Moon

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stop there or should we take the next

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step? Do you guys need time to get ready? We stop here, okay. In sha Allah, we will continue next time.

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The verses are all interconnected and somewhat related. We will continue in next time in sha Allah, Baraka Luffy como Salallahu Salam o baraka and Amina Mohammed was Santa Monica

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