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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the process of learning to read and recite in Grandstars, which involves learning to read and recite a recitation, followed by rhythm and retention, which involves learning to write a pages of a textbook and staying in touch with the concept of retention. The process will lead to a development in memorization and learning, with a potential for full-time memorization within 36 months.
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What's the best progression and what's the best step by step way for us to see growth.

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here in Grand revolution, or in general students should begin by learning to read. Once they can read the recitation reading will become a recitation they'll learn to recite. When reading and recitation flow together, you want rhythm and with rhythm, you flow to the Quran and you open up your wings and you will want to come to the fourth stage, which is the which is the concept of understanding just a few vocabulary words. Once reading, reciting rhythm flow give you an idea of understanding, you will move into retention. Now retention is what you consider to be memorization, but memorization needs to be split into the memorization prep, the diet, the routine, the rituals

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that you'll fall into, and the concept that you need to retain the Quran by writing it. So step five before memorization and retention is right to retain an idea to lay down the Quran in layers and in tracks so that you can interact with it. Once you've done right to retain and you've written 100 pages of Quran, I will invite you to the next stage which is retention, part time memorization. Part Time will lead to a development and learning of a system and that will take you to full time memorization. Within 36 months of starting retain, you will have completed writing the book of Allah and also as well retaining the bulk of a lot and make the best out of your memorization experience.

We all plan to grow when dealing with the Qur’an. Whether it’d be reading or memorizing it. What’s the best to proceed?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers.

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