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How Much Can I Socialize With Opposite Gender Without Sinning

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Episode Notes

How does one socialize with the opposite gender without the risk of falling into sins?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi advises one to follow certain methods and approaches to be on the safe side and avoid oneself from being off guard and mindless.

Episode Transcript

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How much am I allowed to socialize with the opposite gender without falling into a sin?

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mostly in the circumstances that we find ourselves in the there is no gender segregation. So islamically it is permitted to be decent and dignified with the opposite gender. What is impermissible is to obviously go into vulgarities or to go into a situation or scenario that will lead to a sin, our co workers, our colleagues, the people that our office and whatnot, Islam dictates upon us that we are dignified and decent with them, we greet them, we get to know them in a way that is permissible. What would be impermissible is to obviously become physical talk about vulgarities do indecent things with them. This is something that would be held on within the

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confines of the social norms, the Sahaba, would speak with the Sahaba they would interact with them, the male female of the Sahaba would know each other by their first names, that would be dignified a decent talk. So no doubt, the same should apply in our scenarios, if not even more. So, as long as lewdness and evil is avoided, and the hearts are kept pure as much as possible. It is permissible to engage and to dialogue and to be friendly, but obviously one should be always on the guard against slipping because it's very dangerous and as we know, that this is a stepping stone to a potential how long relationship so one should be guard and mindful, otherwise decent dignified conversation is

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permissible in shallow