How Do I Get My Kids Excited About Qur’an Class

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Parents often enroll their children in Qur’an classes at the masjid or at school, however, the children themselves do not want to go to the Qur’an class. They are often forced to go against their will. How can parents convince their children to go to Qur’an class and get them excited about it too? Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair answers

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My kids don't want to go to karate class, how do I get them excited about it?

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In general, children love to do what they see their parents do. So the first question is, do you as a parent, attend a karate class? Because if you do it, your children will want to as well. Secondly, find out the reason why they're not excited about it. Is it a healthy environment is their playtime being compromised, identify the root cause. Thirdly, you know your child and you know how to get them excited and happy about things. So just as you get them excited about doing their homework, or finishing their meals, or putting on their snowsuit the same way, get them excited about learning, put on also