Ibrahim Hindy – Pursuing Laylat Al-Qadr

Ibrahim Hindy
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nobody want to stop Pharaoh who wanna study when I was in Thailand and Sudan fusina woman siata Marina

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de la philomel Bella

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de la

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ilaha illa La La sharika well shadow ana Muhammadan hora solo or solo la, la la la mean meaning

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the key word attending a badger marine no now the local beginner call wasabi. Wasabi

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oberwolfach belong with z hero merger z tend to be a nanometer for a sauna and what he decided to also learn more was it more verticality while he was how they were allegedly administer Navy so not to be sad he nailed Medina mount for we'll see Kumasi we took a look at our laughing only a tequila level manager

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operates due to Allah alone. And then we seek aid and assistance in family turned both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly him Allah subhanaw taala guides them can mislead and human love leaves to go straight there is nothing can guide and bear witness that there's nothing worthy of worship civil law alone and then Mohammed's love wherever you send them is both his servant and His Messenger. Allah Subhana. Allah says in the Quran waterbuck is a local Maya we're taught that indeed your Lord creates that which He wills and he chooses. And it is from the majesty of Allah subhanaw taala from his power from his grace from his glory, that he cannot Allah gets to choose. So Allah subhanaw

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taala chooses to place extra blessings. In some over others. He places extra blessings in certain people over others, the prophets and the messengers are not like those who are not prophets and messengers. And he puts extra blessings in certain places over others, the holy cities, the sacred cities are not like those that are not sacred and holy, and chosen by Alice Pennell to Ida and this is from the majesty of a law. So again, if everything were the same, if all the people were the same, why would we who would be our role models? Who would we strive to be similar to? And if all of the places were the same? Why would we journey and travel and go through difficulty to arrive at a

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certain place that is more blessed to ask a lot to worship a lot in the place of more blessings? Why would we Why would we do that journey and grow spiritually through that journey? And so if everything were the same,

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why would we strive extra, just as we strive extra on the days that are greater than other days, and the profits a little lower than when you introduce the month of Ramadan to his companions? How did he begin discussing it? He said there was come to you this month fee Hello unitron Hi, Roman L. Fisher, in it is a single night better than 1000 s 1000 months. And so he began the description of Ramadan, by telling them about Laila to Qatar, as if a little further is the pinnacle of the entire month. It is the heart of the entire month. And they've been Ambassador the along where he had the opinion that leaders have called the rose on the 27th night. But this is only his opinion in the

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opinion of some of the Sahaba. And while many people have depended upon this opinion, the reality is we don't know for sure which night is the night of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it attendees will have a wealth of secret on the odd number of nights of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And so it could be any night. And tonight is an odd night. And so it could be tonight as well. And I want you to realize, you know, because we don't know which night it is. And the fact that the night has been obscured from our complete knowledge in search of knowledge. It means that it's something that we have to strive towards something that we have to pursue and look for. And in order for us to

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pursue and to look for it, we have to ask ourselves,

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why is it worthy of our pursuit? Why is it worthy of our effort? What is its meaning? What is its importance? Why do we need to search for the site? And imagine that tonight is this night? What should we be doing today? And how should we feel about this powerful night that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and ally xojo speak about a lot so hello to Alice in lands and now will feel a little quieter. Indeed, We revealed it in beta as of Potter, we revealed it on the Knights of Qatar. And this is the first hint, the first indication the first evidence for us to realize how important this might is Allah subhanaw taala praises himself for having sent down the Quran

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Al Hamdulillah and let the ns Allah Allah mdmk tabula Michala who I reject that All praise belongs to the one who has sent down the book upon his servant. Allah praises himself for sending down the Quran and he praises the

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And itself, ticket to keytab. And Hakeem in many other verses as well. These are the wise words of the book of the Scripture. And a lot honor the entire month of Ramadan is honored for what reason? Because the Quran was revealed in it was part of the LSS Chavo Ramadan into the moons in a female Quran.

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The month of Ramadan is the month in which the poor animals revealed if the entire month, the 29 or 30 days of this month, all of these days are honored and blessed because of the poor and was revealed in it. Then what do you think about the one night the specific nights in which the Quran was revealed? And Allah Subhana Allah says in another verse in the ends and now feel a little more Baraka, indeed, We revealed it in an honor and a blessing nights. And so this night and it's blessedness has been mentioned in multiple verses in the court. And in the end the novel feeling as indeed we revealed it on later it's one of the Raka manliness and what can make you know what little

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Potter is, little other is something unique to the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam much of our rituals are not unique to our own soil is not unique to us, other nations used to do sauna. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was ordered to pre flood at musala Sam said your people are not going to be able to do this. Why? Because there was a sauna on his people. So swana was something other nations had. Fasting is something other nations had almost penalty is quotevalet possiamo kana cookie Valentina Mukunda from fasting has been prescribed for you and it had been prescribed for nations before you. Hajj was something introduced by Prophet Ibrahim and he has set up even Hajj is

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not unique to our own. And it's less than either is unique to this oma, why is it unique to this oma because it's related to the Quran and the revelation of the Quran. And so it is unique to the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it's mentioned in the Muslim document that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was worried. Why was he worried he was worried that the deeds of his own mo would be less that people in previous owners had longer lives Allah bless them with long lives, that some of them lived hundreds and hundreds of years. But that's an hour on my people had short lives. They lived 60 5060 years or so. So the prophets of Allah, he said, I'm worried that our good deeds would

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be less, our good deeds would be less because we live less. And so Allah subhana wa Eiland then gave him this night, blessed him with an ADA to God to compensate the oma with extra time. And that this is the essence of blessing that in one night, your deeds are multiplied as if it's been, you know, longer than 80 plus years longer than an entire lifetime. And if the person were to witness multiple data from others, it's as if they've lived multiple, multiple, multiple lifetimes, that they've done these good deeds in them in the ends and now feel a little mobile Raka. Allah says, We sent it in a blessed night a night of Baraka and Baraka is where the good of it lasts for a long time. So the

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good of our deeds in this night, they last for a long time as if they last entire lifetimes. Why is it called Laila to other the word other has multiple meanings, the Knights of color, what what is other, other can mean value that was checking in on him something of great respect of great value of great significance. And so the Knights of data to each other is of great value, it is a valuable night, it is not equal to other knights, it is worth far more than other Knights. And so it's other its value is far more than the other Knights. And from this, the scholars they mentioned, is the night itself valuable, or is it the person who worships in it that is valued. And the truth is both

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is true. The Knights itself is full of value. And the one who worships in it is full of blessings in value and respect. And other as well can mean strength. Other can mean power can mean strength. And so it's called data to other because of its tremendous power, it is more powerful than all the other Knights called that also can mean our your decree things that have been decreed something that has been decreed for it. And lay lots of color is related to our predestination because Allah subhanaw taala when he talks about data to others, he says, We have you for a cuckoo Emerald Hakeem in it all the decisions have been decided, all the decisions have been decided on that day. And so on this

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day, Allah subhanaw taala announces to the angels the annual decrease the decree that such and such a person will, you know, have more money this year, such and such a person will achieve more such and such a person person will be afflicted with a difficulty with a hardship with a tragedy, such and such a person who will overcome a difficulty or hardship or a tragedy that these orders are now getting given to the angels on this day. The decisions are decided for how you flew landed him all the time.

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Decisions are made on this night. And so if this is the night that our fate is in the balance, imagine things are being decided, at that moment you're going to get this promotion or you're not, you're going to pass this course or you're not the decision is about to be made. Isn't this your opportunity or last effort to try to influence the decision to say, Please, please, please think of me, please give me and so you turn to Allah subhanaw taala on this day, and you asked him for his blessings on the day when the blessings are being distributed and decided, and Allah Subhana Allah says, the raw commodity that's what can make you know what today? That's what it is? meaning how can

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you understand it, meaning it is too difficult for your mind to completely understand what this night is, because it is too powerful, because it is to bless it. Because the rewards are so significant. Our minds are too feeble and too small and too limited that they are unable to power to understand the power behind the night. No matter how much I explain it. I myself cannot fully understand it, let alone explain. It's completely right. And none of us can actually fully understand it because we are human beings. So Allah asks this rhetorical question, what about the rock? I've added that metal a little further, what can make you know, you can't know it's a

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rhetorical question, we cannot fully understand it, we can understand a little bit of it, we can understand some aspects of it, we can be given some parables that give us some conceptualization of it, but we will never fully conceptualize it because it's beyond our limited human understandings. And so a loss of parallel data then gives you a parable gives you an example that could maybe spark some understanding of what this night actually means. But he says later, let's move on to the Highland mean official, that the Knights of Decree the Knights of power needs of God is better than 1000 months, it's not equal to 1000 months. Rather, it is better than 1000 months. Imagine the

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people who strive to go for Hajj to strive to go for it, because there there are more rewards when they perform these actions. And it's as if Allah subhanaw taala saying, if you can't go there, if you can't go anywhere, here Alize Odin has brought the rewards to you, on this night, they have been given to you. And you know, the greatest greed that all of us have in our life, is to live longer. You know, if any of us had a wish, probably would have want to wish to, you know, wished for immortality, immortality to live as long as we can. the wealthiest men in the world on his deathbed will give up all of his money to live just even an extra hour. And so what it what caused our father

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Adam and his son to be seduced by shaytaan by elites, when he said tells them, if you eat from the tree, you will live forever. And this is, you know, deep in the hearts of all the children of Adam, this desire to live forever. But Allah Subhana, Allah gives you this gift, the gift of being productive, as if you've had a longer life, that in one night, you can accomplish more than the average lifetime. Even the most righteous people amongst us, if you remove the time they spend sleeping, this time they spent driving the time they spend, you know, taking care of their kids, how much is the most righteous person spending in their worship? You know, of the 24 hours a day,

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there's going to be days, you know, hours removed for working hours for sleeping hours removed for all the other things we do in our life, how much hours are they actually spending in worship? Right. And so our time in our lifetime is actually very small in terms of our worship. And yet this night, if you worship a lot in it, it says if you've you've worshipped a lot for 1000 months, not that you've been alive for 1000 months, but that you worship the law for 1000 months. If the person who lives for 83 years, which is 1000 months, you know, they end up spending 20 years sleeping, if 30 years sleeping, and they spend, you know, 10 years driving and they spend you know, five years

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brushing their teeth. Right? So then the end of the day, how much do they spend actually worshipping out of those 83 years if they're so devout, they might only spend 10 years worshiping right? But unless God is telling you this one night is as if you spent the entire 83 years worshiping Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's the very definition of Baraka and notice Allah subhanaw taala in this photo, he continues to say that some cut in ends and elfi data to draw can lead to over and over he is repeating this word later. And it says if a lot so Jenna wants to drive home this meaning in our minds, drive home the point remember this night This night is important. Pay attention to it. Don't

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forget it tenez they don't matter. It gets World War heavy, heavy in the near of beam and Cooley Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says the angels in the spirit, they descend by the permission of their Lord in this night. And so one of the meanings actually that we forgot about other about what other means, other can mean restriction. The law talks about so called early risk, the person whose wealth has become other meaning has been restricted. He doesn't have a lot of money, right? And so some scholars they say this is the Knights of color of risk.

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We're being restricted. Why? They say because the angels are descending in so great a number, that there is hardly a place on Earth, except that there is an angel occupying that space. And what had Ethan Muslim as a meta Agha to lead us out of the UK film and I mean other than how far the angels on the Knights of color and the native power are so much they're more than the number of pebbles that are on earth. And so the angels in this verse, Xs, Zometa ik and they are all coming down, the engineer of being him by the permission of a lot, they're asking a lot for permission, there's the old law, please let us come down to earth. Now think about that. The angels who are in McLeod ravine

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were close to Allah subhanaw taala, who are in the heavens are far away from this dunya and the sins that exist in this dunya on this night, they're begging a law permission, well, let me come down to this world. Hold on, let me be on the earth. It's as if they know the greatest blessings of a lot on that one night are not up in the heavens, but are rather here on earth. And so they're asking permission from Allah, Oh Allah, let me be on earth because here's where the blessings are. And we want to be where the blessings are.

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And think about that for a moment. The angels are asking permission from a lot to come down to earth, some of us are already here. And yet we're spending the nights of power, disobeying a lot, and neglecting a lot committing sins, looking to what's wrong, rather than worshipping Allah, whereas the angels are begging a lot for permission to come down to earth in order to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. And of course the angels, they signify the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, the light of a lot of the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala they are symbols of these things, and if they're coming down to this earth that tells us that there's an abundance of the light of Allah and

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abundance of the mercy of Allah and abundance of the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah said, when you hear that it is of peace, it is a night of peace, that we want peace in your life, this is the night to seek it. This is the night to ask of it. The night when we will be surrounded by angels, as we ask Allah subhana wa Ida had put on our adventure until the emergence of the dawn. And the emergence of the dawn is mentioned in the sutra, as if to tell us if you achieve what you should be trying to achieve on this night. You know, in the dawn begins when the sun rises and you feel the new day you really feel a new beginning. And unless penalty is telling you you will have a

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new beginning in your spiritual life. If you achieve finding this night and worshipping Allah so panel data on this night. Now do we understand the power of this night? And imagine this latest tonight? What should we do in it? I shall do long I'm actually asked the Prophet this question. He had also a lot either right to have the leader for the

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Messenger of Allah if I were to find this night, what should I say and what should I do? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Bala Cooley Allah in the cartoon to help Bulava for me. He said, or I should say, or LA, you are an iPhone. And you love Africa. For me, So show me Africa. Now what is Africa, it is typically translated as pardon. Africa is an interesting word. And then Allah subhanaw taala calls himself LR foo. In this type. He is a foo, he is the one who's the partner. And it's different than the whole food of our food is forgiveness. We ask a lot typically for forgiveness, a lot of fiddly, or a lot Forgive me. And yet in this night in in this while, we are

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focusing on a different attributes of a lot the attribute of his alpha of his pardon.

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The word alpha comes from a metal and metal is to erase something. And they would say, and, you know, they would talk about the Arabs and talk about how the Earth would have Africa. And what they meant by that was if somebody walked through the desert,

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and they left footprints in the desert, then so you imagine there's footprints so you can see that somebody was walking, then a wind were to come and blow the sand over the footprints, what would happen to the footprints, they would be gone. It would be as if the footprints were never there, you would never know a human being walked that area, because the sand covers it in a way that is so naturally concealing. It's as if nobody was there to begin with. And that's what they call it.

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Meaning that it's completely removed the sin, as if the sin never happened. There's no consequence to the sin. Whereas the concept of mafia, the concept of forgiveness when we ask a lot for forgiveness, it comes from you know, the concept of mafia, the mafia was the helmet a soldier would wear. So the concept of forgiveness is you're asking a lot for protection. Right like the helmet protects the head of the soldier. You're asking a lot for protection. Why? Because your sins have gone

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consequences, and those consequences of your sins will come to haunt you in this dunya in the next world in a way that you may never imagine how it's going to affect you, you know, you may think you you did the crime of the century, nobody knew about it, Allah will find a way for the consequences of that sin to come back to haunt you in this life or in the next life or in both. And so when you're asking a lot for my fear, Allah forgive me, you're saying all I know, I committed these sins. And I know these sins have evil consequences, if not in this world, and definitely in the next. So a lot, give me my fear, I'll give me forgiveness, protect me, and cover the elements covers, cover

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this in, hide it, and protect me from its evil consequences. But to ask for is to say, oh law, I don't want the sin to have ever happened. I want it to be gone as if it never worked. It is asking a higher level from a loss of penalty either. You're asking for more from a loss of Paradise than even just forgiveness. So canon law, and this is an indication of the generosity of the last panel data on this night. It's as if the Prophet is saying, look, this is a powerful night. And Allah is so generous in this night. You can't only ask for forgiveness, forgiveness is too little to ask for it. It's like if you go to a millionaire, and you're going to ask him for some money. You don't ask him

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for $5, you asked him for a lot, because $5 is nothing for him. You ask him for more because that person is capable of giving.

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And so here it's as if the profits are missing on this night, where the generosity of a lot so much you don't ask for just forgiveness. You asked for forgiveness and more. Why do you ask for forgiveness and more because of the generosity of Allah subhanaw taala that you ask a lot as a gentle erase the sins, you know, you ask a lot to make it as though the sin never occurred. And this night is so powerful, we can actually achieve an ask like this even though we are full of sinners. And this is a night in Sharla for us to spend thinking about the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. Thinking about the forgiveness of Allah. Consider the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this man is old in his age, and this man is a weak in his bones. And this man his back is crouched, and his eyebrows are covering his eyes. And this elderly man leaning upon a stick, comes to the profits in the locker and he was single, and he stands in front of him. He says he lost a lot, or at 11 and

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fellow Metro community, he says almost interval law, have you considered the example of a man who committed all of the sins beginning to end? What a mere true community and he didn't leave a single sin except that he did them? Well, who are you then become a total aka Hi, Justin. What? Justin Elijah, he says in this case, the man has not left a major evil sin, nor a small hidden sin, except that he went in he did all of them.

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He says all messenger of Allah, he did all of the sentence that I had written, when at that job, he did the sin that was needless there is no need to do it. And he did this in that was urgent, but he felt the need to do it, he did it. And this and that there was no need, there was no pressure to do it, he still did it.

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And he goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he says to him,

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What do you say about this man, who committed all of these sins, going in coming? Big and small? He did all of these things. And then he tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lokasi Madhavi eto, Allah Allah, Allah Lila wasat, who is a messenger of a lie, if you were to divide his sins against the people of this world, it would overcome them. Meaning if you were to number the number of people in this world, and you were to number his sins, he would have committed more sins than there are people on earth. He says, if you were to divide his sins, it would overcome all the people on earth. And so he says to the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, they are Rasulullah the Henley

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Valley can tell them on messenger of Allah, can this person attained forgiveness?

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Or a lot Can he repent? after he's committed evil, and sins and abuse and harm and theft and lies,

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and the man remains standing. This old man imagine living years and years, this man with very little wealth to give with no strength to lend an old man near the end of his life on his walking stick, and the profits of a lager and he will send them who knows a lot as origin. Who knows the outflow of lions origin? Who knows the pardoning power of Allah subhana wa Tada. He asks him Hello Islam, have you accepted a lot? Have you submitted yourself to a lot? And the man says yes. And the prophets on the wall where he was Adam says your luck with that God will forgive you.

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And hence the Dr. masala was or the Rati will fetch allottee or messenger of Allah, one of my deceiving sinners.

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What if my evil sins and my shameful sins and my deceiving sins rather it will fudge? Arathi? What about my sins where I deceived others in my sins that were so evil and corrupt? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says all over the road Tucker, or further out, he says other autophagy rhotic your evil sins in your deceiving sins, all of them, Allah Subhana Allah will forgive me for the long answer. dimensioned around to walk away. And as he was walking, all he could say was Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And he said, will lie. We did not stop hearing him say Allahu Akbar, until he walked out of the horizon.

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Allah Subhana Allah says and the animal and Allah will have to battle Tolbert anybody do they not know that Allah is the one who accepts the repentance from his servants felco howdy Hello stuff in law you would have come through in order for writing.

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The law sotto Samana rasulillah. He was happy woman while

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He knew which day was needed. And he came to inform the owner of what day was needed.

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But he was unable to remember after he found two people arguing, and he interceded to try to break up that argument. And there's an interesting story that is referenced in the end, a different story

00:26:42 --> 00:27:15

of when people began to spread rumors about it sort of the long run, and spreading rumors that she sinned. And of course, I Isha is the daughter of Mr. Walker, the long line, and she is the wife of the profits of the local news center. And one of the people who participated in spreading rumors that turned out to be vile and of course, untrue. Was his own cousin named by the name a man by the name of misfire and misfire was, and then who

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he was a cousin of abubaker. But he was also poor. And Abu Bakar. The long line used to spend money on him used to give him money.

00:27:25 --> 00:28:05

And so when I go back and realize what had happened, of course, he was incredibly upset with Mr. Because he's his cousin. And abubaker has been showing him generosity. And despite all of this, he's spreading evil rumors about his daughter, and not only his daughter, but the mother of the believers, I show the alarm on him. And so I will borrow the alarm and felt upset like any of us would feel upset, and he felt angry like any of us would feel angry, and he swore an oath that he would not give mislike money anymore after he had been generous and been given him in spending on him due to his poverty that no longer would he do so after what mistreated his family

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and unless the parents Allah revealed in the Quran, while I

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was sad that do not let the people of virtue and wealth amongst you say that they will not give

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a lot of reprimanded abubaker for saying that he will not give Who? Alhaji Runa fees

00:28:26 --> 00:28:53

corba one by Sakina when Mahajan when mahogany Nafisa de la, let them not swear an oath that they will not give to those who are their family, those who are poor, and those who have committed who have performed their hijra who have migrated for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And Miss Locke was all of these three things. He was a relative of a pebblebrook. He was a poor man. And he performed the hindraf, from Mecca to Medina.

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And so a lot tells me about criminal code and to not swear an oath that you're not going to give him.

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And what's really powerful about this is a couple of things. Number one, Miss black committed a very evil sin, one of the most evil sins, spreading rumors about the mother of the believers. And yet a lot did not cancel the good deed that Mr. Haddad because when a lot referred to Mr. Lai he referred to the fact that he performed hinges on his good deed was not cancelled because of his evil since pantalon. Look at the mercy of of lions den and then Allah mercy once even more, that he tells them about God, don't cut him off of your money, still give him Yes, he committed an evil sin, but still give him for the sake of Allah. Why? Because Allah Subhana Allah says when he when he has fire, let

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them perform Africa, let them pardon others while your sparkle and let them overlook and add to Kibana, FM Allahu Allah come Don't you love for a lot to forgive you. We want the forgiveness of Allah. We want the pardon of Allah subhana wa tada in order for us to attain the pardon of a lion. So again, we have to pardon others. To attain the mercy of Allah. We have to show mercy

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See to others. And if you want the part of a lot, you need to pardon others. And a lot teaches this to Abu Bakar. In this verse, he tells them pardon him, an overlook. Don't you want to listen to it? Forgive it, pardon you. And so just as the prophets lie Selim lost the memory. The memory was taken from him of what's night was needed some other for what reason because two people were fighting, and they were not capable of forgiving each other. They were not capable of pardoning each other and that obscured the needs of others. And in this is a symbolism for us. If we are holding bitterness towards other anger towards other hatred towards other and we cannot get ourselves to a place of

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forgiveness and pardon, then we too might obscure ourselves out later to other and not be able to achieve it. ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to witness this month. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to be of those who are granted freedom and liberation from the Hellfire in in this month and on this night.

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