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What is the meaning of good bid’ah and bad bid’ah? What have the scholars said about this aspect? Would it be better to adopt the approach of Prophet ﷺ where we stick to the Sunnah?

Shaykh Yasir extrapolates and clarifies.

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Is there something called good data versus bad bad?

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Well, some scholars have attempted to, to categorize innovations into two and others say no, all types of data are incorrect. In the end, this is a topic that is one that requires a little bit more of a dissection and whatnot, I would say generically, stick with the texts stick with what we know the Prophet sallallahu I said them did. And this is always going to be safest this these controversies that take place is something a good bit and versus a bad bit. Pretty much both sides would agree that the Profit System himself did not do these types of things. So the closer we are to the original message, the closer we are to the way of the Profit System, the more in harmony and in

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sync we are to the methodology of the profits of the law, why'd you send them it is safer for us, I would honestly say leave these discussions for a more advanced level and concentrate on that which there's no controversy over your personal worship of a law, your personal rituals drawing closer to a law loving the messenger and if somebody is doing one of these things live and let live you concentrate on yourself and let them do what they are doing. And the topic of good bits versus bad bits. We will discuss this in shall align it has been discussed on our online module. And in in my humble opinion, the difference really at some level is semantics. At some level, the difference

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really is semantics. Nonetheless, it's safest to stick with the sooner as much as possible and avoid any of the issues of controversy and a lot as Xhosa knows best.