Did The Prophet (PBUH) Make Any Specific Duas During Hajj

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Performing Hajj is the 5th and final pillar of Islam. One must perform Hajj at least once in their life time. Hajj is upon us in a few days and a lot of people wonder if there are any specific duas the Prophet (PBUH) made. Were there any specific duas the Prophet (PBUH) made during his Hajj?

Shaykh Hasib Noor​ tells the answer

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The speaker discusses the prophets Selim and Phil Asad's teachings on the mountain of suffer, which is where the prophets have been teaching for 20 years. The speaker also mentions the success of the prophets in winning victory and fulfilling promises, and how they have been able to overcome obstacles and take care of their enemies.

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Are there any new ads or supplications at the profit slice I'm specifically made in hajj.

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The Prophet salallahu alaihe salam has said in a beautiful Hadith that the off the circling around the Kaaba and the sorry the passing between the mountains of Safa and Mandala and the rest of the Hajj have been made in order for one thing and one thing only the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala so yes, the entire Hajj is filled with remembrances of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of allies origin and particular do as that he would make. And among those are the very famous to add that we were all taught. And that is when the prophet SAW Selim was making pull off circulating around the Kaaba. And when he reached the door of the Kaaba before that there's a pillar of the cabinet or a

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corner called the corner of Yemen, the Yemeni corner, and until the black stone, this wall is called the Yemeni wall. Why? Because it faces Yemen. And in this period, the prophets I said mo would say that I've been asking for dunya Hasina, or Phil Asad. It has been working either but know that Oh our Lord grant us from this world, what is good and gratis from the hereafter what is good and save us from the punishment of the Fire. And the prophets I said, I made this dua because it literally encompasses all good that you can material is materially or what is in the hereafter as well as preventing you from harm, as well as the prophets, I said, have made one of the most powerful two as

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on the same mountain, which Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded him to proclaim the message of Islam, and that is the mountain of suffer. And that mountain, he makes a two hour which all we all say and that is that he said, let you know that there is no god except Allah alone. nasaga he gave victory to his servant, one just a word and he fulfilled his promise. What has zabba done, he took care of all of his enemies and the obstacles in his life alone, the prophet SAW Selim came to that mountain, when he went on his farewell pilgrimage. And the most beautiful and powerful moment in the life of the prophets lie. Selim is on that farewell pilgrimage, there was over 120,000 companions, looking

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at the prophets lesson with love, and wanting to hear what he has to say so they can implement it. Whereas literally about 20 years prior to that 22 years prior to that the prophets I said, was on the same mountain. And when he made the

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call to Islam, he was rejected on that same mountain. So he made that do as if to say, oh, a lot is because of you, and you're fulfilling of your promise, you gave victory to me, and you helped me to overcome all of the obstacles in my path. You when you go to Panama, make that same dua to say, Oh Allah, you're the only one who will fulfill my promises, and you're the only one who can give victory to me personally, and you're the only one who can help me overcome my own obstacles, my own difficulties and take care of my own enemies. And these are some of the most beautiful guys that the prophets I said and made it