How Can One Encourage Their Spouse To Pray

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Hijab as we know is an important aspect of Islam. For our sisters who weren’t engaged with in from their young age and may want to begin, it can be a process. What are some steps one can take?

Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair answers.

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What the person can do to encourage their spouse to perform Salah?

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I'm glad that you asked us questions because this is one of the duties that we have and the responsibilities we have towards our spouse. You know, can you imagine if your spouse you know the tea is getting sick or she's getting sick or something down on their own little harm, then definitely because you love them, you care for them, well, do your best to stop them from falling into that thing that will harm them. So what about the

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no doubt that you fear and you care for your husband and your wife more than anything else to be among us? herbicidal How to mass set up a comfy sofa palolem knuckle minimal saline, what have led you to the Hellfire they said we didn't used to pray. Prayer is a very important element. That is our model Islam, the main pillars in Islam as a model they allow and said there is no chance for someone to claim Islam if he or she doesn't pray. So this is a very serious matter. And I'm so happy that you care about your spouse, that you make sure that the not only praying, they pray on time and they pray correct. And they care for it. What more Allah cabas Salatu was Salam ala Allah, Allah

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subhanaw taala said in the order your family to pray and be patient, that's that means it will be a struggle that will take time. Don't ever give up. Don't get frustrated. Don't get angry. You know, encourage them, remind them, you know,

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asked to pray together with your spouse, hey, let's go pray together. I love to read to listen to your recitation. I love to be praying with you. You know, also one of the things that you can do with your spouse is to care. It's not right for you to walk to the edge of prayer and you leave your wife for example sleeping and you know that she's not going to wake up for solitary fudger make sure that you wake her up. Also care to pray the sunon the extra volunteer prayers, believe it or not, it protects your furry the protect your obligations prayers. So if you care for the sinner, you will care more for the furry law. If you don't care more. If you don't care much for the volunteer

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prayers, the Sinan Believe me, you will find yourself easily missing the father easily missing the obligatory obligatory prayers. So encourage your husband to do as much

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volunteer prayers. Take your wife, your husband to the mustard more often. Take your spouse to the mustard, praying in the mustard will guarantee that the person will pray in congregation you know, a reminder reading a book sharing a hadith you know

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basically a soundbite from a lecture, a reminder a verse in the Quran. Keep advising keep reminding keep encouraging and always stay positive. Now make a lot of dirt out that almost penalty to help your spouse to care for the salon. Because it is I'm going to do it is that main pillar in Islam, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you and your spouse