The restricted Takbeer When Does The Takbeer Begin After The Obligatory Prayers

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the attack on Bureau Ass knew that was restricted and meant for those who aren't doing hash. They then give a brief recap of the attack on the day of alpha, starting with the restricted attack on the day of allayed and continuing through the rest of the attack until the day of allayed. The attack on the day of allayed is called at the beginning of the year and the third day of the year motor ship.
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And then the second type of attack here is attack Bureau Animoca. Yet the restricted that we are and what is meant by the restricted technique is that there could be there is recited directly after the obligatory press. And that begins for those that are not doing hash that begins after Fisher on the day of alpha. And then after a boil after lawsuit after maghrib after Russia, and it continues to the next day of allayed so you have the day of alpha. After Fisher, you begin to see a tech beer.

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And after all the obligatory prayers, then you will see that again after all the obligatory prayers on the day of Adel Alba, and then again on the second day of an eighth, and then on the third day of a lead, and then on the fourth day of a lead, and you will stop after Salah colossal so that's five days, in which you will see a tech beer after the obligatory prayers

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will remember him at home Allah mentioned that the tech beard, it's okay to begin straight after seeing the girl. So after you finish the obligatory prayer, the Fisher on the day of alpha, and this we're speaking about those that are not doing harsh. On the day of alpha after Fisher. You will say a stone for Allah to boil a stone for Allah to boil a stone for Allah to boil a Allahu Manta Salam will Inca Silla, the relic devil JLL eco. Now you can say Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, well, Illa Hill hump, and you can repeat it three times. And then you go back to continuing the Asgard after the obligatory prayer, and you can also sit down after

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the obligatory prayer and see all the girls after the prayer. And then once you've finished six of them, and I've made a video about that you can watch after that, then you can see a deck beer afterwards, three times and more than that depends no problems. And for those that are doing a hash for those that are doing, I'll hash their tech beer after the obligatory prayers will begin on the day of allayed after solid bowl after solid of world why? Because before that, they are busy with a Tobia. The homage on the day of alpha they are busy with a Tobia saying the bake Allahumma bake the bake Alicia de Kalika bake, this is what they're busy with. So those that are doing Housh

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after the day of alpha, they go and they sleep the night in was deliver. And then the next day which is the day of allayed, they head towards Minar. And they go and they throw stones at a lockable Cobra. And then afterwards, they will stop until we are all together and begin with a tech lead saying Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illa mo Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, well Illa hint

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and then

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when they pray about after abode, they will make a ticket and then after also, after modeling and after a shirt, so that's the day of eight and then the first day of the year motor ship, the second day and the third day and they will stop at after solid alasa those are the three days after allayed. So all up for these they will make a technique after the obligatory prayers and that is known as at decaduro el mapa. Yet the restricted the creep