How Can I Find Peace In The Absence Of A Soul Mate

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Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed

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The speaker discusses the importance of finding peace within the absence of finding love in people. They explain that the physical aspect of love is a driving force towards Allah's subhanaw taala, and that seeking love from the creation of Jesus is a natural natural tendency. The speaker also discusses the importance of not giving up and continuing to have hope and reach for the Lord.

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Why do we search for love in people? And how can I find peace in the absence of finding my soulmate?

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Why do we search for loving people? Well, because we're human, and it is part of our fitrah that we seek love, to both give love and to receive love. This is something that was put in us by Al widowed himself by the source of love. There's nothing wrong with this aspect of our fitrah essentially, this aspect of our fitrah actually serves as a driving force towards Allah subhanaw taala. Because we seek love, because we want to feel love and we want to give love, it actually can become and it should essentially become a driving force to take us closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Because we can, we want to get love, and Allah is the source of love, and we want to give love, and we Allah

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subhanaw taala is also the one that we in our fitrah is the ultimate object of love. But Allah subhanaw taala also puts in us the desire for love from the creation, we know that those who are nearest to Allah subhanaw taala, such as the Prophet, so I sent him also had love for the creation he gave love, and he received love from the creation. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us about how to balance is the prophets I sent him as an example of how to balance this. For example, there's the Hadith, in which a man asks the prophets I send them, tell me something that will make the people love me and love me. And so this was something that was acknowledged as a desire that human beings

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have in them is to have both a love, love and the people's love and the prophets I send them said, Do not be attached to this life and Allah will love you. Do not be attached to what is in the hands of people, meaning don't covet what people have, and don't covet what people can give you, and the people will love you. So seeking the love of people is something very natural to our fitrah we know that the prophets I send them loved his wives, we know that that was that's a very natural human inclination and as part of our design and part of our fitrah now the second part of the question is how do I find peace within the absence of finding my soulmate to that what I would say is seek the

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help of Allah subhana wa tada is that you know, the slavery was Salah, as Allah subhanaw taala says in the hood and seek help through patience and prayer, patience while going through this trial because it is a trial and prayer while continuing to ask Allah Spano Tata for what you want. Allah loves to be asked. And one of the dogs that I would advise in that specific situation is the daughter of Musa alayhis salaam in which musante has an M says it'll be in nee Lima and delta LA, min height and that Oh my Lord, I am indeed poor, for whatever good you send down to me know that Musa alayhis salaam was in such a difficult situation he had accidentally killed that man. He was

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escaping. He was wanted, you know, for manslaughter. And, and he goes and he calls out to Alice pathauto. With this door, I'll be in neelima and delta la I'm in Highland Park here. And we're told this door in the hood and I am poor for whatever good you send down to me. And thereafter he got a job and he got a wife. So this is one of those daughters that you you ask Allah subhanaw taala especially using the times of de la you know when you're fasting at the time of breaking the fast to head good and in such that when it's raining, the time between Austin Metalab on Friday the time between then and Alma that use these times and and Begala and ask Allah subhanaw taala for what you

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want. And in that process of asking Allah subhanaw taala will have the added benefit of getting you closer to him and also inshallah Allah will give you as Allah subhanaw taala says that, the only StG blackall call on me and I will immediately respond to you. Now, that response was always responding, but how that response happens in what form at what time that's by the decision and wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala but don't give up asking don't give up trying and continue to have hope and Alyssa.

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