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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of shaving the back of the head for COVID-19, as it is highly infectious and the risk of getting infected through protective gear. They also mention the need for a shave that is not required for a male to shave his beards and avoid the need for face masks. The speaker believes that the use of these devices is temporary and cannot be considered permanent.
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permissible for frontline workers to shave their beards because of the need to wear protective masks.

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This is all about the nature of the sauce Cove to virus, which causes COVID-19 is incredibly infectious. And it's the risk of getting through masks, which are what we would normally would wear surgical masks which don't have a lot seal to one's face.

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The risk of it getting through and being

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an effect on one's a respiratory tract is high. And therefore we need a complete seal. These FFP three or n 95 masks, which is our specific forms of PP personal protective equipment has now become a major issue and those who are on the front line from doctors and nurses, from them from males, they need a skin which is hairless, because the SEO is not perfect. And you can actually continue to get infected through it. Now, we Let's not make it out that infection is only happening through the nose and through the

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mouth. That's of course why we need our eyes covered as well devices and goggles. But that doesn't require you to affect any Islamic routine. And of course, in principle, it is impermissible according to the vast majority of scholars for a male to remove his beard just in general, of course, a beard defines a man it's his honor, is what identifies a man and we love him for it. The lack of a beard in a woman is what identifies her and we love them for it and to write as well. And so it's a major thing to ask a man to get rid of his beard and have an effeminate Look, let alone Islamic ruling. So one has to exhaust every other possible alternative and there are actually

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alternatives out there. But they're not. They're not very easily available. There are some skins like lycra laka, balika balaklava, that can create a very tight suction to the face upon which you can put a normal mask and it gives a virtually the same effect. The problem with that they're incredibly suffocating, you can't work with that for a long period of time. And it's not a clinically safe product from an infection control point of view. There are other very effective systems, which are complete herds that have their own respiratory system seal properly don't require you to have to do anything with your with your bed, but they have battery issues. And there's

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there's a huge cost availa issue and their availability issues too. And I do not believe that one is obligated to have to go to that much that much hassle in order to avoid the standard available health system that are providing them when they do provide them PP that they give such as an FFP three mosque and so because of the necessity and a note here in Islamic law, it is permissible for the usually impermissible things to be relaxed slightly temporarily according to the situation at hand in order to lift the necessity to fulfill the need that is of urgency at that moment. And so therefore, I believe it is permissible for our frontline working males to shave whatever is required

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of their beard to have a fit tested professionally properly safe, pp applied for the time period that is required until the industry catches up. Our tools become better, vaccinations become more available and we understand the disease more but in this in this short term in front of us. I believe it is permissible because of the need and Allah knows best. Subscribe to this channel. Share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ

Shaykh Abu Eesa

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