Eid & Eid Prayer During Covid-19 (Part 2)

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Shaykh Abu Eesa


AI: Summary © The non- Muslim population is facing significant challenges during mass gatherings and the day of eating. The government has allowed the Massage Open, but the decision to suspend the drum opera has been made due to safety concerns and local political concerns. The importance of privacy and social distancing for everyone is emphasized, along with the need for local football advised to avoid large gatherings and avoid using large crowds. The difficulties of holding massages in moderation during the pandemic are also discussed, with a focus on following the rules of the local council and creating a family vibe for the event.
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In the light of COVID-19, what would happen to the IED prayer and the day of eat itself.

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So I've already covered the actual individual ruling upon the prayer. And what is of no doubt is that it is something very, very significant, both legally islamically, at least being an emphasize soon, very much more like to be eligible for an obligation, but also very important for us culturally, for identity for our families to see Islam be spread, especially in the non Muslim countries where we can often feel slightly restricted with respect to identity and the practice of our religion. So it's so important to come out and enjoy that day make a statement to ourselves more than anybody else. But of course, under quarantine, under lockdown, the situation has changed. We've

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already seen a prayer, which is far more important than that, legally speaking, which is the drama opera having to be temporarily suspended. Now, I say having to be temporarily suspended, I just want you to know that in virtually every country, certainly here in the UK, the government has never actually closed the message, it has never actually banned the drum opera. It's not scholars that took the responsibility to do that. And it was the right decision. And that was because of safety fears, but also because we knew that we couldn't control the situation. So in actual fact, the government has allowed the massages to be open just like other houses of worship for solitary

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worship. The problem is, is that how are we going to be able to control solitary worship who are especially massage and martial arts about a Columbus's love to come to the mosque? How would you make a decision who comes in who doesn't who gets turned, who doesn't submission is too difficult, too much stress. And we don't have the resources don't have the PMP we don't have the cleaning material, and so on and so forth. So it was in the best interest of the community and, and, and general safety of everybody, that we just suspend how the most massage and depressive continued every day there, Jeremiah is established with one or two people who are the mom and the caretaker or

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some few people. And that's a blessing that just keeping the fire warm for us is keeping it nice and cozy for us to get back to. So I just want you to know that it's not so much even what the government say, it's about what we consider to be the best interest for our own self. So self

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benefit, our safety, our health. And that is very important to recognize, because that also then means that regardless of what the government and then says whatever country you're in, we've lifted the lockdown, we've now started the phase return stage one, stage two, phase three, phase four, whatever those details are, that's not going to be the only thing that you're going to take into account, when you come to making your decision to open up your Masjid or for you, if you're not one of the trustees or the key people, when you go back to your machine to pray. There are other factors. And those factors are the local factors, the factors of local politics, local peer pressure

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from those that are the neighbors and those that cause trouble and the media, this is a very important aspect to consider. Because it might just be that the government says it's fine. We're we're happy for you to go and you know, do x y Zed, and then we're unable then to control a gathering of 20 or 50. And you've already got a population. So receiving economies in a complete mess, the unemployment is through the roof, people looking to someone to blame, we get blamed for everything anyway. So here's another very convenient reason. See those, ya know, all those ethnics going around that didn't want to use the right you know, the terms that they do actually say to us,

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but you can imagine it's a powder keg that could really explode. And so we have to be careful and use our brains a little bit. And understand that if the government for example, said, Now all gatherings are allowed, but with it with physical distancing, social distancing, there is a no problem for you to have 1000 or 2000 people gathered as long as they are physically distance and the error is big enough, then that's a good sign, we should try absolutely our very best. And this is a great opportunity for us to establish this sooner, where instead of massage or just praying the prayer themselves, which they often do, they come together. And they say, right, we've always spoken

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spoken about this in our countries, only a few places that do either in a park or one aid or these initiatives where people get together and do either narrow and open the prayer and open in big areas. Okay. Well, now there could be some more efforts for for gatherings. And if the government and the people. And it's because you see, we're not just judged. We're not controlled just by the government and their police and the court. But there's the public court as well. Public opinion is important as well. So if everybody has equally been allowed to go to open areas, and remain in physical distancing guidelines, then we should also go for that. If it's 1000 2000 that are allowed

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with big gaps in between, then we should really make that effort. However, if we know here's the real thing, if we know that it's not possible to do that, that the weather is not going to allow us to do that that the most aren't any agreeing on that or whatever. And therefore we are then forced back to go

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into our massages. And in small buildings or under holds, there is a limit of 20 people or 50 people, what is not going to be possible to put staggered aid prayers, you know, after half an hour, because 1000s of people come to the local Masjid, even the local Masjid. 1000s is the biggest, most well attended prayer of the year has to be split into three, four or five Jamaat congregations. And we still struggle. So it's going to be very, very difficult to put that on for us to control that is going to not just give us a very bad PR, but physically from a health perspective is going to be a problem as well. What I want to say is, is I guess what I want to convey is that when we make our

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decisions, it is the *ty our wishes are number one driver. It's not necessarily the authorities, they give us obviously some, some guidance, they give us some justification, they give us some good reasons to do certain things. And of course, if we're thinking of doing something against them, then they control their controllers as well. And it's the rules that we follow. However, they're not the only factor to consider. The government, as I said, has still, I never in the UK have asked any of the massages to be closed. Here. We did that because of the wider public interest and it was the right decision. Likewise, when it comes to the IID, press, they may by then most countries will have

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lifted lockdown and allowed it to go on ahead. But if the numbers that they're restricting the gatherings to are too difficult to create too difficult to police, police, too difficult to manage, then I do not believe that the press should be attended in congregation, you already seen my position. I don't think that is allowed to pray. The Prayer is not similar to pray that in prayer by oneself. It's a congregational event, it's a public gig, it's not a private individual matter is something that everybody comes out for. There's no end massage at home by yourself in terms of the prayer. And so if your scholars in your local area, they deem it safe to do a gathering that's

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fulfilling political guidelines,

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authority guidelines, the government guidelines, it is safe from a health perspective, and the local community is supportive of it, there's no one that's going to turn and no one's going to use it because they're prevented from gathering in some kind of way, then you should follow that opinion. Follow the position of your local scholars, local local football councils, as long as they are taking all these into account and they will be you should trust your scholars, then you should try to establish the need for but if that's not safe, it's not going to happen. You can't ensure their safety. They have not allowed large gatherings then of course, we should not do that. Then I do not

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believe that the press to be established. And we've gone far further than that already. Don't be too shocked. I know. So psychologically or culturally we get big shock. Yeah. And on the concept of a prayer, what he doesn't even prayed for, he's really off the bell. Right. But when we've said that you're not coming for Juma prayer that was far more difficult for us to say that 1000 times more difficult. So if there's no Juma prayer, it's a lot easier for us to say there'll be no improv. Hmm, let me just quickly say does that mean there's no eat? Of course not. The Prayer is just one small aspect of the dance of an eight day is a celebration is a hack of us to really express our

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gratefulness and our and our sugar to Allah subhanho wa Taala. There will be Tukwila to their aid, the bathing under perfuming and your best kegs, your best clothes and you're absolutely going to smash it look your greatest have a great time, make sure you prepare in advance, get gifts, shopping food, have a great time your family get up your internet credit and your device is going to be spending all day chatting to people around the world. And I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But when you recover, then go back to the eating, you're gonna have a great eat in of itself that tend to be right. So the aid should be ringing any through your house. Yeah, you're

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going to miss out on some of the specific sunon that on the way to the machine on the way back from the masjid, the greeting of people and so on. That's obviously going to be missed out. But the actual event of the day continues, the normal Yanni tech rods will continue the eating of for example, it will filter the data center in an odd number at the beginning of the day. That should be something which happens that's not linked to the press that's linked to the day itself. So it is going to be still great, you're going to make sure you try to create that family vibe as best as possible in a safe way as possible. And if you are in an area which is fortunate enough to be able

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to arrange an external press safely according to local guidelines, according to the local politics and the mood and to feel that PR is not going to go crazy and the authorities behind you then you can establish that as well. And I lost pounds and knows best. I wish you the very very best of the end of Ramadan and the very happiest of eight in this difficult circumstances may Allah subhanaw taala accepted from us all Islamic martial law. Subscribe to this channel. Share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ