Muhammad West – The Messiah and the Antichrist, #2 The Great War, Mahdi and Malhama

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The conflict between Muslims and Christians in the Middle East, war between the US and Iran, Iraq and Syria, and the conflict between Iraq and Egypt is discussed. The conflict is related to the return of Islam to Jerusalem and the loss of the United States' military presence in Syria. The conflict is also related to the return of Islam to Jerusalem and the loss of the US' military presence in Syria. The conflict is also related to the arrival of the army of the Pledge of Allegiance and potential war in the future.
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mean, I should have been more sitting in seat number have been a little spiritual and I still don't want to lie but I got to

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policies got stuck in traffic.

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sha Allah, we will talking about the End of Times in the context of what's happening in Palestine. And we mentioned last week how a lot of the people that are supporting Israel, the especially the Zionist Christians, will mention we have to support Israel, even if they kill an entire population, even if they committed genocide, because this is part of the unfolding of what's going to happen in Kiama. And so this whole discussion on eschatology, the study of the end times the signs of karma, is there any similar similarities in our literature? And yes, it is. And the literature within our Islamic sources also speak about a lot of conflict in the Middle East, in Jerusalem. At the time

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that I've just mentioned, there will be war between the Muslims and the Jews, and we're not anti semitic, he's talking about the time will come when there will be conflict between Muslims and Jews. And this will be part of the signs that lead to the emergence of the jungle. And when Interesting to note, when their bases Allah mentioned these Hadith, they were not Muslims in Palestine at the time, and they were no Jews in the Palestine at the time. It was ruled by the Romans. Now, today, Inshallah, we're going to start we're going to talk about this great war, the Armageddon,

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all religions seem to agree that close towards the end of time, there will be a massive conflict within another world war. In as I said, in the Christian context school, the Armageddon in the Islamic context is called the MAL hammer, the metal hammer, the Great Wall, and

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we'll talk about some of the precursors to this wall, and one of the signs that lead into it. Today we'll talk about the MACD and the metal hammer. So who is the MACD, there'll be some tells us that close to the end of time that the world will be filled with injustice and the Muslim ummah will be divided and they will be no Khalifa and the Muslim world will be attacked from all corners by its enemies sounds very similar to where we are right now. He says that even if the world were to remain one day, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will bring forth a man from my family, the son from the progeny of Imam Hassan Rhodiola. And he will resemble Me in conduct analysis. This is a family member of mine,

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he will be similar to me in conduct but not in appearance. And he will fill the world with justice as it is filled with injustice, even if only one day will lift up this world, Allah would make that day long so that the mahadi can be sent who is of my family, and whose name is My name is Minnie. His name is Muhammad. And his father's name is as my father Abdullah. He's an ordinary man. He's not a super person, and he will be a survivor, a Khalifa a time he will come at a time when the Muslim world will be without a leader. Now, interesting, as we mentioned that for the one last 1500 years, it is only been the last 100 years that the OMA has no Khalifa. The Caliphate ended with the end of

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World War One. And so does this lead to something Allah Allah, but it's definitely the context of which the mighty would come. As the novices the mahadi is of me, and he will rule in another Hadith he says he will rule he will follow the world with justice, as it was with injustice, and he will rule for seven years, which is also very similar. When we look at the Christian sources, this number of seven years also appears to be aligning with him. Now,

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what is the context of his emergence? Then it even says before the mighty appears, Iraq will withhold its Durham's, and Syria will withhold its dinars, and Egypt will withhold its dinars meaning Egypt, first Iraq, then Syria, then Egypt would go through severe problems, War conflict, and there'll be a type of sanctions. And you will return as you started, meaning that it says you owe Muslims even though you are great in number, you will one day rule the world you are one you will and as we did, you will be the

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leading civilization you will return back to being a very, very persecuted group of people. And so, like we see in these countries, this is where the conflict is happening. Now, it must also be mentioned, there's always been conflict in this area. It's not just our time. But it's as if though to say first, there will be sanctions in Iraq, then there'll be sanctions in Syria, and then in Egypt, and this will be of the signs that would occur before the coming of the Mojave.

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There'll be some season another Hadith How will he emerge? How will Imam Mahdi appear?

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That means is they will be this agreement after the death of a Khalifa and meaning there is no leader the ummah will be in disarray. We wouldn't have a Khalifa and the people of Medina will flee to Makkah, and some of the people of Makkah will come to him. So Imam Mahdi, they will this be this person whose name is Mohammed the son of Abdullah who is of the lineage of animism

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An ordinary guy, a normal guy, when the Ummah is in great need of a leader, he will live in Medina but he will flee. He doesn't want to be in Medina, you'll come to Mecca and he wants to be obscure. He wants to be unknown, but the who judge at the time would identify him and they will take him out of hiding, they will force him and they will place him in front of the Kaaba at the Brooklyn by the Blackstone. And the hedgehog and the Haram will give him the baya they will give him the Pledge of Allegiance, and they will declare that he is the Maddy when this happens, and army will be sent against him coming from the area of Syria. And just before they reach this all Hadith about the

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future, just before they reach Makkah, this army will be swallowed up, and this army will be a taken in and when this happens, when the know and the nature of the Hadith it appears that the world will see this happening, it will be something which is apparent when this is witnessed, then all the pious people have Cydia of Iraq and everyone says they will come and they will come to him to give the Pledge of Allegiance. Now, many times when they read the signs people sought to connect dots. And it's very dangerous to do this. Every generation looks at the signs that they believe it's a scam. I don't know if you all know about the siege when the harem was besieged in 1979. Some of you

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might not even know 1979 Saudi Arabia is going through a lot of development and Western technology and Western influence is coming in the people are very upset about how Saudi is changing so quickly. And a group of students, the Dean students, pious people, they leave Medina and they had a man called Muhammad the son of Abdullah who was known to be alibis half of the Quran. And they took over the Haram in 1979. And with armed with weapons and all that that took they close the Haram down and about a week or two, and they put him in front of the camera, and they gave the Pledge of Allegiance. So this is the Monday. So everyone's like, ooh, these signs are ticking off. And so the

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Saudi government didn't know what to do. They were willing to respond by sending an army. And the army said, No, we're not. We don't know if this is the Maddie or is this the size of piano? Whoa, these guys. And so many of the Army members didn't want to actually go and go forward. Eventually French special forces had to come in. And they basically stopped the situation and this man was killed. But it's so quickly how I mean, this is how dangerous this could have been. Now in front of our eyes. Many of us would say that this is the Mahi This is the Magneto is dangerous.

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But there is there is a sign that you will see. He says that when the people give the Pledge of Allegiance army sinks and the people come and they give the pledge of allegiance to Mr. mahadi. Another army from the east. From horizontal honey stand side, they will come with black flags. That's why the Taliban al Qaeda, ISIS everyone has black flags. I always joke I said even even Orlando Pirates has black flags. Everybody has black flags, because the sign that this army of black carrying the black flags will come to him and muddy. And they will be the army of the mahadi. They will be the army of Mr. mahadi. And then he says when you see this happening, when you see an army

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coming from the east from a hottie Stan all the way to the Haram and they join up with him in the Haram then this is the same for you the whole Ummah must stand up with him because he is the Maddie even if he must crawl on ice to get to him. So

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as we see these incidences, these contexts when we see this kind of things happening, there's a lot of talk about Kiama. And as we mentioned in another Hadith, and now we're talking about so the Matthew will come at a time when the Muslims don't have a leader and he will unite the Ummah, once he is established as the MADI, then there will be war between the Muslims and Europeans, and will center around Jerusalem, where Jews will be in The Now that's why the establishment of Israel and the support of European powers. For many, it is a tick on the timeline of getting towards Kiama than IBM says, there'll be a terrible fight between the Muslims and the Bible as far as meaning the

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yellow skinned people, meaning the Europeans, and they will fight a severe fight. And this is going to be the great war called the malha. And when this occurs

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very soon after it within six years after this, Armageddon, the appearance of the gel, the appearance of the gel.

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In another Hadith Tribune says the army of the mahadi will continue, and he will continue fighting until he reaches Jerusalem. Now why is Jerusalem the center and why shuru Salam, the target and why is they fighting there? And why are the Jews in Jerusalem when the Hadith was given? Jews did not exist in Palestine anymore. So these things, make everybody believe that it is Kiama we are seeing unfolding. And once you've made your mind, this is the good guy. That's the bad guys. You lose your sense of morality, when it doesn't matter if you kill women and children, and we shouldn't get stuck into these eschatology eschatological signs by forgetting

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is always on the side of the innocence if it was the Muslim who was the aggressor, even if it's in part of the signs of piano, even though the Muslims must conquer Jerusalem one day, it doesn't mean that we allow genocide I ended for this hadith will continue next week, Inshallah, the week after, then everything says before Kiama count six signs that will update will do that will indicate the approach of the hour. My death this happened yes, the Muslims will conquer Jerusalem this happened say now I'm gonna sign a plague to affect you the Sahaba and this happened a plague that killed many of Sahaba the plague of Islam was and then the Muslim ummah will

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be cut will experience increase in wealth the Muslims will become the dominant civilization. This also happened to such an extent that even if person had 100 dinars you won't be satisfied then an affliction will occur that will leave no Muslim home will Addabbo and escape now we don't know what this is this could be and that's why people even COVID into it. This could be somebody Kelowna colonization into it Alana but an affliction will occur that will leave no house no Adam house will escape it. Then there will be a peace between you and the Europeans the Muslim to the Europeans which will then break down and there'll be three you which will then become the metal hammer and

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when this happens of course that gel will emerge will continue inshallah not next week, the week after and will be in Allah and JazakAllah head, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to grant is for the people in Palestine. We shouldn't forget. There was a truce but now it is increasing in intensity. And we ask Allah to grant Shiva for those who are sick and those who are injured and genital theodosis for the martyrs. Just one announcement Alhamdulillah Burano is having its market event this weekend, so if you Sunday, please Saturday, please go to our hub. They are food trucks. This is awful good goes in electrical and so much sinuata commercial America

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