How Can A New Muslim Adjust With Their New Faith

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Alhamdulillah, we have brothers and sisters accepting Islam every day. These new Muslims do have challenges they face. How can a new Muslim adjust with their new faith? What is some things they can do?

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick answers.

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The speaker discusses the importance of separating Islam from culture and the need for people to settle into one faith when they're born. They stress the need for people to be calm and allow others to enter their Islam, as it will impact their ability to pray and interact with people. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to find a friend who has knowledge and allow others to enter their Islam.

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How should a new Muslim deal with adjusting to the new faith

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when entering into Islam, we have to recognize that when a person is born, they were originally a Muslim, because a Muslim only is one who submits to the will of the Creator. And so it was the parents who actually affected the child and made them Christian Jewish fire worship, or whatever it is. We recognize the fact that there is tawheed monotheism inside of all of us, we all have a natural yearning and submission to the Creator. And so from the beginning, we need to recognize that Islam is a Deen, which is a way of life. It's not just an ideology. So this will impact not only how we pray, but also how we interact with people, the food that we eat, our the way we approach our

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job, the way we approach our education, the way we look at this life. And so therefore, we need to in the beginning, calm down, relax, and flow into it. We can't do everything right away. And we're not actually bound to do it by the Sharia law of Islam. We can go stage by stage, until we comfortably come into our Islam, and into the body of the Muslims. But remember, we have to separate Islam from culture. Because we'll meet many different cultures. Some of those cultures from the Muslim world are Islamic, but much of it is an Islamic, and so it's important to make that separation. Find a good friend that you trust, especially one who has knowledge, and May Allah make

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it easy for all those who are embracing this