The enmity of Satan

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The segment discusses the shay offline and the goal of the Shavon to destroy people and take them away from Allah. The shay consolidation is designed to prevent the use of the shava by the user, and the shay pattern is designed to avoid the use of the shava. The segment also emphasizes the importance of protecting oneself from the shay pattern and potential conflict between Muslims and shayers.

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He's present wherever you are. When you're home, with your wife, with your children at work, whatever you're doing before you sleep in your sleep when you wake up

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Smilla handily now Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While he was so happy he was salam. Ala Malema my info now on foreigner Bhima Olympian, I was in El menorah Bella al Amin. Allahu mcfa. Luna Luba now why is Selena? Morana? What? Hina genetica? Bureau Hermetica era Bella Alameen.

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The topic obviously brother just asked me What are you going to be talking about? It's all obviously the whole night with his brother shaytaan. Right. So I don't have the first slide is up.

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My lecture is about the enmity of the shaytaan that the shaytaan is your and my enemy.

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And the first thing I had there's it's really hard to imagine that you have such a fierce enemy.

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I have all of us want everybody to love us. Right? And if someone tells us it happens, you know, the bold enough to come and tell you I hate you. You'd maybe sleep, lose sleep at night thinking of why does he Why does she hate me? How can I change that? And why is it that I'm not loved by anyone or everyone I want to be loved by everyone so to know that there is a being that really hates you and hates you so much that he wants to destroy you. And not that only or he wants to destroy you his life mission is to destroy you, and that He is with you all the time. And his entire plot is to try to take you away from Allah azza wa jal that's something that is hard to imagine.

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But as I said, it's true, that the shaytaan is truly your fiercest and clearest and strongest enemy.

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The next slide so it tells us that Allah azza wa jal is the one who teaches us this in the Quran, no other than Allah azza wa jal, and then his Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he tells us in the whole movie in I counted it in the Quran, that exact phrase happens to be repeated in the Quran five times. That is, how many times is Allah azza wa jal have to tell you and there are other verses I'm gonna go through them. But Allah has to tell you one time after another in more than one occasion and more than one surah this is your enemy. And then another time this is your enemy and not only an enemy McBean, he's a clear enemy. You can miss him. If you listen to the description

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that Allah has for him, and what has happened before and you listen to the statements of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam it will be clear to you that he is the clearest and most pronounced enemy that you have.

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The next slide whenever humara boohooman It begins there.

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And Amanda Kuma Antilla Kuma shujaa kula Kuma inner shaytaan Allah Kuma I don't know maybe

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it begins there when the shaitan had this highest level

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or belong to the highest level where he was worshipping Allah azza wa jal alongside the angels of Allah. Meaning that you really can't climb any higher

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than he notices that Allah is creating this new being.

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And he has harbors in his heart inside that I'm gonna be an enemy of this thing.

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I'm envious of it envious of the special attention it has. So incidentally, Friday Yeah, now Sienna Willa insulet to Anna he lovely Kana. If he's given power over me, I'll disobey Him. And if I'm given power over him, I'll destroy him. So from the beginning, there is this deep corruption and intent that they are either me or him.

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And of course that follows to the project. And here Allah azza wa jal is speaking to both of them and how well

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are they he said them and telling them and telling us by extension when other human he's telling them didn't not I forbid you to eat from that tree

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and tell you that that is a clear enemy of yours. So don't listen to him. Don't be tempted by him. The strange thing is that if this happened, and was true with Adam alayhis, Salam and Omona our mother Hawa if it is true with them, and they had no prior experience with a bliss before this.

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The problem is that we continue to be deceived by the shaytaan though we have so many other instances that attest from our personal life, because he tempted us so many times and from also stories that precede us.

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happened to people before us that he tempts and destroys and keeps doing this over and over and over. And yet we do not take him or consider him to be a clear enemy.

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And here is ironic this idea has a little bit of irony in it.

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I felt that you do know who will react to who earlier and in doing your homework and model me Sally Vani Mina Bella. So Allah is telling humanity and maybe Allah has devoted his speaking to some of us tonight.

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Are you taking the Shavon

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and his progeny? Because it's his progeny against the progeny of Adam? Are you taking the shaytaan and his progeny as your allies as your friends as your confidants as your advisors and supporters?

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Instead of me and they are your enemies, be said Valentina, by the law, what a terrible exchange and substitute this is for the aggressors, that you go and seek your enemy. No sane person does that. By the way. If you know that you have a friend and you haven't you know that you have an enemy, someone who wants you success and someone who wants you destruction and you go and you make your enemy your friend and your friend your enemy, you will say that that person is what what do you call that person?

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What meaning

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title adjective anything insane to that person is insane. That person is out of his mind is stupid. So Allah is telling them do you do this and you know what they want to do with you? Be so what what is it you know what the worst exchange that is for the aggressors.

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And here well as I mentioned in the Shavon, Allah coma do factor.

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In indeed the Shavon is an enemy of yours, so take him as an enemy.

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In the Maya hisbah, who he calls his followers, his companions, those who are with them, so that he calls them to what so that they will be of the people of hellfire. The accoutrement is hard. So you know, the destination, Allah is telling you, do you know the destination? Yes. Where is he going to take you? It's like on a train, you're gonna get on that train? Where are you gonna go? Where?

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Hell. So you want to get on that train? No, obviously. So the shaytaan is an enemy of your say, taken as an enemy. It's interesting that Allah doesn't only say he's an enemy, he only saw says he's an enemy, so adopt him as an enemy. And what does that mean?

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means following slide.

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As he is an enemy of yours, you should be his enemy.

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As he is fighting you, you should do what with him

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as he's trying to destroy you.

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And wage in fact, jihad, relentless jihad against you, what should you do?

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Wage jihad against the shaytaan nothing less than waging jihad against the shaitana. In fact, as some of the setup have said, the greatest Jihad not to diminish the other types of jihad, but 2.2 priorities. He says, The Greatest you had, that you have is that you had against yourself. And you'll shaytaan some of the stuff had said that you had is made of 10 parts. One part of the 10 oz for the outside and nine out of the 10 is on the inside, is against inside forces. So you have to wage a jihad against the Shavon. So this is what Allah is telling you. Have you taken him as an enemy?

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Well, if you listen to his whispers, you haven't taken him as an enemy. If you're not siding with Allah azza wa jal, you're not taking him as an enemy. If you do not consider his tricks, and try to protect yourself from them are you consider him as an enemy? Probably not.

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I want to talk in sha Allah and this is what the lecture is supposed to do. It's as an introduction to the other two lectures that will follow in sha Allah. I want to discuss with you in sha Allah, the extent of the enmity of the Shavon

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some of it may be new, some of it

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we've been exposed to before. But the first thing is that every council every advice, every opinion, that comes from the shaytaan has only one goal.

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And that goal is to destroy you and take you away from Allah Allah zoton in MA Murakami, so you will fracture has exclusively he only commands you to commit minor and major sins, and that you will say about Allah azza wa jal that which you do not know which is the basis of all evil ship is included in it which is included in it say

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is included in it, meaning that whatever was taught comes to you from the shaytaan. If he tries to deceive you thinking, Oh, this might be good for me, that haram that he's telling me to do might be good for me. Allah contradicts that claim by telling you what, in nama The only thing that he wants from his whisper is sin and for you to oppose Allah zoldan. Meaning, you know, maybe maybe if I take a little bit of that haram, and I can use it for the halal maybe if I can take a haram glance and maybe I can use it for the halal and maybe if I do a little bit of this haram and then I can compensate for it later. Allah is telling you it doesn't work like that with him, because he already

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has a plan for you. And if you listen to that whisper, he's dragging you to hellfire. He never gives you ever good advice. So your goal should be from now on in sha Allah if we do not know this that you have to oppose and contradict every whisper from the shaytaan every advice isn't really not advice. Every advice coming from the shaytaan is something that you would have to avoid.

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Allah also says in Emma URI the shaytaan, who are you the albino colada with our Baja film camera? Well, Mesa Roy Yasutaka mantequilla he wants

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to monitor on the same, the same goal and purpose. Allah azza wa jal says, Indeed, the exclusive aim of the Shavonne is that he wants to create friction and hatred between you and both God for you to hate each other inside from your own heart. And then for that hatred to translate into animosity, physical animosity on the outside, this is what he wants for you to hate your brother and for your sister inside the masjid, for you to hate your spouse, for the children to hate their parents, for them to hate the imam for the human to hate the Congregation for the leader to hate the rule for the rule to hit the road for everybody to hate everybody else because when they hate everyone, you will

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fight them.

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You will quarrel with them, you will try to destroy them. And he uses tools as Allah azza wa jal says if somebody will Macer alcohol and gambling and to take you away from Allah as genuine and from a Salah. So will you stop Will you stop Allah has devoted his telling you after knowing the aim of the shaytaan

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The next thing that he does the extent of that enmity is that the he doesn't only whisper

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like a whisper here and a whisper there, maybe you can say okay, I can live with this and reach Allah azza wa jal, his plan doesn't stop with small whispers. He creates an entire structure, an entire path, a parallel system, call it ideology, political, economic, whatever, but he creates a parallel system that opposes the path of Allah xojo Completely.

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And he walks this path and he calls his followers with his whispers with his example, walk my path.

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Let it shaytaan

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do not follow the footsteps of the shaytaan Allah subhanho wa Taala says because if you follow the footsteps of the Shavonne he commands fracture and Moncure the greatest repulsive sins and also every type of sin. And Allah says and if not for Allah's favor upon you.

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And this begins you know, not to trample over it, you know, the next lectures inshallah I will leave it to them, but it just starts to give you a hint of how do I overcome the shaytaan, Allah says, and if not for the favor of Allah and His mercy upon you, no one among you can be purified, no one among you can conquer the shaytaan or escape him, but Allah does. Allah purifies you, Allah guide you. So the shaytaan creates, as I said, a complete system.

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And one of the things that you take from this area is that we're supposed to have a model and this model on this earth is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his tsunamis that we observed how he lived, how he watched how he taught, we follow his footsteps, and the footsteps of the shaytaan oppose the footsteps of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So once you find yourself with your foot, upon the trace of the shaytaan, and you realize it, you immediately have to take it, lift it immediately and seek the footstep, the trace of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam and follow him there. And this is how you can save yourself and escape the shape on

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the following slide. It tells you

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something about his dedication. You may forget but he doesn't, you may relent but he doesn't you may sleep

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and get distracted but he doesn't. He's always there.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in this hadith in the shape on the Raha comb in the cliche Inman Shani, he is present wherever you are,

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he is present whatever you are doing, he's there.

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Kinda scary a little bit to think about it. But like an uninvited guest, he's always there.

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So he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this hadith, even when you're eating his there.

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So he's saying the direction of the prophets of Allah Hadiya was send them if you drop a piece of food on the floor, don't leave it for the shaytaan take it, wipe away the dirt and then eat it. Because if you don't do this, the shaytaan will eat it. So the shaytaan is with you, when you're home. The shaytaan is with you. As soon as you leave your house, the shaytaan is with you in your vehicle, with your wife, with your children at work, whatever you're doing, before you sleep in your sleep when you wake up, the shaytaan is always there.

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So you understand the danger of the Athlon

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because his plan is not he's not part time. misguiding you he's full time. Okay, overtime, trying to take you away from Allah azza wa jal. So when you're eating when you're doing anything, the shaytaan is with you. So that tells you that you have you're facing

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Subhanallah a strong enemy. And that strong enemy needs strength on your part, to be able to repel him.

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Number four, he eats your food

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and steals it's Baraka. You understand this from the previous Hadith, and from another Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I didn't put it here where it says that the prophets of Allah Allah was in them was talking to someone who came and to complain to them to the prophet that we eat, but we don't find satisfaction would not fool when we eat Oh prophet of Allah. So the prophet tells them one of the things he says that perhaps you do not mention Allah's Name before you eat, they say yes, he says mentioned Allah's Name and protect your food from the shaytaan and you will be full. So the shaytaan even comes between you and your food between you and nourishment, steals as

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much of it as he can takes the baraka away the nourishment away from you.

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A person who wants to stop you even from eating from being healthy, has even more disastrous plan for you. So if you understand his readiness, and how vile he is, you have to be ready for him.

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The next slide?

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When is the last time you had a nightmare?

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Nothing, you know?

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Embarrassing about it? Anyone?

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Yeah, no one? No one? Okay, fine. So

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if you had one,

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the prophet sal Allahu Allahu wa salam tells you that dreams are of three parts.

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One of them comes from your own self, and one of them which is good. The good type of dream comes from Allah azza wa jal. And then the Tibet type of dream, the terrifying dream that nightmares that you have, they come to you from the shaytaan the thing that terrifies you and saddens you, comes to you from the shaytaan. So he says in this hadith, although Yeah, the good dream is from Allah. And Allah, salam, the bad dream is from the shaytaan. So if you see something in your sleep, that you hate, spit on or spit to your left three times and seek Allah's refuge from that what you were taught you saw, it's not going to hurt you. So even when you are sleeping, the shaytaan is trying to

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do his best to disturb your sleep to terrify you in your sleep deciding you when you wake up. So he even when you're resting, he doesn't let go of you.

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Number six,

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the Shavon can even make you sick.

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When are you valet he Salam in the Quran speaks to Allah azza wa jal. He says Surah Saad with Khurana you is now the robber who and Nima, Sania Shavon, who believes to be what he says here, Allah, the shaytaan has touched me with pain and torment.

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Meaning that the shaytaan was the cause of my pain and is the cause of my pain. So it's possible whether it is through the envy of gender or whether the actual the through the actual touch of the shaytaan of the shaytaan can make humans sick.

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And I don't mean by that, that you start interpreting every type of sickness that you have as the direct influence of the shaytaan I'm not saying this, but I'm pointing out to the possibility of him making you and me sick

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and again,

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elucidates and underlines how much he hates you, and how much he wants to make your life miserable not only this life, but also the one to come.

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Number seven

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I said that shaytaan doesn't create poverty, Allah azza wa jal makes some people poor makes some people rich, but he extends you a he exasperates the distinction

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and if you hear about class warfare or class distinction and the disappearance of the middle class, you can trace some of that or all of it to greed and you can trace greed to human weakness that is strengthened by the shaytaan. So, whenever you want to spend and give for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, what is the shaytaan come and tell you, ironic again a che Tanuja, Dooku, and Moroccan will fascia, he says, Don't spend, you don't have enough, don't spend, you will be poor.

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Keep your money for yourself, keep your money for your family, save it. Because if you spend, you lose, and if you lose, you're never gonna be able to get it back. So he promises you poverty so that you would never spend it.

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But now when it comes to spending on your own self, on the trivial arm on the unnecessary, buying the newest brand bags and shoes.

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Buy is the newest technology that you really don't need. What does she thought I'd say? Go ahead, spend and actually spend a little more and upgrade and buy the latest one. And the thing that you bought last year is already old. So buy the newest, newest thing. And he doesn't restrain you. And the more that you spend and the more that you overspend there, the happier he is, because there that's wastefulness. So on the one hand, wastefulness go and waste all of your money.

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That's fine. Because this has to be and Allah azza wa jal says in in MOBA, Verina can who is one a shell team.

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So those who are wasteful are the companions of the shaytaan. But then when it comes to true cause for spending for sadaqa, for building things that Allah azza wa jal loves for helping the needy, he says, Keep your money to yourself.

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And that, of course, increases the gap between the wealthy and the poor. The poor do not receive money from the wealthy, and the wealthy to stay in the poor and the wealthy spend more and more on on on, you know, whatever is what they call it family yet on necessities extravagance, which makes the poor hate them even more and more. And that eventually, if it's not restrained, will create conflict between members of a single society.

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Number eight, he whispers different things based on your situation. And this requires some depth of understanding. From the worshiper from the seeker from the Muslim from the moment man and woman. He's not gonna come and whisper to you the same exact thing he whispers to your brother and sister sitting next to you. He understands because each one of us has a Kareem has a companion shaytaan he understands your strengths and weaknesses. where you're at in your taqwa

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what you can do and what you cannot do so he whispers exactly what you need to hear

00:23:44--> 00:24:07

what you like to hear, he comes and visits you from your weakness. So if you're a sinful person, he comes and tells you there is no hope for you. You're so far away from Allah azza wa jal, just continue doing whatever you're doing. There is no mercy for Allah to you or people who are like you. Repentance is difficult. Forgiveness is far. Just keep living your life.

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If you are a person who's trying to come close to Allah, as orderly understand that thing is not going to happen, that's not going to work for you. So this tactic switches, and he tries to inflate your ego. And he says, You are the best of people who pray and the best of people who donate and the best of people who speak and the best of people who study so here if you worship Allah, he tries with arrogance, and if you are away from Allah, he tries it with hopelessness and despair. And there is a book by an imam in New Jersey, tell me So Iblees he visits almost every category, scholars, worshipers of Allah azza wa jal, those who do this, those who do that, and he tells us how the

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

shaitan approaches them, and how his approach is different with each group and how he tried

00:25:00--> 00:25:21

Is to distract each group in a different way, tries to inflate their ego and take them away from Allah azza wa jal and rather than they worship Allah, they start worshiping their own selves and their own distractions. So the shaytaan knows you very well knows your weaknesses, susceptibility strengths, what are you able to do or not and he attacks you from that direction.

00:25:23--> 00:25:24

Number nine,

00:25:25--> 00:25:31

he does something terrible, which is that he confuses you about Allah azza wa jal and about your religion

00:25:33--> 00:25:34

and tries to distract you.

00:25:36--> 00:25:38

With the temptations of this dunya

00:25:39--> 00:25:44

were the little things of this world to take you away from Allah azza wa jal

00:25:45--> 00:25:52

and make the clear path of Allah that He had made clear, seems so obscure and distant, that it's hard to reach.

00:25:54--> 00:26:04

religion that is supposed to be natural in our hearts and our minds become something archaic. And that's a whisper from the Shavon

00:26:05--> 00:26:15

Allah azza wa jal, whose existence should be so self evident that no one should question. Now we have to gather proof, after proof,

00:26:16--> 00:26:41

to secure in the person's mind that Allah zodat exists. The fact that Allah azza wa jal sends prophets of Allah and that these prophets are supported with clear miracles is so clear, you had the shaytaan confuses this matters so much, with fake claims with fake prophets, that it became became a time so hard to distinguish those who are telling the truth and so those who are not

00:26:43--> 00:27:08

worshipping Allah azza wa jal is so sweet and so is peaceful, and brings so much comfort to your heart, that everybody should be naturally seeking the shaytaan plays in our weaknesses and love for the dunya so much that we forget about the comfort of religion and try to find comfort in the dunya so he comes on he hijacks us completely.

00:27:09--> 00:27:15

Allah azza wa jal through his prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the HELOC to the bank,

00:27:16--> 00:27:32

I've created my slaves or everyone every human who NEFA Muslims for that who Shayateen Fidella and Dini him then the CHE are playing the devil's came and hijack them, kidnap them and took them away from their religion.

00:27:33--> 00:27:54

So when it comes to Allah, to religion of Islam to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the comfort and joy you find in religion, all that he tries to replace with comfort and joy, in dunya with doubt with anxiety, so that we never find comfort in the Allah with Allah azza wa jal

00:27:56--> 00:28:02

he creates hatred and friction and fans the flames of war and death.

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Whenever there is conflict in this dunya even conflict within Muslims, even conflicts within Muslims, what is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say? Again I want you to see how the shaytaan moves. never gives up. You think okay, now I have escaped you. Now 100 in the Muslim I've escaped ship now I'm fine. He's never done with you. When the prophets Allah Allahu Allah, he was salam opened Arabia. What did he tell the sahaba? In the shavasana Katya is a yoga teacher Zerah Telara. So shaytaan had given up on the fact that he'd be worshipped in Arabia, meaning no Muslim anymore, no idols. Did he quit?

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No, there is Plan B.

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If I can get a are gonna get Plan B. What is Plan B while I can fix that issue by intercom, but he will create friction and hatred between you if I can get them here. I'll get them that way. So if I can get them through shank, I'll make them so distracted by hating each other and then killing each other, then I'll achieve what at least a minimum of what I try to achieve. And this is what you find today. Yes, we're Muslims. But we do we do we really love each other. As the Sahaba used to love each other, do we serve each other else's harbor used to serve each other? There is the hellish, and you want to understand what is this friction come from? Well, I Why are there so many conflicts in

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the world today or we are on the verge of this war and that war? Why do we hate each other so much, you can trace it back to the shaytaan and this is of course, not to excuse the human race ourselves from any responsibility. But, but it is that we are listening to someone else. And if we stop listening to the shaytaan and we listen to Allah azza wa jal, these conflicts will disappear and they will come a time when they

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They will disappear.

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So we need to know in sha Allah this is by the way, it's not really mine. Anyway, I didn't have like any, any graph or anything. So what do we need to know in sha Allah are two important things, if it's established in our hearts and our minds, that the shaytaan is our enemy. And if Allah commands you, it's a command from Allah azza wa jal, he's an enemy, so adopt him as an enemy, meaning now you have to wage war against the shaytaan you have to protect yourself from him, how do you protect yourself from someone that you do not know?

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So you have to understand how the shaytaan operates? How he deceives How does he trick

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and by the way, the tricks of the shaytaan if you were only to read the books of the book of Allah, and the Sunnah of His Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi wasallam. And add to it the guidance of the select, you'll understand the tricks of the shaytaan, they will hardly be anything new, that they did not address if you just read them and understand them. So you need to understand the shaytaan better, and the way he operates the way that he operates. And then you need to understand after you understand him, understand how you establish defenses against the shaytaan and launch a counter attack. So rather than him destroying you, you destroy him.

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And this is in sha Allah, this is my you know, prep for the next coming lectures in sha Allah which will be addressing these two topics. So I ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those who benefit from the event tonight to teach us our religion teaches the plots of the Shavon and how do we protect ourselves and our families from it to make us of those who listen to the man rather than listen to the shaytaan and make their abode, the highest of Jena and the highest of Jana? Not where possible. Rockman is not where Jahannam is. I mean, you're a Bella Alameen jaakkola Hara for listening. Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh