How Do I Stop My Friends Or Family From Sinning

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We all care and want the best for our friends and family. Like all humans, they are bound to commit sins. How can one advise about a sin if it is visible to them? What did our Prophet (PBUH) say?

Ustadh Ammar AlShukry answers.


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Speaker 1 discusses the importance of stopping friends or family from sinning and advises them to let them know if they can change their behavior with their tongue. They also mention a book about spheres of wipe, where people can physically stop actions and avoid evil behavior.

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How do I stop my friends or family from sinning?

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hamdulillah Salat Salam ala rasulillah, the prophet cellulitis and them says whoever Have you sees a monk or a vise or an evil, then let them change it with their hand. And if they cannot change it with their hand that they change it with their tongue, and if they can't change it with their tongue to the ages if their heart, and that is the level, that is the lowest level of faith. And so we're required to do with friends or family or what have you is that if you have the ability to stop them, by stopping them, then that's what you are supposed to do. That's what you're encouraged to do. If you do not have the capacity to stop them, then you are required to advise them with your tongue, to

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let them know to inform them. And if that is not the case, and you don't have the power to do that, then you are simply required to stay away from it and to Hades, it's in your heart to recognize that this is evil. And so this hadith is talking to us about spheres of influence. There are some things that you'll be able to physically stop. There are some things where you'll not be able to physically stop but you'll simply be able to advise and there are some people who you'll not be able to advise at all. And all you can do is simply hate it in your heart but in hating it in your heart you are still engaging and still recognizing that that action is something that is not beloved to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala and that is the least thing that you'll be able to do. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to gratis success cellulitis