Nouman Ali Khan – 097 Qadr B

Nouman Ali Khan
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you can see hubby in the lobby him equally em. Sailor Moon here, Nepal I will fetch

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combi Shakti Sabri westerly amor de Vaca lock that Amelie Sani Jeff coho Cali al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam o de sade in EMEA evil masa de vida de he was happy.

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He laomi de semana de Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We're studying the fourth I have certain cada Denis de la Mola eager to see her the evening obey Him in Cali and we talked a little bit about the work done as the loop we'll look at one more comment by iraq mahalo about that word. He says then as a tennis Julian with a double agent who are often Allah Jolla Team akumina was surah Mashallah les he has what that what that essentially means is in Simple English, the lack the missing time remember I told you it could be two thirds but I'm only uses one as opposed to the ayah in SWAMI Macedo so for cedar, that one that indicates that the angels come down very, very fast. So

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the word is pronounced quicker. And so the action is given a speedy connotation also, this is part of the rhetoric of the Arabic language. So the angels so the by the word then as Allah in the ayah, as opposed to tetanus. So, we learned that the angels come down secretly and very, very quickly in this night. Then an interesting nuance in the language and this is something that again, a casual reading of the Quran, you won't notice but a careful reading of the Quran as some of our great honor might have done. You know, they pick up on these things. In the Quran, Allah azza wa jal mentions and mega Ico, the angels and a row a row referring to like we said before gibreel alayhis salam.

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This occurs in a number of places. Then as an mela, eco Kofi habitable ignore him in Cali. Um, so to marriage, he says that allodial Mela eco la he film in Canada who comes in alpha Santa. So this idea of Malacca and Monica and ro but there's one question though for an insult another he reverses the sequence he says Yo, Morocco Morocco, while mela eco. So usually he says melodica.

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When in one place, he says instead of the angels and the roar or debris, he says you will envy angels so he switches the order. This sequencing in the Quran is also very subtle and something very beautiful about the Quran. We learn, you know from the way verbs are used with the angels, a lot of verbs that are used with the angels are associated with movement. So for example, when and then and then unnecessarily in a human melodica when we send the angels down, this is also movement and you made the Kumara mccombie hunt and you made the Cobra bow can be be qLf at the lF iminium Allah ekati Monza lien that angels would be coming down. Allah says in Haryana una Illa and yet to whom Allah

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who Fulani minakami Alma acabo de amor are they waiting till the time when Allah Himself descends from the clouds and the angels descend? verbs that are used for angels are in the context of angels in the Koran. They usually were verbs of movement, movement, some action is taking place. But when we find this discussion about Geobella and a salon we find interesting language that's the contrary. We find for example, Alonzo just says about him under the Archie McKean stationed station. Now in these is the one we're reading fellas, Zulu coming down, is that movement, this is movement. And so the novice

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they rise up, they fly up that's also movement. But in pseudo Nova, we read the oma Yakumo Bulma aka the day on which a row and melodica standstill

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is that movement or not, that's not moving the standing still and that what's more associated with the stillness, or the stationary is jabril. Allah His salon because he's got that station under the arch, right. So when that stationary word is used, Wi Fi has mentioned first, when movement is mentioned, the angels are mentioned first as part of the subtlety and beauty of the Quran. So here we find the natural mother eco see her in it, the angels and award gibreel had a solemn dissent. And this is again something of the honor of this night who brings the Koran down. It's the real artists around Shibuya and in the

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Tonight, that angel that was responsible for delivering revelation he himself also comes down. That's a big deal that that every every single year history repeats his Sunnah which started with him coming down for the revelation of the Quran itself. So that's in and of itself is what gives this night an enormous honor. Let's talk a little bit now about the next part B is near a B him so the angels come down we talked about the word coming down the the sequence of angels in the room in this night. But now B is near be him the literal translation of which is by permission of their master. They come down by the permission of their Lord their master will read a show Canada Hema

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hola amazing commentary on it and also actually want to read to you first is from Dr. Sandra Hama.

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Cleaver mela aka yester Kunal, you mean enough when

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it is said that the angels are looking forward desperately to see the believers on the earth? For yesterday, the new Naropa Humphrey has he Laila so they seek permission of their Lord in this light, lucidly more meaning so they may say Salaam to the believers yesterday, Luna who zonula, whom they seek His permission, and permission is given to them. So what is the NSA by the permission of their Lord? What step are they asking permission for to meet and greet that believers who are worshipping Allah on the earth, those whom Allah has given an opportunity to worship Him? That would count for 1000 ones? Who are these people? And the angels are like desperately wanting to meet and honor these

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people, you know, how you get like an all access pass to meet a celebrity? Right? Or you get to see the president at the press conference or something or you have you been invited by the dean of the college or whatever. The angels hold the believers in this high regard, that they asked a lot permission to come and see them to come in since the lambs upon them. And that's where we find that the end of the soul of what Solomon here had time of life and that's one of the meanings of that cylinder. The angels come in descend Salaam and peace upon the believers. So Pamela, so, Mama to have the Laila yesterday, yesterday, the new Nora ba Hoon, Lee zrt Anil was Salam O Allah, meaning

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for us and Allah whom fetters in Fantasyland. So hon Allah when the permission is given to them, they descend rapidly and quickly to bring that salams to them. So this was an ex parte de niro be him. Now we come to the last part of the I am in Condi mean to phaedo tally, ohana Kumasi follow him at him over reporting so to know Allah says min Nima hottie earthy him because of their because of their mistakes they were drowned. The people have no he says mimma hottie earthy him because of their mistakes they were drowned. Men in Arabic is commonly translated as from in English, right men men enter Where are you from? Right. So men is translated as from but in classical Arabic and has

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multiple usages one of the one of them is mean is how agile What that means is instead of from the transition becomes because

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So, I mean currently I'm here if you look at it as how agile what the meaning becomes is because of every single command, because of every single command that Allah has issued to them for that year, to initiate that process, they descend on that day and also mikuni amor implies from because of all sorts of commands, and this is explained in the beginning of sudo Johan in sudo con p how you for a cuckoo amarin Hakeem on that day meaning on lengthen cutter also mentioned it so sudo con, there is not called the util holidays there is called Laila tomo Baraka bless and night, okay. There are less as some kind of what Allah that the angels descend and they have been given responsibility divided

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up all sorts of wise decisions that Allah himself has given to them. And you know, whenever Allah mentions angels coming down with the command of Allah, He makes sure we understand where did the command come from? From Allah Himself. So be his knee or be him there amraam minang Dena a command that come especially from us why mentioned himself especially I know we understand the commands are from align the angels come to execute them. We understand that but why specifically mentioned Allah because on the earth, a lot of religions, a lot of religions are based on Schick first with the angels. Look at Catholicism, for example, they call on certain angels, they call on certain instead

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of worshipping Allah, they worship and call on for help, they call on certain angels, a lot of the pagan traditions, you know, they started the took the true beliefs that allows, you know, allows origin has, for example, the angel assigned for mountains, that that angel came to those who lost them on the occasion of five, right he came but the power to move the mountains comes from the angel comes from Allah comes from Allah. But when shirk occurs, what do people do? The God of mountains and the God of this and the God of that originally it was the angel. And they the understanding wasn't clear that the power actually comes from a line. What did people start doing, giving credit

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to the angel

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themselves for having such powers. But no the power itself comes from a lesson whenever love talks about the descent of angels for anything he makes sure you understand the actual blessing isn't the angel the actual blessing is Allah azza wa jal here also be if needed be him minko Liam, by the permission of their masters of Panama

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some equally moral collegiality of takuna we have Mila the fourth Civil War and the theory to has a panel with Allah, Fidel economic to Cottingham and Candela in Amethi Hammond alarming. What this simply means is and this is again the commentary of because Allah the angels come with all the commands that Allah has issued them, for them to be executed from this night to the repetition of this night the next year. Those the commandments that are going to take place in from this to the next night next year. SubhanAllah.

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Salah moon here has multiplied the sun have taken Salaam to be part of the previous sentence mean coonley amarin salam in every single decision Allah makes on that night there is peace and every single decision that's executed there is peace and solitude. But here are the opinions of Allah as far as this word is used.

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Got dumbbell column and the column in column A call Solomon here a man here in LA Salama, hi Ron kulu ha la Chava what he's saying is on this night there's absolutely no evil whatsoever when the laws that we just send the angels down on this night in every single thing they do, there is only peace in other nights there is peace also but there's peace and also there is what what you know violence and other things happen punishments can come to but not on this night. This night is entirely peace. This time the sun is entirely pleased the way it's Salomon here hatom applied fragilis roughly translated before we go into the interpretations it is peace peace it is peace it

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is probably closer translation until the break of dawn the break of fudger

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now the first interpretation we're going to look at is here that to selamectin mean and Sophie has a five min min. Min. Mina This is a night of absolute peace in which there is no intervention of the shelter in this opinion of Darla has been considered weak by others because we know in the month of Ramadan who's already changed anyway. There should be a shelter change anyway so that's sort of a redundant statement Mujahid Ramallah says that this this is a life in which no evil no human being can truly embark on any evil task. Then others say a shabby says For example who are the slim will Mullah aka Allah Al massagin Muhammad comes from them. Allah calls it salon because it's the night

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in which the angels are constantly saying Salaam to the people of the massage and the people who spend their night in the massage. This is the opinion of a sharpie Ramallah Hina Talib is chumps in a nuclear budget until from the setting of the sun until the break of dawn. The ama Runa Yamanaka Meanwhile, Yahoo Luna ceramica you home in the past by every single moment, and they say to him, may peace be upon you or believer, you know, in the long narration that's that's captured in the immune caffeine. We're not going to go into the narrations of the blessings of later on. But just a paraphrase you should read read up on it yourself. This entire battalion of angels Jebel Ali Salaam

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descends and then they and all of them descend at one time and they go into every single machine go into every single believer and they go and send Salaam upon them and they make dua for them. It's an amazing, amazing journey. That long journey these angels take for what purpose in the end to send Salaam upon the believers problema It's such an honor that Allah gives to the believers on this night. I'm going to take the position of a show Kenny Rahim Allah when it comes to just commenting on those narrations will these people be laylat in other kathira the Hadith and talk about the blessings of little color are many Elisa has among the robots the her work as it can ahaadeeth Fie

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her polyfilla phenolic. And just similarly there are many narrations in where it's actually placed, and and what night it's actually considered it and the differences of opinion among them. This is really not the place to discuss those. But I do want to show you how the how beautifully the surah is tied together. The surah began with the descent of the Quran. In the Angela who feel a little further, then the angels descend, then peace the sense three things descend in the surah, the angel, the Koran itself, the angels and then peace until the time of budget. Now what's the best time to recite Koran which time of the recitation of Quran is actually a witness for us Allah mentions

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fidelity and right Allah says in total so he says a famous Allah tala locations in a subpoena a war or an infection in an infantry Cana Masuda. Amati that I he says establish the prayer morning and night and especially for honor of the Father. He didn't call it prayer of budget. What did he call it? Khurana fudger no Dr. karate

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Imagine that time is going to be a witness for you. It began with Quran we sent it down, and it ends with a time in which when you recite Quran, it is a witness for you. So Pamela Salaam when he applied for the beautiful rhetorically beautiful, the choice of words in the surah, and how to sell and very few IRA is laid out now in shallow Tyler, the last comments about this dissent and one of the things, what this has to do with the data on this is by majority opinion, almost consensus, Mr. Kimura and samaki Sora. And you know, when you read about the FBI file, and the benefits and the the good the virtues of a night of worship, these virtues are usually talked about and learned by

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believers. Who doesn't benefit from any of this?

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This believers, they have no value for one thing or the other is they have no appreciation for it. They're not going to go and ask the messenger Tell me more about later topcoder they're not going to tell who is learning these things, believers. But in the makin context, who is the primary audience? Is the primary audience? Yeah, you had Edina amanu believers are they just believe

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it is believers. So it's interesting that it's an Mk II surah where the audiences and interested in hearing what this is, and yet this remarkable idea or remarkable is that you would think pertain predominantly not to disbelievers. But to believers have come down we have to fix this paradox or at least understand some things about it. inshallah, Tada. This has to do with a subject that has come up many times before in our discussion, and that is the integrity of the Koran. In the previous surah, the messenger is being attacked from Omaha inshallah, by the ignorant abou john, if he doesn't stop, Allah has threatened him. Allah has told him not to be distracted by his insults by

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his attacks. You know,

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in the hour, the hour is kind of like sales,

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sales, you're trying to give somebody a message, and you're trying to hope that they accept it just like you're trying to give somebody a product hoping they will buy it, kind of like that. Not exactly what kind of, but in sales, who's in a position of power.

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The salesmen are the customer who's got the power. It's called buying power, right? The customers got the power. Now, the salesman sometimes seems desperate

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to sell. Like you go into a General Motors dealership nowadays, you see a desperate sell, right? And the customer he knows that the sales guy is not worse, he could milk him a little No, no throw in navigation system, throw in this toner. Now he wants to make sort of, you know, more demand. He feels like he's in a position of power. And this guy is desperate. He wants to sell it to me right now. Well, I'm not really talking about sales and our the messenger is desperately giving the message to these people. When they hear the desperation in the messenger and the concern in the messengers face, what do they start thinking? They start thinking they're like the customer, they're

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in a position of power. They're in a position of power. But you know, Allah azza wa jal doesn't accept this. Allah azza wa jal makes sure that the messenger himself knows that he is never in a position of weakness. He is always in a position of power, and he is in no desperation to sell this to them. If they take it, it's their benefit if they don't take it whose loss there are own laws, he loses nothing. The only reason the messenger is concerned from the law or the asylum is because of his love of humanity, his love and genuine concern, but he's under no desperation to want to turn them to the dean. He doesn't need to be and it's what he has is not something you have to try hard

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to sell. After all, this is so noble it was sent down when

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in need of some other this is though this book was sent down at no ordinary time, it was sent down in labor to other you know what, later to other days. You know, this this, these IOD are giving us an appreciation of how awesome the Quran is no Quran, you don't need to, you know, the previous surah ended Candela toto. Don't, don't pay attention to him. Don't follow him. Don't worry about him, basically, don't worry about him. And now this is saying worry about what caught on and said, you've been given something so noble, so remarkable. You don't need to present it in a desperate fashion that anyone you don't need them. They need it. And if they don't take it, they're lost. They

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missed out on 1000 months of worship. They missed out on something that Allah sent on this most remarkable night. So you have something dignified before you these people are not worth your time if they don't want to pay attention. They're not worth your time. And this happens over and over again in the Quran. By the way, whenever lead talks about the arrogant he comes back in California

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from Angela Newman opuntia COVID Hakuna, Rebecca, tell them the truth comes from your master. Whoever wants they can believe whoever wants they can disprove your laws basically. Even in Sorocaba Kela in the guy frown you know the the coalition, the coalition leader, the mess

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He was worried he won't get the message. Allah says, No, no, no, this is a reminder, whoever wants to they can remember they can get lost if they don't want to remember, that's fine for manchaca because this is something very high, you don't need to sell it to them, they should want to come up to it, they should be honored by the fact that they get to hear something that came down and

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it's a gift to them. They should be in such trouble for Allah that they got to hear the word of Allah. These you know, they should be the most grateful because they not only get to hear the word of Allah, in the next era, we're going to learn not only to get to hear the word of Allah, they get to hear from the Messenger of Allah or assume mean Allah He yet Lu Soto fermata hora, they should be the most grateful. You don't have to be desperate. If they are not accepting you. They're the most vicious of division. So we learned two things from this. Those who accepted the messenger sallallahu sallam, we already know this. They're the best of the best, the best of all generations. And though

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the kuffar who rejected the messenger are the worst of the worst. You're not going to get worse godfather number four of the time of the messengers are the ones who reject Islam today. What are they rejecting the book? The ones who rejected Islam, then what were they rejecting the book and Who? The messenger into his face. Twice the crime

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is twice the crime. Those are the worst kinds of people. So don't pay attention to Panama. Once again, just to tie the two swords together. The previous surah ended, walk 30 come close. Cancun, what's the best opportunity to come close to Allah?

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Laila to God, the entire surah is the opportunity for you to come close to Allah. So it's like it gives you a manual now that I have commanded you to come to close. How do you come close to me? And the whole discourse has revolved around the Quran in both sutras began with ekra It began with this surah in that Angela who, then perjure at the end, which is again in the Quran, and finally, kinda Masuda Khurana. fudger prayer is certainly that which will be witnessed one last riddle will solve inshallah, inshallah, we'll move on to some minor issue. But because we're living in the scientific age, sometimes people can try to poke science into the Quran. They say, wallets, if it's Laila to

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mother in Pakistan, but then it's night daytime over here. So which one's the right length and cord?

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Right, and we try to do things. And then some people silly people come out and say, well, the day of judgment, if it's the day of judgment, and it's the day in Africa, what about Europe? Is it going to be later on over there? Right? People say they try to use science to try to poke holes, you know, how beautifully alliances these things? How The Day the Earth on the day of judgment will what we're even although mud, it's flattened out. It's flattened out, there's no night and day anymore? It's gone? And how do you tell if a sun and moon right? What happens on the day of that? What do you mean, I shampoo while coma, Sun and Moon collapsing to each other. So there's that your concept of

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night and day? What you think of as night what you think of? That's all gone on the you know, you know, these are silly things that people use to ridicule the religion really. But we should be more careful when we talk about the knee. Similarly, this they have this issue of loads of other, you know, because it's just night, Allah didn't include the day some of our students that includes the day because in Arabic literature, when you say Laila, it can include the day and the night. But if you say in the heart, it was the night and the day, that's the only difference. When you say daylight, it's night, then the next day, when you say in the heart, it's day and the next night.

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That's the only difference. Right? So that's one explanation. The other is you know how the night travels, like the sun travels, right? And as the sun is traveling, what's trailing behind it is the night right? So laser cutter last it goes this revolution around the entire good start, you know for that for that one big continuum, and it's one big continued opportunity after opportunity to catch little cut, there is no contradiction here. Right? May Allah azza wa jal give us the blessing of seeing Layla from Qatar, and taking full advantage of it in the coming year in a large region make us of those who already found a little cabin in the Roma Banda just past May Allah azza wa jal bless

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all of us with the recitation of Quran and the love of it and a correct understanding of it so Chronicle la morbihan Vic Masha Allah Allah into astrofisica wanted to be like Osama

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