The benefit of reading surah al-Kahf every Jumuah

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swallow Tone Curve is the chapter that Allah's pantalla

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encouraged us to Torah Swati saw to Sarang to read it every Friday. And there is many virtues. And I'm sure this has been covered here. But the main thing that we all have to ask ourselves is, there's four stories in the Surah Tolka. Allah wants me to remember them every week, because every week from one Friday to the other, I am going to go through at least one one of the tests that this Each story has meaning. First one is about the test or the fitness of the Dean of religion, the young boys of the cave, then it's the fitness of the mind is the temptations of wealth, that to

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us, Hobbit is the tool of friends who has the garden, then you get the fitna of knowledge say no Musa knowledge is a huge tempt isn't it's it's a fitna in a way that it's, it's makes me think I did it. I know. And I forget that Allah is allowed him on one's own knowing Allah is the One who gives Allah is the One who holds and then we have the last story of the learning is the test of power. When we get into a position of power I can do I can change or I can abuse. This is a test how I'm gonna handle it.