Abu Bakr Zoud – The Dangers of cursing

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of cursing a Muslim or non Muslim person, and how it has negative consequences such as causing harm and control of one's bodies. They also mention the importance of learning from one's parents and being advised to use their tongue for peace. The speaker emphasizes the need for understanding and control of one's bodies to avoid wasting their time.
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genovesa mahadi here, he says

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minica cutely

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cursing a Muslim is as though you have killed him. What does that mean? When you curse a Muslim you didn't kill him? What does it mean as though you killed him? meaning in the sin It is as though you killed him. What is the sin of killing a Muslim? That's the same sin you learn if you cause a Muslim.

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If you curse a Muslim,

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non Muslim he can play whenever you some Allahu alayhi wa sallam uses as in a Timothy, and this is how the fire in Omaha you bubon Federation

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Allah azza wa jal hates, you believe Allah hates

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a person with two qualities and farrish and Pharisees someone with bad manners, and from bad manners, more specifically, anybody

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bad manners in his tongue.

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hates the one with bad manners, and more specifically, the one who has bad manners with him when it comes to his tongue. Sound filthy, vulgar, shameless words that come out from his tongue in the mouth. You believe all fair? He should, but he

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hates him.

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For what? Because he spoke words.

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He hurt his brother with words.

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He hurt his family with words.

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He cursed his wife. He cursed his Trojan at home.

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Allah appointed him as a person responsible to look after his family. What is he doing? He's cursing.

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He's cursing his wife.

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The wife is cursing the husband.

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The children are learning this from their parents, and then they're cursing each other.

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And then you die. And then they live long after and they learnt the cursing from you. And you're in your grave earnings? Because that's what you taught them. You taught him how to curse well

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has a Muslim? How do we curse each other? How does that happen?

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We when we meet each other? The obligation is that we give Salaam to each other. You say Salaam Alaikum meaning or la mayor last peace descend upon you. Then after that you curse him? How does it make sense?

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In a flat when we pray five times a day. You know sunlight is a relationship between us and a lot of social. But it's also a relationship between ourselves. You know there's some way in a solid way we make for each other.

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That's at the end of a solid diet. We say a said Mr. aleyda. Wireless, delay your solid.

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Every sonet you're praying, you're saying oh la be stolen, descend your peace upon us and upon the righteous leaves of yours. And then after all you want to curse your Muslim brother. How did you learn anything from your father?

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He looks like he didn't learn anything. If you continue to cause

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those no celebrity is supposed to teach you in these words or Salaam or Elena was very badly like a solid. He is supposed to teach you that the relationship between you and your brother is a peaceful relationship, a relationship full of peace

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and enough goddess

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in the morning supplication in the afternoon supplication. There is a supplication we make for each other as well. Not only for us, there's one we made for each other. And that is when we say

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advocate when we say what an activity for Allah.

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Sure, in a Muslim, you ask a lot to protect you from bringing harm upon yourself. Our law, protect me from bringing harm upon myself

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in a Muslim and protect me from dragging this harm and bringing it onto my Muslim brother and sister. You're making this Vicar in the morning and in the afternoon. And then you're cursing your Muslim brother in the afternoon. How does that work? He said you didn't understand what

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it was. You didn't understand the concept of a celeb. You either understand what you're saying in your diet. Enough my brothers and sisters in Islam, restraint and control your tongue. Allah azza wa jal, he's the one who created this tongue for you. And he told you what to do with it. Use it for the koala spread a salad with read and

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how am the same tongue you curse and you read? How does it work?

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He said we need to understand cursing is something huge

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