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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers the question about Zakat Al Fitr. Find out who is eligible to receive Zakat, and what the are requirements for someone to be eligible.

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Can I give my cattle filter cash or do I have to give it in the form of food during the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what we know that in the be salatu salam order the companions to give the cattle photo in the form of food as if numerati allow and reported that the prophets or Salim follow by the cattle fed Osama bin tumble Osama Al

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Azhar, which is handfuls of barley handfuls of date, which is today equal to around six pounds around three kilograms

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that some people say less, but this is the amount that the senior scholars Arabia have giving fat to a web by saying it's about three kilograms aljunied diamond lift out.

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So and that's what I go with. And it's more safer than those who said less than that. Some said it's about 2.3 kilograms, about almost like five pounds. So if you do six pounds of shallow you're on the safe side.

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But do I have to strictly give it in the form of food? Because we're sorry, the hoodie also said that we used to give it in the time of the prophet of Solomon, a form of food and we will do what we used to do.

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Or can we give it in the form of money? This issue a lot of him a lot debated over it. The majority of the heart said you have to give it in a form of food from the common food of the people. Like if you're living in a country where rice or pasta or beans,

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or flour or barley, this is the common food that the US you give it from that food to the poor and you're not allowed to give it in a form of money. And that will be the hanabi law in one position among the populace is that wondering why on duration and you have the shaft is said that you have the Maliki setup. But on the other hand, you have already follow him Allah and the Hanafi and some of Maha Kufa such as Sophia and authority, the great Imam of 100 Hadith and Imam Al Bukhari Rahim Allah and it has Allah basally before that, Omar Abdullah Aziz and others said no, you can give it in a form of money. You don't need to restrict yourself to food. And one of the evidence that they

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used was till Buhari reported the Labor Secretary Jeh Johnson and his

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attorney general they allow and when he went to Yemen, he took from the people of Yemen and instead of taking their the grains, he asked them to give from the clause a type of clause that they are very well known for as a replacement for that grain or the corn. So they said since the he gave them the choice and substitute that was something else other than the food. It could be also accepted in the cat in general to ask the people to give in a form of money. Remember, Rahim Allah has another narration that shows of shiftless number, Tamia, Rahim Allah said, if we see that there is more need for money than food, we give basically money. And I really like this opinion. And I think in modern

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days, definitely in many cases, in many cases, especially here in the West, that givings a cattle fertile in the form of money is more beneficial to the poor people and shareholders. tamela himolla said when it comes to this account when it comes to the kafala, in general, and there's a cat because the cat the photo is a form of kafala purification. So we always look at what's the best interest for the poor person. And no doubt in modern days, money will be more harmful, make the poor people more happier, much happier than giving them just

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three key kilos of six pounds of rice.

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So inshallah that is no harm for you to give you as a cattle photo in the form of cash, it tried to give the cattle photo before you go to select to eat. So the organization who receives that got the filter can distribute it to the people who needs it. And if any, by any chance as a Muslim organization receives a cattle filter after aid or you didn't you forget, you still have to give it after eat. And that's the cow will be giving to the poor later on. But the Muslim organization must rush to give this money out to the poor and not to keep it for later because the whole point is to make them happy during the aid Mayor las panatela except from all of us.