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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen will our people who live in Walla Walla Illa Allah volume in a Chateau La ilaha illallah

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wa shadow, Mohammed Abu Rasul Allah Bulava rissalah Amana Manasa Han oma Raja Sabha de la haka jihadi Ouattara Kannada Mahajan by de lado Hakuna hurry holla z one hi ella hardik for salatu wa salam O Allah wa early he was I mean, yeah you live in La Casa de La Tomatina in LA one two Muslim. Oh, yeah, you Hannah so taco raba como la de la comida wahida wahaca minha Zaha la busca mean Houma Richard and Kathy Romani Sir, what tabula rasa aluna he will Adham in Allah Hakuna la Cooperativa

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de la mano Taka la kulu kodansha de de useless la Kumara Monaco

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Nova come when my youth a la hora Sula, who for the first 1000 ottima will bow to her in a circle howdy Tiki tabula tada

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hamedan sola while he was serving the salon, or Sharon Marie Masha to her wakulla modesetting VEDA wakulla dot info la la, la la la la la respect your brothers and sisters Islam.

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Have you thought about the power of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah the Kalamata Shahada

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the kalama that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us on the tongue of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam when he preached it to us. How powerful is La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah extremely powerful nations have been constituted because of this Shahada La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah

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nations have constituted and yet others have fallen because of them, not accepting La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah not only does it have a worldly impact, but also the heavens and the earth. Nothing heavier than La ilaha illa Allah on the Day of Judgment, it is the key to the doors of Jannah Amazing, isn't it? The key to the doors of Jelena La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, key to the doors of Jenna. So Pamela, it has a societal impact, yet for every single human being in the depths of the night, when he's alone with himself and Allah and he says La ilaha illa Allah, it has profound spiritual impact on our heart as well. What an amazing

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word La ilaha illa Allah it is.

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Yet after we know the impact of this word, La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, we know the value of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, we know that, how is it my brothers and sisters in Islam, that we fail to call people towards once knowing how many people on the face of this earth actually

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misunderstand it? Or how many people actually reject it? So how many Muslim men out there actually think just to say that he does a lot with your time is more than enough to enter gentlemen, how many people are there that behave like hypocrites, they simply say la ilaha illa Allah but they do not act according to it. They have no prayers, they have no fasting, no Zakat, no Hajj.

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They don't give charity the cause of Allah they have no good manners that Islam calls for. They embroiled in rebar embroiled in Zina embroiled in Haram. They do everything against Laila Allah, Allah yet they expect that just that simply by sending it they will antigen.

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Yet how many people out there non Muslims who from the very first preface they actually don't even accept it? How many of them truly actually understand how great this word is? And how many of them truly understand the inner peace that would give them if they were to really accept it?

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It is exactly as the great scholar Mohammed Abdul Wahab Rahim Allah has said in his book, he said, Woe to the Ummah of Islam today, vote the Omar muslimeen. Today that indeed, Abu gehele knew more about La ilaha illAllah than them

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because our Buddha knew what law he really meant. And then he disagreed with it and he fought against it. But today, unfortunately, we don't even know what it means properly. We think it means there is no God but Allah, one of the worst translations of this, of this statement that there is no God but Allah but there is no God but Allah is also said by the machine of the past. They used to say there is no God but Allah

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because when you say there is no God but Allah What you mean is there's no created except Allah and that's right. If you are

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Given the Hindus who created the heavens, they'll say it was Vishnu.

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It was Shiva, they'll say it was the main God. So they have Trinity. They have got Krishna, they've got Vishnu. And they've got the Shiva. So they've got their three Trinity's. And they say only one of them created the heavens and the earth. Who is that the one from which the two sons Krishna, and Vishnu come from?

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In the same way, if you were to ask the old Greeks, which of them created the heavens and the earth, this was Zeus, the main God, from which all the other two sons come from Poseidon, and Hades, they come from the same main Gods Zeus, and Zeus created the heavens of the earth. And if you would ask them, the mushrikeen of the past mushrikeen of the Jamelia will insult Oman halaqa sumati will Abdullah kulula if you had asked who created heavens to the earth, which Allah.

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So they used to say that therefore all of these Latin ORS and everything else that they worship are only reflections of the greatness of the same God. And that's why they worship them in order to reach God.

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So equity.

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La ilaha illAllah was a statement understood by the mushrikeen of the past, they understood it, they disagreed with it, then they fought it. Whereas today, we Muslims don't even understand this panel. We don't understand what it means. And we don't understand its impact upon us. And we don't understand Unfortunately, the value of this La ilaha illAllah with us today. The Prophet sallahu wa sallam said, when the gel comes,

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and the days will be as long as a year and people will not have food to eat, and wanted to drink. One of the Salah put up his hands and jasola How will people eat and drink on that day? So in the authentic hadith in Muslim environment, the prophets have said they will say la ilaha illa Allah and that will be their sustenance and food for them. Even Hazara mala commented on this, and said that when a person says La ilaha illAllah on that day, when the gel is there, Allah will make food and provisions inside his stomach. So he will feel full, and his body will have will find nutrition. Yes, Allah. So not only is this word of tremendous impact for us in the Africa, but also in the

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dunya not only in this time, but also in the most difficult of times, not only our nations established with it, but others are destroyed by it. So if we know this is the value of La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, my brothers, my sister Islam, how is it that we do not call to the Illa? Allah? How is it that we don't spend our time calling to it?

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And this is the problem today, we have thought that Dawa is someone else's responsibility.

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We think that our is someone else's responsibility, someone else needs to do it. We find people in our own families that don't pray, don't foster do do wrong things that we fail to call them because we think someone else will do it. Or another verse sometimes plays up in our minds like convener kumala D, that verse plays in our minds, to you your religion, to me mind and we think therefore, it means that we shouldn't be bugging anyone else about their religion. Let them carry on in their mistake, let them be pneumonia do unto him his religion to me mine. This is not the meaning of this verse. This is not the meaning of this hadith This is not the meaning of this iron ore and this is

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not the meaning. lakum Dena kumala Deen was said to the kuffaar when they insisted that the prophets are seldom worship their gods one one year, and that in return the kuffaar will worship Allah for one year only. And that is when the profit from Silicon inequality meaning that I will never compromise my religion. It does not mean I will not call you to my religion. It does not mean that I will not ask you to truly believe in Laila, what it truly means no. This I unfortunately has been a means of people today misunderstanding, the concept of calling to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So why should we call to Allah azzawajal number one, because Allah has audits when the Quran Allah says in the Quran, Walter cominco matsuya the owner, by the way,

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why and how Nana Moncure Allah

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una What does Allah say, and let there be a group amongst you that calls to the parts of Allah that commands the good forbids the evil and indeed they are the successful ones. This verse was revealed, when the people were were, were were they they were in, in the battles during the battles during the time in Medina. So this verse is referring to let there be a group amongst you once the other group is fighting. When there is no group fighting, everyone should be calling to the part of Allah.

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Australians are not fighting any Why are you Muslims in Australia not fighting any war any Jihad? If you're not then you should all be. Walter Coloma meaning everyone should be from the oma that calls the path of Allah to the good and to the bad, meaning country

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To the good stay away from the bed.

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And this is a very important verse. And this is why the move Assyrian said that when there is jihad, and people are busy with Jihad that only a small group should stay back to learn about the religion and then they should command the good and forbid the evil. But when there is no jihad, meaning when there is no time in which there is Jihad going on, and there is peace, that at that time that all of the people are bound by this verse, Walter could mean come home to you, the owner, Illinois, or your

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town and Mancha.

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Everyone is bound by this. It is for this reason why many scholars Islam from this verse, draw an inference that if you live amongst people, Muslim men that have mistakes with them, or you live amongst non Muslims that have yet to accept Islam, that our is obligatory on you, that was obligatory on you to call people to the path of

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the second reason why is because when he called to a lesson panels on his path, you're following the way of the prophets of God. Yeah, you have a soul believer, like me, Rebecca

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Teresa, who was in La Jolla, similkameen. And Allah says, not all Prophet, call the people to your path and if you have not given my message and call them to the path, then you have not delivered the message at all. And indeed, Allah will protect you from the people. And this is an important verse because wherever Allah calls upon shoeless, SLM, or someone specific in the Quran, it is also a message to us as long as the context is the same. So the context is the same. The problem has been asked to call non Muslims and Muslims to Allah in the same way, we also non Muslims and Muslims around us, we are all obliged to call to Allah XPath every one of us in every sphere of influence no

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matter what we do, we must come to the path of Allah.

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Look at the verse Allah says yeah, you on us. In New rossano la la comme Jamia, Allah says to tell Mohammed says Adam, say Mohammed proclaim to mankind you are you harness all mankind. I am

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the messenger of God to all of humanity forever until the day of judgment.

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So if we truly say that we are followers of this prophet, we must also proclaim His message to all of mankind.

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And that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala constantly says again and again the Quran odori less abelia kabylake moto

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odo Ella Rebecca in Nicola houda Mr. P, how many times Allah tells the processor and call to the path of a line Did you are upon the truth, call to the path of Allah with with goodness and and and, and good speech the prophets of Salaam is audit but Allah again and again the Quran to call call call again again to people who are neglectful about

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the third reason why is because when you do this, you become from the best of people. When you called to Allah XPath you are from the best of people in the eyes of Allah. Woman. So Nicole, Amanda illallah wa rahmatullah solly have a call in an email Muslim, who is there that is better than the one who calls the path of Allah and obeys Allah commands and says, are indeed I am from the believers who is better than that person. No one can be better.

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And the last reason why call to the path of Allah is because if you don't do so, you are cursed. You are the worst of people, when you call to the possibility of the best, but when you don't, then you're the worst of people. And you know who the worst people are the ones who are cursed by the prophets of God. Would you agree if our solar system cursed you, and if Abu Bakr if he Salah sorta Salaam and Islam and Ibrahim and all the prophets of God cursed you? Would you agree that you'd be from the worst of people? Absolutely. And Allah tells us

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that indeed if you do not call to the path of Allah, you will be from the cursed people. Let me prove to you how Allah is not an Lu analyst in a Kapha room in benissa illa Allah Allah Sangeeta, ammonium, the licchavi unknown Kenyatta, Dune cannula Tana Han and Moon Corinne follow the big summer can we have alone? What an amazing verse Allah says, Nicola, listen to the verse and understand its meaning it's very important because it applies to you if you don't call the part of Allah, you are cursed. What is the lesson here? Verily those people from the children of Israel were cursed upon the tongue of

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bamboo is right from the tongue of the prophets of God and he said the Maria

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and specifically in Santa Maria alum Sato Salaam curse the people who did not call to the path of love from the children of Israel. Why daddy could be an uncanny acted on why did they curse him? because number one they used to transgress the limits is to commit sins.

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But what type of since then this is what Allah says the type of sin that Allah got angry with them and for which received the money and all the profits Kirsten was velika Vietnam Korea, cannula Tana hona and Moon Corinne Fado. They used to see people around

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doing evil but they never used to tell them don't do it. That was it. And then Allah says, ends at verse by saying the big summer can we have alone? What an evil deed they used to do? The fostering said, Allah here is not referring to the evil of what the people used to the sin. The evil Allah is referring to is the evil of them not calling people to the good when they used to see people doing wrong. So that itself was seen as an evil. To not call people to the good when you see people doing evil, is seen by Allah subhanho wa Taala as a tremendously evil sin.

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Enough tantamount to be cursed upon the tongue of the prophets of God.

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Do we need any more evidence that we need to call to the path of Allah? Look at the example of the prophets of God knew hello to the salon again and again. 950 years, morning and night he called people to the path of Allah, morning and night until people would pass by and the children would pass by. And the father would say I used to see this man calling to Allah, beware of him when you tell his son and this son would grow up and he would tell his son and his son will grow up and he will tell his son, be wary of this man. 950 years. This man is calling to madness. We don't believe in that we worship idols. But he persisted and he persisted and persisted.

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Look at the example of solar cell and pelted with stones in tarrif Swarna. Cursed yet He continued, continued and persisted Allah 13 years of difficulty yet he persisted, and he continued calling people to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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I look at the examples of some of the people in the Quran, such as in Surah Yaseen, this man who came running, there was a particular tribe that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted them to believe. In our last pass, we sent them three messengers, three messengers of God, not one, but two, but three, was does nothing besides Him. We give them three messengers to call them Can you imagine three messengers? A messenger is better than a prophet. Why? Because a messenger is someone who gives his message people rejected.

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Whereas the Prophet, he gives his message to people accepted. That's why you're here was a prophet, whereas Isa was a messenger Allah him salatu salam, because he says message was rejected. But yeah, he has messaged was accepted by the Jews.

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And so three messengers sent to one tribe. Imagine how Allah loved that tribe wanted them to turn back to Islam, and still the disbelief and then what happened? A man came from the farthest part of the town, what do you mean aquasoil Medina to sakala Yama who say a man came from the farthest part of the village running as an all my people follow these messengers. They're not asking you for money, they're asking for women and asking for any reward. They are only telling you that what you know in the deepest part of your heart,

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so they kill this man. And so Allah subhanaw taala quotes this man saying yeah later komiya Allah mon Bhima Allah for Allah Robbie Jelani Amina Mohammed, or how I wish my people knew how Allah has blessed me and given me such a great reward meaning even though they killed him, he still had mercy for his people in his heart. On top of that, he still wish to do that work.

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Because he was saying after he passed away, I wish more people would know. I wish they would follow this thing.

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And we see as well from the scholar system today, tremendous example of giving dour and persisting and persevering in the part of our lives.

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I still remember nothing Rahim Allah, great scholar of Islam, he used to go by himself in his own car, from where he used to be in Breda to onaiza he used to drive from aneurysm sorry to Beretta which is about 80 kilometers every single day for one class that he would give to to students. Sometimes he knows me. He said, Well, like I used to go then the students didn't even attend.

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He didn't even attend. He said once my cousin and a few I actually actually paid for a taxi guy to take music teacher going to teach students instead of students coming to him.

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I see with my own eyes, our chef Mamata Schumpeter has a great scholar in Medina, every single week, on Mondays he will pick up his car straight away, go all the way to Makkah and come back the same day for one class he would give in my *. The name which is a much of the Asia he'll give just one class. Only one class on Southern stack machines atomistic just to give that class he would come back and then there was a Monday and then on Tuesday again, he would take drive in the morning to go where he would go now to dive but I have to give a class and come back and then on Wednesdays he would go straight away again in the morning and come back where Jetta to give one class only Why

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would he come back because he had an old mother and he wanted to look after. I didn't want to leave the mother alone for more than a few hours. So Pamela Barbie.

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Barbie with a very very righteous looking after his parents Pamela

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These are the examples of people who strove in the part of a law calling to the path of Allah. Ask yourself How much do you do to call people to Allah subhanho wa Taala aku Luca was the ruler Holly welcome Melissa

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy woman wala yeah hottie, I have a few points of advice for people who want to give Dawa in the path of Allah point number one. Remember that when you give that when the path of Allah that you will be fought, that people will harm you people will try to harm you. It's there very clearly. When you read Surah Fatiha, you should realize it. See Allah says al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen or Madurai, Maliki Amethyst is praising Allah correct. Then what do you say after it Yakubu, it is only you that we worship straight away Have you notice what we say he cannot stand it is only you that we seek help.

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Why in the world do you always say writer right after you say we only You we worship you right away say it is only you we seek help because the scholar said, those who worship only Allah will be fought in this dunya. And so Allah teaches us straight away. It is only You we worship Allah. And so because people will be against us, we seek your help, you're allowed to protect us.

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So remember that. So therefore, if you are hurt and harmed if you are ridiculous, if you are belittled, that does not mean you're on the wrong path does not mean that you should leave, you should just take it that you it will happen to you.

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And it happens I remember when I used to be younger, and I used to call my parents to stand sometimes they'll ridicule me, my family will ridicule me. And I'm sure you know that people say oh, you know used to be walking in the diapers now you're calling us to Islam Buddha, what do you think you are?

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Yesterday you were you were singing music and going out with girls and drinking alcohol. Now you're calling us to Islam, you know, they try to remind you of your past sins.

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Right? They try to defeat your Darwin that way. So what do you tell them? That was my past. I was mistaken. And Allah forgive me. This is the truth. I'm calling you to it accepted. End of story move on.

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So it's very important that you do not break when people are against you. Number two

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people will not accept that easily sometimes takes years, years according to the path of Allah years. And so for that reason, remember Do not ever bend and

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actually bend your deen or compromise your religion. And that is why Allah has wondrous solar system the Quran, Allah Allah Allah, Allah kita Turkana, la him Shankara is Allah Kanaka therefore to their fellow man Mati from Allah tala kabhi Elena 01 processor because Watson would love people so much you wanted people to convert so much What did he tell what did you want to do? He might have tended to just modify Islam a little bit you know, let's forget Okay, you don't like drinking alcohol Okay, no problem to keep on drinking but just you know, cut it down to half Okay, you know how sometimes we tend to do that we sometimes tend to compromise is to get them over the over the hedge, get them

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past the finish line, just get them to accept Islam we compromise it. The Allah says not and do not do that. Allah says, Well, I will answer but not if you didn't give us about your Mohammed Salah. You would have tended to turn towards a little bit meaning compromise Islam just a tiny bit so that they can accept Islam. But if you did that either Kanaka would have made you taste their failure to their fellow man twice the life at twice the punishment. In Johanna tamala g de la cabeza Elena, you will not finding anyone as a helper against me. Wow. Wanting to the solar system. Don't you dare compromise Islam. This is Islam. He job his job. Prayer is prayer. No, you cannot pray three times a

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day. It's five times a day. Yes, alcohol is not part of Islam. Yes, pork you have to give it up. Girlfriend you have to marry her or hallas you have to finish it off. Correct. Islam is Islam. You take it wholehearted parcel or you don't take it at all. And this is important. This doesn't mean of course that we started with everything together. We take it step by step start with love it I love den Sala, then the car then had etc. take it step by step one by one. However, do not ever compromise Islam. Lastly, equity, patience and patience. Patience in this path is very important. And I end with one important

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one very beautiful story that happened. Abdullah Mubarak Rolando Abdullah Mubarak had a Jewish

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neighbor. I used to give it to him all the time. It's absolutely one of the great scholars of Hadith, even though all the time and you want to accept 14 years, 15 years, he wouldn't accept. And then later on what happened was once the halifa came to the Jewish neighbor and said also and so sell us the house because we got to build a road on this path. And we're going to demolish your house to tell us the prices

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So the Jewish neighbor goes okay, I want 2000 dinars so the Khalifa goes Why do you want 2000 normally houses price to call or 1000 Why do you want 2000 he said I want 1000 dinar I want 1000 dinar for the house and I want 1000 dinar for being the neighbor of Abdullah work

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do you know why he said that because I don't know what I did everything possible to try to make him Muslim he was kind to him was merciful to him was giving him food he was giving him gifts every day and so he knew the value of it but you know people sometimes don't know the value until they lose it. So sometimes they will not accept your guidance even after you've been calling them to the path of Allah for years. They'll only realize that when you're not there.

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So be patient inshallah Be patient counterpart of Allah and Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala will make your message go out to the hearts of people inshallah, from Allah young Muslim on America and feel good and Karim Allah Jalla Jalla wa Takata smell in the llama, saloon Allah nebia yo Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam matsushima Allah wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Salim Allah Muslim in a Muslim, meaning Minato What

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about Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah said what a tidal Cordova corba went hand in fascia Yeoman curry will

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come to the corona Oscar de la demodulated Coco, one of the Corolla Corolla who your alma mater, stone, Aki masala