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Tip number seven

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for those of you that are watching from online, we request if you're going to be following the football that you start your Salah, the same time that we do. At the same time of course, you are not connected with us in our actual Salah. So, you can see us but you cannot make it to that you cannot follow behind this, your Salah will be separate from our salah and inshallah after the solder there will be a short holdover. So a reminder for the procedure for the solid jewelry, so that it is a regular to Raka Salah. And so you need to make sure that you have your will do facing the Qibla all of the shorten our can of soda are the same. The only difference is that there are extra tech v

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rod, these extra tech v rod, there are a number of opinions, but the one that we're gonna follow it is the hamburger and the medical school. And that is that there are seven tequila dots that we say at the beginning of the first truck guy this is inclusive of tequila to the from. So we're going to be doing seven times Allahu Akbar, and raising their hands and bringing them back down to our chest area. So that's going to be seven times, then we'll recite fat to her. And then if you're able to recite sudo to either that is good. If not, then any sort of the true No, that's fine. And then when you stand up in the second Raka, you will do five tech Virata inclusive of the tech mirror that you

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are standing up on. So we're going to be doing five tech bit on after that a bit of that we stand up on that's a total of six Excuse me. So the first is going to be seven inclusive, and the next is going to be six inclusive IE if you don't include the first tech bit on when you start and you don't include the tegretol when you stand up then it is going to be six and five. Okay, so anyway summarise seven and six is the easy one to remember why because you will include the first and the last one you stand up after that inshallah tada there is a short hold. And it is my habit to give a very short clip but for eight less than 10 minutes the hold button read is 100 but not to Hooda so

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we'll be giving one foot straight and then inshallah tada finishing off so inshallah those of you that are at home you may start your prayer now we're going to be praying over here so do

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a lot

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a lot. Oh, come

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a lot.

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A lot of bones

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Alhamdulillah here have been me in a rush man yo, hey, Nike doing he can

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he can so

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he didn't know at all?

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him avoid in lieu, big him model.

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submit a smell of bacon, Allah, Allah Jihad upon

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one lady.

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One lady,

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sir, no,

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sir, in sha Allah who in

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one way or zero canon

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Use further kill in Africa it

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says Romania Russia Taj Mahal ash or Allah de

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mucho fi ha Juana yah, yah, for the F la

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was smelled I'll be here felt

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better to

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semia Allahu naman Haneda

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oh come

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oh kaboom

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kaboom. Oh

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a long bone and hamdulillah healed on being on me and

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Jeannie cannot eat he can so

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he didn't know

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him why he didn't know he hit

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Taka Haji Shia

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is in Hong

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Kong SCORM in, in in Nia laser La

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la la la Yoni

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oma is in Isla Vista.

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Leah de jan de na de la De Smet. roofie Hi La Via fi hi

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fi hasura mas fufa was fee ha sorrow nos fufa model for one

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owner Ella a beanie k

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y ella as

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a guy

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what energy body can you find also a bat you want

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to add further kill in

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demo Zach kill Lester

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demo nuclear in

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LA waka fell off

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in Elena

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Semi Allahu naman hamidah

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Oh come

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on long.

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us more.

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Allahu Akbar Ma. Ma Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. koponen long.

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Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar o Kabira Wen hamdu lillahi Cassio whatsover han Allah He bukata kurata noir LC la, la la la, la la la de Soto kawada Why not? sada Aveda. What? June there who has MS. Baba de la ilaha illallah wa Bhutto in?

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mahalo, Sierra hoodie Dina what oh curry Hello coffee rune. Allahu Akbar. Oh COVID Ah, well hamdulillah he can see it all what's super Han Allah He boo kurata Anwar al si la la ilaha illallah wa, Allahu Akbar. Allah is indeed the greatest Allah is indeed the most magnificent. Allah is indeed the most majestic. Dear Muslims. Today is the day of read. Today is the day of celebration. Today is the day of rejoicing. Today is the day that the angels come and give us our rewards the day of the day of July is that is called the day of prizes. Today is the day that Allah subhana wa tada mentions explicitly in the Quran when he mentioned the fast of Ramadan, and he tells us that we are

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supposed to fast from Oban for the sake of taqwa those very verses they end up UD de la who be Kumar you sir Allah.

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Allah wants to make things easy and he does not want to make things difficult what he took middle and so that you may finish the 29 or 30 days and then worry to caboodle ah ha da da calm so that you may then praise Allah because he has guided you when I look into Sharon and so that you may give thanks this day have read and the tech Virata worried are explicitly referenced in the Koran at the end of Ramadan Allah subhana wa tada tells us, we are supposed to give the tuck Birotte so that we may glorify Allah because he has guided us and so that we may give thanks, dear Muslims, today we are celebrating read like we have never celebrated before. Today we are doing something that we have

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never done before. It is a unique celebration. It isn't a typical celebration, but it is a celebration. Nonetheless, despite all that is going on. We thank Allah azza wa jal for all that he has blessed upon us and for all that he has bestowed upon us. And if we look back at the last few weeks, and the last two or three months, and now we have finished this month of Ramadan, we can derive many lessons and many wisdoms. Today, I want to re emphasize three lessons that we've all learned in these last few weeks, first and foremost of the most important lessons, dear Muslims, how many blessings we took for granted, and we didn't even appreciate them to be blessings before this

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crisis came upon us how many things we took for granted our socialization, our coming to the masjid, our walking around freely in society, our visitation, the blessings of community, the blessings of society, all of this we took it for granted without even a second notice. And within a day, it was all stripped away from us. And perhaps we will take a lesson from this. Perhaps we will learn to appreciate when it is returned to us the blessings that we took for granted. Remember dear Muslims that Allah subhanho wa Taala that says that if we thank Allah He will give us law in Chicago Joomla z then come if we are thankful, then he will give us even more. And if we are ungrateful, then

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indeed the punishment is severe. So insha Allah when things get back

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Normal. Let us appreciate each and every blessing that we took for granted. Let us not trivialize any blessing that Allah subhana wa tada gave us as Allah says, if you were to count the blessings of Allah, you would not be able to enumerate them and the greatest blessing without a doubt, the biggest blessing that Allah has bestowed upon us is the blessing of Eamon and faith, the blessing of the Quran and the Sunnah, the blessing of guidance in a time of and guidance of certainty, in a time of uncertainty of faith in a time when we most need that faith. So let us appreciate that from Allah subhanho wa Taala second wisdom that we learned from all that we see around us and from the last few

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weeks and months is that to handle law, we were so worried we were so concerned, how will we do it on hold on under this lockdown, and we were worried how are we going to live with the circumstances change? But we saw another reality of the Koran for innama. Use run in America so use raw, never does a law send down a calamity. Never does a law send down to difficulty except that with it. Allah will give multiple ease. We were wondering how we would do it. We were wondering how we would enjoy it. I'm Oban and Subhana Allah for many of us. For all of us. This was a very unique Ramadan. Perhaps we appreciated blessings we never appreciated before. Perhaps we had time to bond with our

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families that we never did before in Ramadan. Perhaps we had time to do spiritual worship in our privacy that we were not accustomed to. Perhaps we had a new relationship with the Koran with the Hadoop with salah and we discovered that spirituality is not linked to the masjid, it is found from within us by the blessings of Allah. Look at how Allah turned a negative into a positive look at how we were wondering how we would live through all of this and Allah subhana wa tada made a way out for us. As Allah says, Whoever puts his trust in Allah, Allah will provide for him from sources he never expected. Whoever has to work Quran Allah, Allah will make his affairs easy for for the one who does

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that. So therefore the Muslims anytime you are put in a difficult situation, realize the one who puts you in that difficult situation will also make the way out easier for you, the one who puts you in that calamity has also given you the patience and the wherewithal and the courage and the faith to overcome that calamity. If you turn to Him, never ever lose hope from the mercy and blessings of Allah never despair from any problem that you might be in. The one who placed you in that problem knows that you have enough faith and enough courage and enough Eman, you have enough potential to get out of that problem it as a better person, but only if you turn to him and realize that every

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single problem that brings us closer to Allah, it is not a problem but a blessing in disguise. And the third benefit that we want to remind ourselves of the third benefit that especially Ramadan has bestowed upon us is the appreciation of the importance of our faith in our religion of our faith in our Lord of our faith in our Eman Subhana Allah can you imagine what life would be like if we didn't have faith in a law we thank Allah subhana wa Tada. And this Ramadan has taught every one of us a reality that we know without the need for it to be taught and yet teaching it always brings up betterness and that is the sweetness of religion, the sweetness of worship, the sweetness of having

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faith in Allah. Nothing is sweeter than the sweetness of worshiping our Lord. Nothing is sweeter than the sweetness of long prostrations in the middle of the night. Nothing gives us more courage, more hope than reciting the speech of our Lord. We need that courage we need that hope we need that inner peace. Peace will not be found from without it is found when Allah blesses us from within, and that peace and that comfort, that serenity and that contentment. It does not come from anything of this world. It comes when Allah blesses us from within, and religion is the number one mechanism to discover that inner peace. We all knew this deep down inside, but during these crises, and during

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especially Ramadan, we were reintroduced to the importance of religiosity to the importance of having a connection with Allah subhana wa tada dear Muslims, every single day we need a law every single month we need a law not just from Oban every single time we need a lot not just during the COVID crisis, but especially especially during this time, especially when the world has so much negative news and there are so many issues going on. We need to understand that nothing will save us except our turning to Allah nothing will give us the comfort nothing will give us the peace except our return to our religion as Allah subhana wa tada says we're in em Cisco law who will literally in

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Fela Kashif Allahu Allahu if Allah subhana wa tada inflicts upon us.

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A pain or a calamity, no one will lift it other than Him when you did go hide in and if Allah desires good for you find out all differently no one can repel that good. So let us turn to Allah subhana wa tada with a renewed sense of purpose. Let us take the lessons of Ramadan and the lessons of this COVID crisis. Let us understand that the joy of worshiping Allah is not restricted only to Ramadan the joy that comes with 200 is not only for total we're the joy that comes in reciting the Quran is not only during this month know the Lord of this month is the Lord of all of the other months and the one who deserves to be worshipped in Ramadan also deserves worship and every single

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month. So let us make a renewed commitment as this month comes to a close that insha Allah who tada henceforth from now on every single one of us without exception, we will raise the bar of our commitment of our faith of our courage will raise the bar of our spirituality every single one of us, let us look at what is weak in our own faith and improve it Let us look at what our sins that are holding us back and eliminate them we all have to raise the bar every single month of Ramadan so that insha Allah tada Ramadan acts as a genuine spiritual training camp May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you with and through the Koran, and may He make us of those who is versus they

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understand and may make us of those who applies hallowed and held on throughout our lifespan I am making to say I mean as we pray to the Rahim andora man, Oh Allah, we ask that this day of celebration be a true day of celebration with our sins and mistakes have you been forgiven? Oh Allah make this day a day of prizes for us. Oh Allah. Oh Allah make this day a day that the angels gift us with prizes from you. Oh Allah. Oh Allah accept from us our fasting. I will not accept from us our standing I will not accept from us our reciting Yeah, Rob we have no Rob to turn to other than you. Yeah. Mola there is no moaner other than you. We lift our hands to Allah subhana wa Tada. And we

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asked you on this blessed day, that you leave no sin of ours, except that you have erased them, and no one who is sick, except that you have cured them and no one who has passed away except that you have forgiven them and no one in debt, except that you have enriched them and no unjust prisoner except that you have freed them and no one in any suffering except that you have placed eased on them and no one hungry except that you have provided food for them and no one in any pain or suffering except that you have lifted it from them and no refugee are up except that you have given security to them. Yeah, man bless Islam and its people and the oma make it safe and peaceful and

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protected from those who desire for it evil you're the most majestic and the most powerful. Yeah, Rahim yar Rahim bless us era him bless us to live from us this plague and this disease and bless us instead with comfort and ease and acceptance of our good deeds and acceptance of our good deeds, yada, yada yada Aziza Yama, Ji O Allah, we asked you for the good of this world and the good of the next world. Oh Allah, we ask that you accept our good deeds and forgive our mistakes and make us from those of the righteous our love bless us and our families to be of those who are righteous, Allah make us worshipers of yours Oh Allah, Allah, Allah allow the kalama to live amongst our

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generation or progeny of Allah protect our children and grandchildren after them Allah Allah protect all of us with Islam as we rise and sit as we sleep and wake up our life envelopes with Islam will allow Islam to be descended down to our add to our descendants after us Oh Allah, servants of Allah, Allah subhana wa tada has commanded you with a command that he began with himself. And then he followed it with the angels themselves. And then he commanded all of us ourselves, for he said in the law, how am Allah equatorial soluna nebby you Hello Deena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik

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rasulillah Mohammed in early he was a big marine to cabo la him in our main concern. May Allah accept from all of us, all of our good deeds was set on why they come to law here. What about our cattle