Does Someone With A Highly Functional Autism Need To Pray

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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The speaker discusses the importance of praying for someone with a highly functional autism to fulfill their condition and achieve their goals. They also mention a woman who experienced hypers breath and eventually became insane. The speaker encourages viewers to share their own experiences and donate towards the series of videos.

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As one with highly functional autism need to pray.

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For my understanding, if a person has a highly functional autism, that should not prevent him or her from praying. They can understand what pray means. And they can focus on the prayer, they can perform the prayer and make the law and fulfill the condition of the prayer. And if that's the case, yes, they have to pray. But if their mental status will not allow them to understand what prayer is and how to make Google or to perform the prayer correctly, in this case, those people will be forgiven or that person will be forgiven because that'd be so solemn, said in the edited version of the famous Hadith, Rafael Fatima, Antara that the pen is lifted and you will not be those people the

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pen will not write their sense and among them the person who is in Majnoon the person who is insane and it doesn't mean that the person who's an autism is insane, no stolen, but it can be at you know, a person can meet that characteristic of the persons insane in a sense that that person can function can understand cannot comprehend, even if the person may be in other areas function well. So, if this is the case that persons will be forgiven and excused from prayer, I also would like to say some people who can go and moods modes so sometimes they might be able to pray and sometimes they cannot pray because he can function they cannot understand. So whenever they are in a state where

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they understand what Salah is, they must pray if there is another time where they couldn't they lost their ability to comprehend and understand they are forgiven. And it's interesting to know that they've been hijacked by him a lot. He said I had a sister who has a mad woman in person and he she's was insane he said sometimes or is called to go back completely normal. She goes make woohoo and pray and after prayer she go back to

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you know her her situation of insanity. So here whenever the person can prefer most a lot, yes, when you cannot use excuse almost panic. Make it easy for everybody.

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