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There is a debate between the scholars when it comes to the jury which is gold or silver. As a four gems or precious stones, like diamonds and things from this nature, and

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kind of agreed that there is no Zakat on them there's a cat only on the gold and the silver. And when it comes to the gold, we talk about the pure gold which is 24 carats. So if it's 18 carats, or it is 21 carats, you have to do a certain formula to figure out how to give us a cat on it in a simple way. It is the number of carrots divided by 24 time price of gram time the gram of gold.

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And you will be able to figure out what is the second

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in the 18 carats or the 21.

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The Silver are usually pure. And also that is something that's called White Gold, the white gold it could be platinum. And if it's platinum, there is no Zakat on it. But if it is an actual gold plated, are painted with colors are mixed with other elements, you have to figure out what is the actual pure gold in it. And that will be that it will be a cat on it. At least here go back to the issue of that jury that the gold or silver that you wear and use, even if you don't wear it in a common any way or maybe occasionally you use it like something that you got during in your wedding and you don't use it usually in your daily

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going out, or you rarely that ever use it. Do they still consider a jury that they use? Yes.

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In this issue, there is a debate you will have the Hanafi scholars who believe that there is a cat on the jury that you use, versus the madikwe the Shafi the somebody who don't believe that there is a cat on the jury that they use. And I believe that this is the strongest opinion for me that there is no Zakat on it. But also at the same time I lean towards a third opinion, which is the choice of Shahada Islam, Ibn taymiyyah Rahim Allah to Allah. And one narration from Rahim Allah, that there is as a cat on the jury that you use, but one in your lifetime, any amount of money that you give. And to be honest, in his opinion, is an opinion that combined between all evidence, because those who

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said you have to give the cat on it, they said that Hadith and the verses that speaking about those who possess gold, and they don't give this a cat from it, they will be held accountable in the day of judgment will be punished for holding it and without giving any

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sadaqa on its behalf. So this they are very general there's no exception to the jury that you're not you also the some of the Hadith, that the prompts are some themselves a woman who wearing any Masek at any time wearing two bracelets from gold and he asked if you give us rights over this gold and mainly that refer to this account. She said no. I said once was wearing a ring and he said do you give the laws rights over this goal? She said no. She said would you like a lot of places with rings made of fire since she took it up all these ahaadeeth To be honest, it doesn't really help and support the idea that it means there is a cat in the jury that you use because the bracelet or the

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ring, the weight of it will not be 85 grams. And also I said I just got this ring, so didn't possess it even for a whole year. So that means the processor must not talk about the socket that is regulated the way we are familiar with. And that lid shiftless llama him would like to come to a conclusion that any gold or silver you possess and you have, you should give something on its behalf once in your lifetime, any amount. And I really think that this is a very good opinion and kind of middle opinion to combine between evidence. So if you have any jewelry that you possess, one time in your life, at least you have to give Zakat and if you don't inshallah tada

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there is no harm on it. But if the jury that you have, you use it as

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in your portfolio, like a saving that you want, like the savings account that you have dollars or easterlies whatever

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currency that you save, but to use the golden stood that is a cat on it, because he is not any more something that you use or you wear

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and Allah Subhana Allah knows best

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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