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Do Cigarettes Break One’s Fast_ What About E-cigarettes

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Faith IQ

Channel: Faith IQ

Episode Notes

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

Episode Transcript

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Using cigarettes would that break your fast? First of all, using cigarettes as harm? Same thing with hookah or shisha? This is forbidden in Islam because interviews are so limited blah blah blah they're not you should not do or use anything that cause harm to you or to others and no doubt cigarettes do both.

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So that's why, as far as I know every major scholars and modern days and I felt Council in modern days says that using cigarettes as forbidden and how long maybe long time ago you might find some opinion said it's allowed because they will not familiar with that the the harm that cigarettes cause as for its break your fast or not. Yes, it would break your fast because nicotine will have impact in your blood and it will be absorbed by blood and it will have similar impact to food and drink and MMS and fasting is to avoid drinking, eating or what is similar to them what is basically take the do the same impact in your body. And that's why nicotine patch is also not allowed. And

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smoking the cigarette inhaling that smoke inside your body will break your fast as well. What about electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are not allowed as well. And they are there is a lot of reports today about how harmful they are. And also it will break the person's fast due to the same reasons their regular cigarettes, break your fast law protect all of us