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The speakers discuss the cultural culture in Nigeria that prioritizes "haste" over "medallions" and the significance of "haste" in relation to culture. They also touch on the history of Islam, including the use of "haste" to indicate desire and emphasize the importance of contentment in life. The segment also touches on the difficulties of living in a small town and the importance of creating a routine and staying true to religion. Finally, the segment ends with a brief advertisement for wallpaper and a wallpaper kit.

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Hamdulillah he was salat wa salam wa salam ala Nabi Avada.

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A medallion for the villa Jimenez shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Shudehill Ramadan under the clfp report

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with earliness you will be inactive mineral Huda will for corn syrup Allah will Azeem My dear respected elders and brothers Alhamdulillah we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us once again the opportunity of witnessing the Mubarak and blessed month of Ramadan. This is a very great Yamato of Allah Tala. And if Allah Allah grants us a favor that it is our duty that we repay the favor of Allah nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When Ramadan used to come via cream sauce Salam used to address the Sahaba addressed the companions with regard to the Mubarak and the blessedness of this month as a ceremony for Sierra The Lowdown who says in a very

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famous Hadith and ceremony for Sierra the Allahu Taala Han called a Fatah afterburner. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Fiachra Yomi min. Shaban for kala un nurse Shah Nazim shadow Mubarak. Oh people they come upon you a very great month a very Mubarak and blessed month all Amma have written half is even harsher as Fulani Rama Talalay has written a very amazing thing. He said not to yearn and not to desire for Ramadan is a sin in itself. Not to desire for Ramadan is a sin in itself. Allah Tala que la Shakur heck Allah Tala name amen dobara Ramadan Ko macheda Kanika mocha Dr. Han Allah Tala was fully score. Amara la ba uppercut Penang, Ramzan Kameena kita Munna notturna Sydney

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Azureus Kalani Rahmatullah Nica, Ramazan kita mandanna Karna desert a hooded guna the superiority of Ramadan over the other months is such that machetes Alpha Thani Rahmatullah Lee has written, that the superiority of Ramadan over other months, is like the superiority of that Yusuf alayhi salatu salam always at 11 Brothers, Yusuf Alayhi Salatu was Salam we all know was the nephew of Allah. The son of Jacoba is salat wa salam, and he was a Navy, the other level brothers they conspired to kill him in Kolkata Nicoma Superman Suvarna Nibbana but the way Yusuf Alayhi salat wa salam became the means of the forgiveness of his lemon brothers. In a similar manner, we make dua, that Ramadan

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becomes the means of the forgiveness of the shortcomings of our 11 months of guna and said this is the way will Am I have made mentioned with regard to the superiority of Ramadan over the other month, it is like the superiority over the use of salat wa salam over his other level brothers and therefore the alumni have said if you must have fast in Ramadan, sometimes you can miss it because of a valid reason and you can make Kazaa of it but the blessings of a fast in Ramadan you will never ever get it even if you fast for the whole remainder of your life.

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So now what do we do in Ramadan Nigeria's factor brothers, the one thing that we have to do is to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. We have to keep is in this way we have to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Tala kita afterwards, Allah Tala Keator of Deanne 11 months of the year, we gave priority to the world. Now the debt is also not correct. We are supposed to give priority to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. But we are weak, we give priority or we incline more towards the world. And if we do it correctly, it is also not wrong in et cetera et cetera say hello come Iwakura Karna economy it's not wrong. But in this month, let us put everything on the back

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burner, some coffee channel or Ibaadat core Allah Tala

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da Lupo arguable for 11 months we gave priority to work in this particular month. Let us give priority to a budget that has give priority to turning towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala let us give priority to mending and strengthening our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala My dear respected brothers we call it in today's time Ibaadat Ibaka chiamata what do we mean by a brother? Read your Salah not only your father's your nephew, your seeker your Tilawat you're coming closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala these are the things that we are supposed to do in Ramadan coming closer towards Almighty Allah. Allah Allah has created us fundamentally to worship Allah

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Well hello to Regina well INSA elderly Abdul Allah Tala has created did not end human time to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala did I say normally year Ibadah yet when Amara to enter we are amalgamation of spirit spiritual and physically hum Jana much more Rouhani all this money gara manager and I met this money Jesus 404 kg of general Hannity's of okay Adorama Sandman. This is a thing that we are supposed to do. And Ibaadat Allah Tala Ibaadat he is the reason Allah to Allah says He look competitors or Allah to Allah Krishna the acetoacetate only through the means of Ibadan, we will have the right relationship with Allah what is our relationship with Allah is not a

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friend relationship is not a relationship with friends. It is a relationship of the Creator with the creation and the right vehicle with regard to that relationship is about it. Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Tala cinemas Allah Tala Kizomba gear Guarana make dua go down into sister go down into ruku may spend time in your Nuffield Emma's go beyond the fries. That is what Ibaadat is Ibaadat is in today's time, a lost pleasure, a forgotten pleasure in Korea, while

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the great people of the past they used to enjoy the Ibaadat once a hobby one great person, he said he wanted to know he said is they going to be bothered in cover. Otherwise, what am I going to enjoy the cover of these? No.

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He should say what is the enjoyment of Jannetty there is no Ibaadat

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this is through the means of Ibaadat we have the contentment of the heart. He bought it he is very sad. Didn't call it manana assoluta Allah basically Allah hated minute Kuru in the remembrance of Allah Tala our hearts find contentment. Minute Martha was Vinaya Vita Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani rom toolani used to say, if the great the business people, the wealthy people, the things of the world, they come to know about the enjoyment we get in Ibadan to a cushy Milter Joe it may not have a military budget man then they will send the armies to come and get it from us Wapner forge club he thought he was classical center they can afford to get serious he was a loser they won't be able to

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get it they will send the armies they will send people to come and buy that that beautiful situation that we get with regard to that sukoon that particular type of contentment we get in divided I saw my one of my shirts sharp policies I put it up to rally I want they have the opportunity of making you better and one Ramadan was from after he showed up used to sit and make Nuffield Ibaadat Nephele salad right after

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right after the word test before the word he used to go dressed and how he used to rest just before he used to rest is to tell someone read till out of the Holy Quran. And while listening to the Quran he used to rest after Zod ability after zone started sniffing Ibaadat right after the time of Hassan

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and the people who were close to him he said he used to say he used to make one atom of the Holy Quran and Ramadan. one atom of F daily of the daily used to make one atom

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now so this is a situation that we have to keep in mind my dear respect was the greatest way of earning Allah Dallas pleasure. The Forgotten pleasure the correct vehicle for our relationship with Allah Tala the greatest way to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and it is a way of reforming of our entire life in a certain Hanifa che well.

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Not only does it make you good in Ibadan but it transforms your life. Port is in the UK Johanna will read Twitter put it in Sonic Adriana, Insomniac calamari has put his in the kitchen my whole competence of time. He by the tick is today we don't know that particular type of enjoyment. Salem Nimmo says Rahmatullah Alec about me I met her but I made mentioned he said, for 20 years, he never saw the back of a Mussolini Lamas for 20 years. He never saw the back of a Mussolini. Does that mean for 20 years he was either the imam or either he was in a facade. He never saw the back of another Mussolini. Namaste. This is the way the Sahaba know they used to today we take we don't we don't

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seem to like it, but it you know, we've got time for everything else. We don't have time for anybody. This is the wife one day as the husband. He said will you keep Rosa he said maybe Merle Rosen.

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I can't keep Rosa. He said when I wore that are we have one retiree? He said My knees are fading away. He said if tartaruga will you make if you say what you think I'm a tough

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Doctors don't wish to. So this is the way we don't want to make the effort with regard to how are we going to come closer to an almighty Allah till we make this effort. One of the efforts that I would like to refer to is our Taluka Quran chakra Ramadan.

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Quran. It is a month of Ramadan in which Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the Holy Quran. Kalam will move multiple color that the speech of the things is the theme of all speeches, caramel Moo Moo Pokhara. This is Nope, you know the beauty and the Halawa and the sweetness of the Quran, what he did pneumo Hara was one of the enemies of the vehicle itself. He one day he told us Quraysh Crisco kaha we just chose the amenorrhea Crimson is a bathroom that I will turn him away from preaching Islam. So they said okay, go and see how far you come. So what if they move around? themselves lymphocyte to an attack here, Muhammad Ali

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Bucha banality

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Hum Aapke macaque a batch of anatomy, you want to become a king we make you the king of Makkah. You want to ask how much wealth you want? We will give it to you. You want to get married to any woman in Makkah. Tell us which woman you want. Who would give you that particular woman maybe a cream sauce from asked him afterwards. You skinny speak up Napoli pestis pesky did you give me your presentation? Say I gave you my presentation. Maybe a cream sauces a mirror but listen to what I'm going to say. Maybe a cream sauce from Red humming sister.

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When it came to the I had failed out of

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sight that the myth that

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if you turn away from this column of Allah, Allah will bring upon you the way he brought another upon Adam Duffield he was a toughy. But when you heard that he put his hand on the vehicle himself. He said but TJ Castro, I can't listen anymore. I can't listen anymore. When the vehicle himself Sam came to a sister, despite himself he went into system.

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Then when he came back to the question, What did he say in the Harvey letter

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that allow you to there is a sweetness is that I know poetry the way no one of you know poetry. I know poetry. This is not poetry was made. metacity is such a sweetness that I can explain to you. Then they told him you know what if you have you have soldiers you have sold your soul. You have sold your religion of Sarpy but again, you left your listener for forefathers.

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Afterwards he didn't become a Muslim because of pride because of the taunting of the purchase. Look at what he said about the Quran. He's a sweetness he also was taken aback how musalman hookah I'm gonna Quran cellufun That on those who may or something we as Muslims we can enjoy the reading of the Holy Quran. There are ways

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to become a read thoroughly and listen to the Quran has become a burden upon us. Few days we read after the tea. The first few days in the masjid is for what is wrong with our Imam we have to question our Eman when we can enjoy the sweetness and we can enjoy the Calamba for mighty Allah subhanho wa Taala if you tell me he has made mention that in the obey Minitab canais of openness fifth eonni Ramadan is Trina Rakata obey even Nica used to recite the Rami for the people in 20 minutes.

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Today we read through this and we're gonna

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jam up immediately it says jam up MIDI via cream sauce limit says whatever follows the Imam and he doesn't go away until the Imam completes his surah Allah will give him the reward of the entire night.

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Laura carpenter Chilean to have a carpenter Chilean what is wrong? A non Muslim could enjoy the Quran and we find it difficult to listen to the Holy Quran. We can spend two hours sitting and speaking to our friends. We can spend hours sitting and looking at YouTube and everything but to sit five minutes more interactive. We find it difficult. It's an indictment upon our Eman that we can enjoy the clamor for mighty Allah subhanaw taala maybe I can himself swim and said man camara Madonna Imana wa Saba whoever sent in Ramadan in Salah with Imani nfts up Allah subhanahu wa taala forgive his past sins, man karma Ramadan Imana where this other man summer Ramadan is someone dry. I

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will speak about inshallah about fasting next next week. But sama Ramadan man Tama Ramadan, whoever stands in, in in Salah. Eman in hoping for reward Allah will forgive all his persons feathers. Let us look at all this as it was money under the Allah was money honey radiologia news to say

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In the Quran is like a like a beautiful, juicy root of cartoon the more you eat it the more you enjoy that particular hotel the more you read the Quran you're supposed to enjoy the Quran more.

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And or am I have made mentioned if you want to see your lupus Allah if you want to gauge your relationship with Allah then gauge your relationship with the speech of Allah

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Abigal partner tattoo Have you done it I look ahead to the year the mochi Allah Tala de Colombia South Africa

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so brothers this is something that is very serious. You look at the situations Today we find that people look for opportunities not to return we return are we reading other than we sitting all the time we're not really and after for a couple of days we're not reading sometimes we find the least excuses. This is a time for us to build our relationship with the Quran material.

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And then of course what I would like to also say this, that make a routine. Make a routine in your Amara. By through the means of a routine and you stick to that routine, what happens is through the means of that you will find that you will not procrastinate. You will not delay

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it tip the tip the tip setiap on auto SR we would do Rujuta the hill whenever I'm talking to them we are we are people who like procrastination in order for inshallah karanga Birdman czar

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gonna ask me about my brand, I'm very tired, I can do it. Create a 30 Create a routine instead just stick to them. Look at it 30 Which is something that is beneficial. I will put example after fajr our ritual much before what our comfort level of 510 minutes earlier to the magic I will read some Quran, I will read like just you know, make the 30 and you will find that there is benefit and Baraka in that.

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In the most beloved deed in the eyes of Allah is that which is done regularly, even if it's

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zip LM currently associate Pella bankruptcy appellate monks appellate work come in with this is a situation stay away from Buddha another thing with regard to Ramadan stay away from Buddha and said otherwise it is like the example of putting a lot of water in a bucket and in that bucket is a small hole so what that bucket we'll never good for you

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to discuss outside now city for restaurants together says Nate Tampa to then a wall gonna do what I said we'll make Tom keep America or Jana was

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dumb Hotel.

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So do this. Stay away from Ghana. And there is a Hadith of Nebia Karima stay away from things that are not of us unnecessary, futile things. We are supposed to stay with it at all times. But especially in Ramadan. And there is a there is an evidence for it. The Buterin sir Salam said for insomma who if anyone

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if anyone comes to fight with you in Ramadan, argue with you debate with you. Now this last few days, everyone is debating everyone is arguing everyone what have you if anyone comes to argue with you in Ramadan for cold in Iran Simon tell him I'm fasting today I want to fight he's an evidence that if you get involved in futility, stay away from me sleep I don't want to get involved in futility. You want to come and argue with me by marrows would you make

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much agenda so there is an evidence from the Hadith mediator himself said stay away from eternity and lastly the same idea is the problem is we don't know whether we're going to get another Ramadan or not. We don't know whether we're going to get another another Ramadan or not. Maybe occurring saucer was one day as Yasunaga give me advice. There are similar gender cmtg Joe, would you join us or TC said the CF man Nick is the Rodney I don't have to ask anyone more for this yet. Maybe a crimson Rousselot and modelli read every salon that hits your NAS and atrophy life. Can you imagine if you read every salon that this is the last salad How will you read them in a similar manner

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learning from that USA record or society? Yeah.

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It could be that this is our last Wallasey no one knows whether we are going to be alive or next. We don't and I don't know we'll be alive tomorrow. But we definitely don't know whether we're going to be alive next year Ramadan or not. Kidney Saturday

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how many other other people have our own friends, our own families were with us last year to be their own my own case people who are close to me close family members if left. We don't know whether we're going to get this particular occasion or not. By any means. Keep this venue Ramadan. Spend it in a correct manner. When we spend it correctly, you will find will bring about a change now

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But in our in our life, but in our other level months also it will change the course of our life and the cause of how our priorities are. May Allah give us a trophy of making this Ramadan one of blessings Inshallah, one of rush and he died and one in which we come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala