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Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala Most Gracious, Most Merciful Alhamdulillah Allah Allah mean All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lord of the world's wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shuffle, MBA with mousseline, Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain complete blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his entire household, all his companions, may Allah bless them all and bless every single one of us. I mean, my brothers and sisters a beautiful occasion of jamara here in this beautiful Masjid, in this suburb of Arcadia in the beautiful country or city of Harare, in the country of Zimbabwe. We thank Allah

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subhanho wa Taala, for giving us the blessed opportunity to be seated here in peace, and it is our duty to uphold this peace. And it is our duty to ensure that it remains, this piece will only be able to be prevalent if we are at peace ourselves. And if we understand where we came from, where we are right now and where we are heading, you and I know that there are xenophobic attacks happening in South Africa as we speak, it is absolutely unacceptable. And the route goes back not only to racism or reverse racism as it may be called, but it goes back to the lack of understanding of who human beings actually are, where we came from, and how and why we are different. And this answer is

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given by Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran. Yeah.

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So in Fall Aparna in Surah, alpha gerat, Allah says, all mankind, we have created you, all mankind, we have created you, you are not just a coincidence, you are not just here by chance, you did not just come about to be by nature. Allah says, we made you we created you there is a purpose. And there is a certain way within we created you so in some verses, Allah makes mention of the purpose of creation, and in other verses, Allah makes mention of the method of creation. So the verse that I just recited or begin, began reciting the verse of Surah 200, Allah says, Oh people, he's not addressing the believers alone, oh mankind, we created you, meaning I am the one who made you all

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mankind from what and how and why. So Allah says, me carrying

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from a single male and female. So this is one of the stages that Allah subhanho wa Taala had chosen for your creation and mine. I need to understand it. Everyone seated here. We share one father and one mother, whether you like it or you don't like it, whether you get along or you don't. We share one mother and one Father. And before that, in another verse, Allah subhanho, wa Taala speaks of welaka de la Canal, San Sula, let him clean how he created mankind. This is a verse of Sailor Moon, where Allah says how he created mankind from soil from dust. So dust, then mixed with moisture become soil, then mixed with water becomes clay, and from clay of a formation was made the shape of

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men. Allah says, and this is a hadith of Muhammad, Allah Subhan. Allah created Adam in his image, did you hear that?

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Allah created Adam in his image, that Hadith is correct, and it's authentic. What's the meaning of it? The Christians think that Jesus is God and God is Jesus. And God looks like Jesus. And Jesus looks like God that that is already contradictory. But anyway, and then they say, mankind and God look alike. That's what God is trying to say. That God created him or man in his image. So we Muslims understand it very differently. We believe that Allah created Adam in Adams complete image, not in Allah image, we need to remember this. Because we were all created from a seed, I'm talking of my personal life and your personal life, *,

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you know, of a fetus or a zygote, a fetus, then a little baby's born,

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that was not in an image that was from a droplet that was from blood, which mixed and then it became something and then it was given birth to but Adam was the first one he was made in full image, full form. That's what Allah is saying. He was the first one no sperm was involved. No OVA was involved or ovum, nothing, no embryo, no zygote, no fetus, no childbirth, he was created in his image long, Mashallah. So long, and he was placed this is the meaning of Allah created Adam in his image, the term his goes back to Adam, it's a pronoun that goes back to Adam and not Allah. So the Christian say, God created Adam or Jesus. in God's image, we say no, it's actually an atom's image. So they

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would say

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Well, what's the point of mentioning that the point is Adam was not created through sperm and through an egg of a female which then fused to create a gametes and then a zygote and a fetus and so on. No, he was complete. He was a human being, soil was taken from various parts of the earth. And it was brought together the dust in the soil, the different colors, and these are the genes nowadays, when you talk of genes, people think it's something you wear, but before those genes there were other genes Mashallah and those are the genes that happen to be within your blood, your system your DNA, so there is brown there is black, there is pink, there is yellow, there are so many colors

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of soil, whatever the colors of soil are on the earth, those are the colors of human beings Did you know that that's the color of human being? Why aren't we created purple, none of us born purple panela none of us are born for example, green because the soil is not green on earth you won't find green soil you won't find purple soil, we are created from soil evidence of that is the color that you and I have. You have dark soil light soil you know and this color soil you have yellowish net which is mixed with golden that which is not in nowadays Mashallah Platinum as well. hamdulillah So, it's amazing how Allah has created us it's something unique, but we need to remember this Allah has

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created Adam in Adams complete image. Do you hear what we're saying? Which means Adam was given the nose and the eyes and the ears exactly where they are as the image of Adam, exactly by Allah and that is the best and this is why Allah says la de la Canal, Santa Fe Sangeeta Karim from

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SF in in Illinois Latina M and o amilo. saly. hottie fella whom agilon Voluma moon Sora to teen

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that surah which is named after the fig. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, indeed we have created men in the best of postures. We made Adam in Adam's image, what was that image? It had hands in the perfect place fingers thumbs, toes, whatever else, perfect place, private parts in the perfect place. Can you imagine your private parts in another place? My brothers my sisters stowford Allah. Allah May Allah forgive us. So Allah is saying, look, I made you I know what I did and where I didn't Why? Imagine your belly Subhana Allah will your backsides us love it Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. And I'm saying this just to make you think I know you might think I'm I'm saying

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it. But yes, we can laugh about it because it is worth laughing about because it is absurd. It is unthinkable Allah gift upon you. Imagine your eyes, your nose. Imagine no My mind is actually now floating elsewhere. But we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us and to grant us the ability to understand when Allah says I made Adam in his image completely, which means I gave him the form, I gave him the surah I gave him the entire image of his own the hair is where it is in the toes of where they are. And whatever is in between is where it exactly we placed it. That's the meaning. So that was Adam, let's move on further. Because the subject that we are discussing is the root of men,

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and how we are all connected and related. So now comes this men created lonely, he's praying for companionship, and somehow Adam was given a blessing of a companion. As a female. This was all part of the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala, he prayed and he was granted Eve, what may peace be upon her? And how was he granted her work? May peace be upon her, he was granted her through the creation via his rib of a female. Some people are saying, Oh, that's an insult to women. You know, how can you say that a woman was created through the robe of a man. Well, I want to tell you something. And I've always said this, and I maintain it. If you are saying that it's an insult to be created from a

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rib of something living, we would then be able to say you might consider it a bigger insult to be created from dust from soil, which is dead, it's got nothing, I mean soil, we trample all over it. We don't trample all over ribs of human beings. So it's got nothing to do with what you were created from because it was not your choice. It's got to do with who you are today, we become worse than any form of insult we think happens to be against us the way we act and behave. That's what it is to one another if it was created even from gold, but the fact that I'm hating you and killing you and fighting you and I've got so much of bad qualities. It makes me worse than one who's created from

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anything bad, derogatory I can ever think of. So it's got nothing to do with what you're made from. It's got to do with who you are today, the condition of your heart, the fact that you believe that you were made and you believe in the one maker alone, and you declare his worship alone. That's what Islam is all about.

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So when he got up he saw a female and he thanked Allah for this female. And he asked her according to one of the narrations reported by McAfee Rahmatullah Allah, Who are you? She says, I am Hawa Hawa means someone created from something

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Living See? So she says and why were you made? Why were you created? And she says to give you company to give you comfort and company, comfort and company Mashallah a lot of people get married today they lose their confidence they lose their company, La Habra, Private Limited no longer Masha Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah forgive us. When we marry we are marrying for comfort for company. Remember that both male and female, it's not just one sided with all respect to the males, and with all respect to the female, fulfill your right bringing someone's daughter or son into your marriage with the idea that we will be a means and the source of their comfort and companionship in

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the most beautiful way that we will be obeying Allah instruction. This is what it's all about. Enjoy it, understand it, you will have children Mashallah from that religion, if Allah wills, if he doesn't, you won't have kids. And if you don't have kids, thank Allah, it might be the best thing for you. We are meaning. I mean, Mohamed Salah Salam says true believers, their affairs are amazing. Because when something good happens, they think Allah, it's better for them. When something bad happens, something that happens not against, not according to their will, they are patient, and it's better for them. They always believe that what Allah does is best for me. Imagine if you were to

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have, you know, children, like I had an example of someone who desperately wanted to marry another person. And

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this person didn't want to marry them. Imagine one side that it's like the guy who comes along and he says, Hey, I'm getting married to the king's daughter, Oh, poor men, and you know, walking on the street without even shoes. And he's saying, I'm getting married to the king's daughter. So people ask me, so is it already 50% is already done, just make sure the other 50 is lift. So they said, What do you mean? He says, No, I've agreed now just make sure that they agree.

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SubhanAllah that means any one of us could be thinking that way. 50% done. Come on, man. So May, Allah bless us. If that's not meant to be Allah knows it's not right. Allah knows Subhana Allah. But that having been said, My beloved parents who are seated here, remember, it's an issue of racism. And it's an issue of, on the other hand, following the command of Allah. So which one do you choose? You want to be a racist? Or do you want to follow a last command, if your child would like to marry from across the river from a different tribe from a different race for as long as they are decent meaning with a similar upbringing? Let it happen. Remember, something, all these lines we have today

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are actually colonial lines, you need to know this. The country's and this is the point I'm trying to raise about xenophobia, all these lines we have here in this part of the world and all wherever they are, they actually colonial lines, they were put there for a purpose. And that purpose is division and war. That was the initial purpose. It's to create division between you and me. Who am I? I am your brother? And if I feel it Alhamdulillah if I don't, I'm ignorant, I am a fool. If I don't feel that I am your brother, no matter who you are, you share with me one mother, one Father Subhanallah I am a fool if I don't feel that, well, I you can be a different color, a different

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nationality. That's got nothing to do with whether or not you are part of my family. We are one family. So Panama.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease May he opened our doors. So he asks her, Adam alayhis salam asks, so why are you created, she says, to give you company and comfort Subhana Allah, and he was so excited and happy. And from there, they had children, the children with different colors, and there's a long history of it, and we don't want to get too deep into it. But then came the time of the Prophet Noah, you remember no alayhis salam, there was a huge flood at his time. Remember, everyone was wiped out. Everything was wiped out. According to the majority of the narrations. Everything was wiped out.

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humankind was gone besides who was with him in the ark, and he was the only one who had children, the others, the other 11 fellows who were with him, or according to some narrations at they didn't have kids, none of them had children. He was the only one Allah says in the Quran, or Jardin de yetta Humala backing, we made his progeny the only one that remains.

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That means my brothers and sisters, I'm not just related to you via Adam and Eve, may peace be upon them, I am related to you via No, we are all descendants of the Prophet. So when someone says I'm from the family of the Prophet, you can also get examples from the family of the Prophet, maybe not the Prophet Mohammed Salah, but definitely the Prophet more. And you have annual from the family of the Prophet note. Don't be shy to say yes I am. Now when we walk out of here, don't drink. Remember that alcohol? Don't go to the casinos. Don't go to the night that you are from the family of the Prophet. No. May peace be upon him. Remember this? How can we live our lives in such a way that we

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are? We know we are from the family of the Prophet. No, I see all the smiles are like the brothers. I love the smile. Everyone's learned something new today, haven't we? I come from the family of the Prophet go and check your lineage Mashallah you do? We are all without exception from the family of the Prophet. May peace be upon him. Doesn't it make you feel good? Now come on, cut that adultery out Allahu Akbar. Cut the alcohol out. Come on.

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kept the gambling and the fighting out you are from a noble family. Allah created you with nobility from the noble Subhan Allah remember this and remember it carefully. You need to be happy in yourself I come from a very noble family, Allah chose me good family may be here people think I come from here and they but I know that and Allah knows that I'm actually a noble person. That's what we all need to remember. So after that, that was the progeny and then he had some children three main children and and they spread across the earth and everything happened and so on. And then Allah is reminding us Oh man, this was the verse I started with, we created you from a single male, single

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female, I already told you how that started, right? Watch, come show.

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acaba de la Lita.

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And then we split you or we made you jala means we created you we made you into different tribes and nations of peoples in order that you recognize one another. So why am I this color? Why are you that color? Why is he that color? Why is she that color? Why is this person that other race? Why is that person? People who come from Europe have a different color, for example, people who come from Africa, different people who come from Asia and Far East Asia different What's the reason Allah says, in order that you recognize one another? Imagine I look different. That's why you know me by my name, you look different. I know you by your name. If we all look the same, and we were all

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exactly the same.

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Trust me, we would have to stand like, like a production line with all serial numbers on each other. So Pamela 35, come here. 36 Go that side there. 37, please, can you get up 3638? Is food waiting for you outside? That's how we would be talking all look the same? And then what would be the the feeling of the spouse, you don't even know everyone's the same. When you get to 18 you drop out of the production line with a partner? Do con, two of you do? You know like when you got cogs in, the two cogs come together when it comes to a production line. And it's amazing how you know, the machine is then made. So the two come together and the machine is made and then it drops out of the

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production and someone just checks the day it's working. Yes, it is. Carry on. That's how we would be unless I did you a favor by making you different, your complexion is different. Some people like very dark complexion, some people like light complexion, some people like people whose eyes might look a little bit this way and that way some people like green and blue Alhamdulillah whatever it is in terms of eyes, and hair color and so on. Allah made diversity for you to enjoy your life for you to ensure I recognize you brother, your name, I know it why because I know you look different. So Allah says we made you different not because one must think I'm a better man than you know ways. We

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are all interdependent. Remember, Africa is the richest continent on Earth. Did you know that it's richer than the Middle East? Did you ever know that in terms of minerals and resources far richer, it's just that we haven't yet extracted it. And if we have sometimes there are certain politics that are involved in extraction, by certain parties that might be interested in earning it for themselves without sharing it with others, whatever it is, it's not my topic, but it's a point of interest to say, look, we are wealthy Allah kept us wealthy unless kept something with us. But guess what Allah has told us, the wealthiest of you is the one who is the most content, the happiest person got

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nothing to do with money. And the proof of that is look at the richest people in this country. They are sad, and I can take you names 1015 names coming one after the other. A lot of them cannot sleep. A lot of them are very, very, their life is depressed. They don't enjoy life with their families and children. They are sad, and sometimes the poorest of the poor, they are so delighted they're sitting there, you know with so much in terms of goodness and their children and spouses and they're so delighted yet they live in a little hut somewhere in Doha Tito love Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

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The gift of Allah. So Allah is telling you we've given you but we need you to know there's a bigger plan remove hatred from your heart remove enmity understand that I am different not because this and that and because I'm supposed to be a person who's higher in terms of, of, you know, status and so on. No, it's from Allah subhanho wa Taala I need to understand and realize I think we've got a power cut you know, we've just talked about it today there was someone who actually messaged me saying oh, we struggling with power cuts and we don't have water and we and I said in Zimbabwe we've been through that and we've been through so much that now when there's no power we carry on speaking like

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nothing has happened. Don't you agree?

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And when there's no water we just carry on because Mashallah we just continue. We've got a few little drums on a lot of people don't understand yet we are happy. How many of us are happy? Can we say Alhamdulillah Look at that. And brothers and sisters, we don't have electricity at hamdulillah we thank Allah for this. So this is the thing it's relative. You can have electricity and water but you still will have a mosquito coming to you. You know that sound, you won't sleep and you can have no electricity, no water and you are snoring so much that the people next to you need to poke you to say Hey, brother, you disturb me.

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I hope it doesn't happen between spouses May Allah Subhana Allah, Allah safeguard us and help us. So getting back to the xenophobic attacks, and that's what we started with. We need to understand we are part of one family, we are really part of one family we have the border that is made or the crossings that are made, you know, these lines that these are colonial lines, we will help one another you need me Alhamdulillah I will try my best at the day I need you I know you will try your best. Imagine if something happens. And there is a car crash in front of your eyes, what would you do be honest, you would stop and try and help minimum? You know, really, I know nowadays, they say

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when someone is drowning, everyone takes their phone interest and takes photos they forget about saving the person, but that inshallah will not be the case with us. Now Allah forgive us, May He grant us goodness, imagine if you are struggling and there's something happening and you are shaking, to try and protect your life, they will be someone Never mind a color and their nationality. And no matter what they will come and help you they will come and take you out of that muck and they will assist that is human that is the minimum human right or should I say humanitarian feeling that you have within you, no matter who you are. They could be a drunkard who's just been

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crashed, for example. And if he's if there's life in him this hope we will go we will try and help we will phone we will do something, obviously different people can do different things. I don't even know why I'm still holding this microphone when there's no electricity. But I don't want to break the flow of my talk my brothers and sisters SubhanAllah. So my brothers and sisters, it's something we need to enjoy when it comes to looking after one another speaking to one another smiling at one another. Let us never ever, you know, I may not be able to do much about how people think back in South Africa or wherever else and why this has happened and so on. But what I can do, and that's

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what I am doing right now, and that is to talk to you all and to tell you never let that creep in your heart no matter what. Dude, you might be struggling that doesn't mean I hate this guy. And I hate that guy. No, no, no, not at all. Do not allow hatred to overtake you for one another. And the prophet SAW Salem has said that quite clearly la has said well at ababwa la wakulla de la Juana, he speaks about how important it is to protect yourself from mutual hatred, to hate one another, to cheat one another to con one another. To turn away from one another. He says Be brethren in the course of Allah, you need to be brothers and sisters Subhanallah you need to be brothers and sisters

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in the cause of Allah, not just selfishness, you know, I don't like this person because of x, y and Zed No. Understand is a broader picture. We will have differences. Yes, we will have disagreements. Yes. All that is part of your test. You need to continue you need to continue to explain you need to continue to try. You need to continue to be a human being be mature. And mature person is he whom when he has big differences with you, he still calls you he still wants you to sit around the table. He still wants to meet with you with respect. He still wants to sort the matter out and the day it comes that we cannot sort this matter out we say You know what? I disagree with you. With respect.

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That's it. I don't agree with you on this point here. We this matter here or even if we say listen, brother, I don't wish to deal with you anymore. Alhamdulillah. But it's okay. You go your way I go mind that is a dignified way of splitting, very dignified. It's like when a divorce happens. The worst divorces are those where the people act worse than animals worse than animals meaning you want to engage in mudslinging after the divorce for years on end where you've never ever forgotten a this person. I was divorced from them. I go to, you know, mudslinging for the rest of my life until Kingdom Come stavroula and the children suffer. And you say no, if you go and if you go to your mom,

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that's it. You're a dead person. I don't want to see you again. Or this is what will happen to me. Why do this you need to learn from Allah subhanho wa Taala plan, you need to learn from the lives of the companions of Rasulullah Salaam. It's beautiful. It's something amazing. Even if a if a divorce does happen, let it be with respect. Listen, you go your way. Alhamdulillah let me go my way. Alhamdulillah. As for the children, nobody will agree as to what will happen but because they are our mutual kids, we have to put our pride behind our backs. And we have to say this child is mutual. Therefore whatever Allah law is regarding the children, we surrender to it, that's what it is. And

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that's how it's supposed to be. And this is where success will continue on Earth. That person might become a beautiful person as time passes, who knows. And that person might not be a beautiful person but it doesn't mean you need to harm them and attack them and hit them. This is the intolerance not only amongst the Muslims, there is evidence that it is even amongst the non Muslims, even amongst the Christians and the Jewish people and with whoever else, anyone who does not understand that plan of Allah within their heart, they will have within them qualities that really they would need help regarding May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all ease and goodness and May Allah open our doors

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inshallah we will proceed with the Salah.

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I'll try and raise my voice as loud as I can.

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So that the sisters can also hear the tech Viola and so on, but inshallah I ended this juncture I hope and pray we've learned a lesson or two of love of the fact that we are all rooted the same root we all are descendants of the Prophet Mohammed Salah, and we do not have any virtue one over the other la familia Albion Allah Jimmy la Jimena Larrabee voila the Abuja Allah sweat. taqwa the Hadith makes it very clear, there is no virtue of an Arab over a non Arab or a non Arab over an Arab or a white over a black except by taco taco, meaning if you are close to Allah, you are a bitter person in the eyes of Allah. But between you and I, we are equal. My means of entry into gender might just

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be serving the rest of humanity, no matter who they are respecting them, giving them that dignity. And this is why we say, protect yourself from racism. A lot of us have a problem. And I want you to go home today and think about it. You know what the problem is? Without knowing we're actually racist? Without knowing sometimes we think I'm not a racist, but hang on, hang on. Do you think of yourself as a person who's closed into a certain circle and these are those and these are me and this is it No way. If that is the case, there is a worth there is a smell of racism that you need to get rid of. You need to love you need to embrace you need to understand you really need to be part

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of one huge family and you need to fulfill each other's rights. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant me the understanding, and May He grant us all the understanding, May He grant me improvement, and May He grant us all improvement, or sallallahu wasallam albaraka Islander Nabina Muhammad

Jumuah Lecture from Arcadia Masjid, Harare, Zimbabwe

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