Minute with a Muslim #393 – What Makes Islam Unique – with Dr. Ashraf Elazzazi

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The speaker discusses the importance of Islam's unseen elements, including rewarding oneself for doing things that align with one's interests and being courteous to others. They emphasize the significance of Islam's encourage society to care for oneself as others.

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What makes Islam unique is that it require you, you get more reward you get better status, when you put some thoughts into it.

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Yes, there is belief in the unseen, but other tangible things, a lot of tangible things in Islam, how we did Islam focuses a lot about how we deal with one another, how we should be courteous to one another, how should we be good to one another? How should we

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put each other's interests even before our own interests? Because again, that's what makes the society strong and makes the society beautiful and, and a good place to live with other individuals. So I think this is really very essential a piece of Islam is that it really encourage us, prompt us to make sure that we care for ourselves as others as much as we care for ourselves. I think that's very unique.