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Sh. Wisam offers the first step in our Sunnah Supplements series: positive affirmations.

Your First Step Is Positive Affirmations

2017-06-06 – Ramadan 2017

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Salam aleikum on the law of Peace be upon you around you, and may it emanate from within you. So now supplements here we go with our first step. And most of you're going to be are going to be looking for us to talk about praying those 12 extra car that's just going up and down. But I want to take this step to start with a brand new concept. And that's positive affirmations do as we'll make for ourselves. So if you can make that redefinition today, an affirmation for us is going to be a duel we make for ourselves, the way we benefit from praying the 12 sadhanas. That's not going to happen until we're wishing good for ourselves and that we see this extra movement as good for our body. So

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let's start today for positive affirmations coming under our first component of Sona supplements, if you could take two or three deep breaths, whatever it takes to get you in a mindful state, in a state of awareness.

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finding yourself centered, wishing and understanding that you're deserving of this prayer with a single breath.

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I'd like you to repeat after me knowing that this law this affirmation means something for you deep breath again.

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May I feel safe? May I feel secure? Repeat this aloud. Do the exercise with me deep breath.

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May I feel safe? May I feel secure? May I feel a sense of peace and tranquility.

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On your third breath, isolate and pray May I feel complete health?

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And with a single breath, I'd love you to say And may I live with ease. May I have peace? tranquility. May I have safety, security. May I have health, complete health and may I have ease of life. That's the place to start. This is going to bring 12 Records sooner into our life. I do appreciate it. This is our first step. So now if you're not praying this and as if you're not going through this daily ritual, we're going to stick this fork this flag in the ground and this is going to be the way we practice until we get up to that place of momentum. So for right now, for our affirmations I'd like you to use for yourself and going forward check out the links below for

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positive affirmations do as you're making for yourself in the month of Ramadan. I'll see you all soon well said Ahmad ecomark de la