Do I Say Alhamdulillah When I Sneeze In Salah

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So do I sell handle if I sneeze in Salah or do I just ignore it

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if it's a foreign seller then you ignore it because you need to keep on the statement of salah and shallow data without anything from outside the salon. And then this case that's not a necessity in itself and the evidence for this as hadith of Sahaba then the man with the two long hands when

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he was in Salah, and he didn't know that Salah right now should be quiet that no longer you cannot speak anymore than Salah. So a man sneezed and he said your hammock Allah now the report doesn't say the man said of hamdulillah but this Didn't he say our hammock Allah and the Sahaba de la animonda heard them speaking of Salah they kind of like somehow made some movements or whatever to alert him and he didn't know what's going on. So he spoke even more like what's wrong with you. And they start clapping on their hands and their thighs as if they're trying to keep him quiet. So he kind of got intimidated or kept quiet. So when he finished the Salah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam looked at

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him and he told him it says in hydrosol Ls la shoman caymanas Salah From now on you cannot speak like regular speech you know, like everybody else, it's supposed to be only for the spiritual

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and the globalized origin. So, you make the current limit this velocity panel data, so therefore, we need to keep that intact but in the NFL Salah obviously the professor's alum integer used to when we used to recite the Quran as he passes by an eye that has mercy ask for mercy. And if he was go by and I have AWS collar protection from the punishment and so forth. So the vicar is part of it as well. So if someone says I want to say 100 Allah and that should be that should be okay. Some of them just have to mention that some of them are considered is actually a statement outside from the statement of salasar and validate the Center for some Allah but Allah it's actually here and it's

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part of the ticket and it should be fine in the later barakaatuh if someone says that hamdulillah and Salah should we reply and say your hammock Allah The answer is no. In this case becomes a person communication with an individual in salah and that should be avoided while you're making your event.