Marriage – Deen Vs Culture Part 2

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam gives a talk on the importance of Marriage in Islam and the cultural influence that need to be squashed.

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If someone was a Muslim just because he was born in a Muslim family,

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But now, after being a Muslim, because his parents were Muslims, he needs to ask himself

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if he is in a situation where if somebody wants to tell you that look, if tomorrow your parents, your father,

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your parents, your father, your mother, your brothers, your sisters, your siblings, your relatives, your cousins, your people in your community, people in your locality, the norm of the mosque, everybody left Islam imagine picture that or the other will never save everybody. Allah forbid but if that was to take place, if you think to yourself and ponder and reflect for a moment, that if you think that if everybody around me left Islam, I would also leave Islam. That means right now your Eman is not complete.

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But if you look to yourself and you think within yourself you ponder and you reflect as I become Muslim just because you know I was born in Bangladesh your family for example, but right now my email is so strong that tomorrow the whole world can leave Islam even though gel can come Yeah, but I was still not leave the part of Islam. If that's your case, right now then that means that right now your human is complete every one of us we need to ask ourselves that question. And I actually feel very strong about this topic because many of us are cultural Muslims is not Islam is not about culture. Some some Muslim they know nothing about Islam, you know, they just do certain rituals

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Islam for them it's like if you take the Indian you know the Gujarati community some of them for them Islam is yeah you know you grow up you see people okay wearing a hat is Islam a bit of beard You know, when when Ramadan comes over a star tarawih Majid fudger you know a few things here and there and few foods you you associate certain types of food dark charcoal with you know, Islam, it that's culture, and that comes like Bangladesh and fish as part of Islam, you know, in general, you will get Islam you will get fish, you know, they will tell you, you know, in general you will get fish. Right. Now, what happens is that you have certain things that take place around you, marriages

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nikka is an actually an act of a birder. But for us, every culture for them the way they do their marriage, that's Islam.

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Okay, we know in our family, my brother got married, my uncle got married, oh, they go to the mercy though they do this or they go to the hole, and this is done or that's done. And it's part of you, it's just part of your culture.

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Whereas, what is the car had marriage in Islam? We don't know.

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What what are we saying when we go in front of the mom, you know, the mom says the Hot Rod, the hot metal hug. It's called the hot metal hug. The son of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When he conducted marriages, he read and recited three verses from the Quran. I tell you 80% of the people don't have a clue what the mom is talking about in Arabic, unless you're an Arab.

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What Why? Why is he reading those three verses? If you're a Muslim, you should know is if you if marriage for you is Islamic, then you should know what that is about. You should know the rules. basic fact. There are rules. I mean, you know, you need a whole course on marriage. This I'm selling my CDs look called marriage CDs I have I did a whole course like 654 or five years ago, 19 CDs from A to Zed of marriage

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that you learn about and I'm gonna have another coming one as well, which is a, you know,

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just a bridge to one at the brown Community College in March in April. But now we need to learn about these issues. His marriage is not cultural. It's not a normal, mundane, worldly activity.

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It's Islamic. This is what we need to realize. And that's what Allah says to us that we need to be full time Muslims. We need to submit to the will of Allah we need to submit to the command of Allah. Yeah, you have Latina Manu, who the Hulu facil Mika Fatah, Allah says enter into Islam totally fully be full time Muslims do not be you know, partial Muslims or half time Muslims or you know, quarter term Muslims. Like I said, you know the day in a talk that you know what happens if a team comes for 45 minutes and then you imagine Chelsea don't come for the next second half. Instead of for to be a to the lose. You can't come as a halftime Muslims you can't be part time Muslims, we have to be full

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time Muslims. And this is saying to us well, the whole facility carpha enter into Islam fully, totally, completely, wholeheartedly. Islam should be in our lives. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. Islam should be in our life. From the moment we are born till the moment we die, and not just until we die even now.

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to death, that our inheritance laws of the death, burial laws after death.

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Islam is not just in the masjid. It's not just on Fridays like many. It's so saddening, seriously. For some people, Islam is July to June.

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You know, for the six, seven days of the week, they have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.

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And these are the this is what the man is talking about. There are Muslims by name.

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They just happen to be born in a Muslim family. And according to some scholars, I mean, I don't want to be too harsh here. These people actually not Muslims. occoneechee mom had been humbled. One of the great emails from the four schools and many other imams. You miss one prayer intentionally. You're a Catholic man taraka salata, Mohammed alphacard cover, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and this is a viewpoint which was of the view of humanity and humble, even hazama bahariya and some other Imams and some of our brothers who don't follow a method they take that opinion as well. may seem very harsh, but it's a one valid opinion of of the four schools of

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taraka salata, Mohammed and Zakat cover the one who misses one prayer, intentionally deliberately he is a

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words of the messengers of abohar insulin, yes Imam Abu hanifa Imam Shafi my medic and 95% of the Muslim Omar do not agree with that but I tell you what what all of them agree upon without that's without a shadow of duck they don't agree that okay, you miss one Salah you have your coffee and your you know, your marriage is broken, etc, etc. They don't agree with that, but

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what all the Muslims of the Muslim Ummah agree upon?

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Is that this heavy means that who if someone misses once or deliberately he won't be a golfer, but if somebody continuously, systematically, yeah, just the the words that you still prefer often What is the halonen? What the when, systematically, continuously, regularly, days on end, taking the matter likely, doesn't really care about praying doesn't even think about

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that person without a doubt is?

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Seriously even a con to the hanafis and usher phase.

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You see you have two types of losers, for example, is a brother who is he plays football one day he doesn't play the next day he prays to one day then he for three, four days is not praying then he's practicing, not practicing. still strong. But he still is a Muslim. You know, he feels bad. He feels guilty this quarter. He missed the three four days. And then he became he came to talk became practicing in and then again, he's like, you know, in and out.

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And he is concerned he cares about his prayer and he cares about Islam. He feels guilty. He thinks I will do

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that person without doubt is a Muslim. Okay, according to the vast majority of the oma even if he's missing one prayer deliberately. But there are others who do not care whatsoever. Some of them from eight to eight.

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There's no intention of cada there is no they just take the metal you know completely lightly, they just don't care. That's what you call a cultural Muslim by name. And this person according to as I said, all these imams is not a Muslim. Once a brother came to me, he said oh I have so many friends will say to me that you know what they do is that they say their own religion or what they do is that just make sure that after everything was pretty one Juma because you might become a government.

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Seriously this running last day he came to me, he said a lot of the brothers were too busy with work and factory and making money and whatever. For them This life is everything next life doesn't really matter. So you said you know what they do they miss to Juma is to make sure just make sure don't miss three on the trot consecutively. They make sure after every two they pray the third to be a remainer Muslim.

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This week called a kosher Muslim you know people just happen to be born in Muslim family. And then we ask and we think why isn't a lot happened the Muslims is so many percentage of Muslim in the world. From all the people by name Muslims, how do we know there might be only 10% really Muslims? One was best. Like one chef I heard his talk he said many Muslims by name. Those who are who who are recorded as Muslims by name of zaidan ameron, Abdullah Al Baqarah, Mohammed and Isa etc etc.

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According to email Mohammed's opinion, I don't know how many would be a governor

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who are not who are continuously not offering the salon prayer