Should I Recite Surah Fatiha When Praying Behind The Imam

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The speaker discusses the use of the word "med strict" behind the scenes of the act of reciting the Bible. They suggest that people should not read the Bible while reciting it, as it would mean they don't want to be reading it. The speaker also recommends people should not read the Bible while reciting it, as it would mean they don't want to be reading it.

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When praying behind the Imam should one recite certain Fatiha to themselves. And how's this done?

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Meaning In fact, behind the Imam is one of these issues that there is a huge big debate between the scholars many of the Kahala him on the lot on set if you frame behind the man, you don't read Al Fatiha when the Imam reading out loud which is so solid federal mogul and Asia. So since the Imam is reading, you listen to the Imam and even Malik Rahim Allah and manifest followers of the London Mubarak era in Hamburg and many of his companions and students happened on our way many of the modern scholars took that kind of moderate position. And they said because the last one that I said when the Quran is recited so listen to it with a puri Al Quran first me ruler who will answer to and

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many of the setup interpreted this verse answer to listen to the Quran when it is recited in the Salah. Also in Nabi sallallahu Sallam said in Nigerian and emammal you can maybe for either Kabbalah kabiru or either para answer to an Imam is someone that you should follow so whenever he recite or you should listen and the editor Mr. Rahim allow to add some other scholars like some of the Hanafi said you don't read at all behind the Imam even in low NASA his dissertation is sufficient for you. You don't need to read Al Fatiha. Why because it'd be so solemn said Whoever has Imam so that a citation of the Imam is sufficient for that person.

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Some other scholars said no you must read the Fatiha regardless if it's a prayer in all five daily prayers and that's the shaffir as an arbiter or a human law tada and I do believe that this is the strongest opinion because rather than some of the Align Buhari Muslim law Salatin MLM Jacobi factor keytab there is no Salah for those who do not recite Al Fatiha and this is a very strong explosive ad and more than that in selling a B that would mean Hadith nebby salam Salam Sallam that he was praying federa then he said Sol Sol and are you reading with me? They said yes, he said don't accept omokoroa except with the Fatiha because there is no Salah if he didn't read the fattier. So that's a

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very explicit in the issue. So in this case, if you pray behind the man, if he is the horse or a sorry just read it and read whatever you want after that, if it is

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not Europe or Asia or fudger if the man stopped after Fatiha and give you a time to read it, read it in that period of time with the Imam remain silent. What is the Imam don't you read the alpha and straight start with the other store? In this case? I'd prefer that you pray you read it while the Imam reading fattier. So he said hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah banana mean very in your in your in your you move your tongue when you hear yourself but other people will not hear you.

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Or you can read it even while he's reading the other surah but I prefer the first one better because then they'd be So Sam said do you read with me? They said yes he said don't read with anything except that fattier. So that means they used to read in fact, the Howard the Prophet, and they read the other side of the prophets, Allah Allah so he said don't read with me while I'm reading. So that abrogate or prevent them from reading other surah but he approved reading certain facts of how the M sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So that will be the best

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opinion in my opinion, and a recommendation that I recommend for you to do well out of muscle loss in the mountains.