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What are some of the sunnahs of Eid? What did the Prophet (PBUH) do during his time? What are some actions?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers.


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The transcript discusses the actions of the shots in the video, including making a wholesale in the morning, wearing best clothes, and praying in a Masala memory. It also touches on the importance of not being too busy and not taking small small steps, and emphasizes the need for people to be careful when entering a secure area. The transcript ends with a reminder of the importance of healthy behavior and not taking small small steps.

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What are the sunon are the sooner actions over eight

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Okay, so we can break this down into a few The first of them is to make a wholesale in the morning and that is after federal time or forfeiture as well. Before you actually leave for the prayer This is by consensus of the scholars are recommended action not obligatory, but something great. The second is to wear your very best clothes, your best clothes, best smells, best smiles, the purpose of license even used to have clothes that he only used to wear on, on eighth and we all know about how excited we're going to get with that. The third is to actually because it's a reflector, it is a signal to actually eat something to show very clearly that you're not fasting because we're gonna be

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fasting straight off the now with the six days of show well, but today's a day of happiness, it's done, we're going to celebrate and we're going to show that we're not fasting so he would break his he would, before he leaves for the prayer, he would eat some dates an odd number as well that's a established a sooner, the next as soon as probably the greatest of them and that is to make a career and to glorify Allah subhanaw taala and show that gratitude is a loss of parents artists. Well, it took me a while to calculate Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Quran so that you complete the period, and that you then glorify Allah subhanho wa Taala, so that you may indeed be grateful. And this used to

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be one of the great Sooners of the companions, and they used to be doing it in my phrase loud and proud. So wherever they would go, you would hear them of the lemon aroma of the luxurious food from the companions, they say. So go through the markets, you'll hear them saying it loud, and now I'm very happy to do so strong of their strong and proud in their identity, happy that Allah Subhana Allah has blessed them with this acceptance of their great month of effort to Alice pounds out of Ramadan. And here's something interesting actually, the sealer or the form of the temperature has not been authentically established from the promise of Life Center. But we have rewired from the

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narrations from the companions. And the most famous and the most authentic is that of of the live in Miss Ruth Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illAllah Allahu Akbar, Allah or Escobar while in his hand, and we have another generation as well as to increase the tech up to three, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La Ilaha in law, one law or eqtl law or about one in law Hill Hamed so these are the most famous ones and you can add to these it the maximum is flexible, there is nothing specific but it's more about that attitude that love and it starts from the night of the aid so previous night when Ramadan finishes you've got a matter of time and it's been confirmed the moon

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has seen or 30 days have been completed or you receive news of a global sighting. If you follow global sighting, then it starts then the tech continues and it goes all the way at all time in the night in the morning was after you've come out and the clothes on and the families getting together and especially then on the way to the masjid itself and then it stops when the Imam comes out into the masala memory it's not a Masjid any the traditional way to pray. And that's another sooner okay of the eat is to pray in a in a in an external area in a more solid not in a Masjid but because of most people are especially in the UK because of the weather we tend to find ourselves praying into

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massages but those in other more dry climates can pray outside like the sooner another sooner would be the as noted in Buhari the driver's license would go one way and return another and that is worth making tech videos all the time to spread it maximum spread maximum exposure and also a very important point and that is for the earth to witness the slaves of Allah and glorifying him because we know that the animal objects are also monitoring us all the time they are in their own state of Vicodin they monitor us as well and they'll be witnesses for us so you should not only treat Jani you know stones and trees and pavements and sidewalks and in a very literal way. You know me in a

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meaningless way. They're going to be on your side if you are doing good things. Okay, you're being good. They're gonna support you. So making beer all the time. Another student that is congratulations and congratulating the people. And as soon as I mean, just the concept, not the form because again, we don't have anything from the province of license. I mean, how he would congratulate in what there is no evidence for hugging people, certainly not three times What's all that about? Oh my god, mission man's got queues waiting to hug him and my guy had given me a full big one to throw off. And you know how, you know what, you don't even need an Islamic proof. You

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know, when you're in the middle of that 300 you're thinking man, this is so unnecessary. Everyone is thinking the same? Yeah, you're all thinking you don't me when I grab someone I hold them on for that little bit longer. This is my little trick. Just hold on to that first time a little bit longer. And they get the message that I'm only interested in one sick move that take my advice, but it was not what I'm saying is how I'm saying there's no evidence from the student to do that. But it's about spreading Yanni that congrats and that that joy, and if you take heed mawatha any phrase is acceptable. It has been narrated from the companions that you can save up a lot of money and

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consolidate. That's something which is acceptable. they'll accept it for me and you.

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Our good deeds will kill you. I would run to be fair and made this year any happy moment.

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returned back every year and may be happy for you as well this time. So these are phrases that have been narrated. The first one is the most authentic, but I have to say that as you say he never used to initiate it. But if people say it to you, then you can respond. It's about being nice and so on. And the final thing that I will say that will be a sooner is to remember that is Hades, that it's the day of joy and you need to spread that joy so your family make it easy and fun for them. Make your kids Jani, you know enjoy that day. But more importantly than that, think about that people are going under the radar, you see you were obligated to pay a specific Formosa cat just for this day so

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that the poor people are also part of the joy. But there are some people that are rich, but they're not part of the joy. So the immigrants, foreign students converts. These are circles of people that are not part and parcel or don't feel part and parcel of the greater community that have lived there for ages. So you got to really be aware of these people. You've got to make sure you work hard in the community or in the massage to actually establish any eat gatherings and eat parties are in your own homes. Make sure they don't get forgotten in this great day. ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for all the things that we've done wrong and to accept all of our bad days in the month of

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Ramadan. ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept all of the actions of altcar and pm and cm and to allow it to occur and I asked lots of commentary to make the either blessing one one of safety and peace and happiness and acceptance across the world and, and and through all of this difficulties that it's going through. ask Allah subhanaw taala Taco Bell of La homina woman come Solihull Anna. We're in college and others continents best Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh