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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of the hadith and the meaning of the head of Islam's rule. They explain that the head of Islam's rule is not to seek forgiveness and that everyone should not wait until a certain time to seek forgiveness. The speaker also discusses the importance of seeking forgiveness and not waiting for a certain time to avoid future problems.
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turnover canopy and I'm humbled and why the idea was to sell them this lemon cathedra a MOBA. How much time do you have to repent?

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On an individual level personally? How much time do I have? How much time do you have to repent from whatever mistakes sins that you've committed in our lives? That's the summary of this hadith, a very short Hadith in which the Prophet saw a set of eyes number 18, actually, and the other side of hand

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you could ever tell by the book on repentance, one Abdurrahman Abdullah, even hon Katara de la anima. And an abuse of Allah Salam, and no God.

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In Allah Azza wa Jalla. Chak bellotto Batalla de la Mujer. The Prophet saw some says in this hadith, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Almighty will accept as slaves repentance, as long as the latter is not on his deathbed.

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Well, I mean, the translation actually is kind of like explaining it. But the vet tech says MALAMI over over which means as long as he doesn't start gargling basically which means the sound of

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the soul coming out, it just like when you when you put water in your mouth, and this is it. I would sounds when you try to clean your mouth. So this is really the Mattamy letter which is basically the sound on the soul departs from from the body. So what does it mean? What's the meaning of this hadith? Allah Subhana Allah Jakob bellotto, but at the door for Toba are open the wide open for anybody

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as long as you're still alive and conscious.

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As long as you sit alive unconscious. Once that consciousness is gone on the deathbed in that moment when the soul is departing, it's over. What does that mean is

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that Allah's mercy subhanho wa Taala is so great, encompasses everything, like it's open for you until the last breath.

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This is how much Allah Subhana Allah how much time he has given you to repent

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until the last breath so no one no one has any excuse really not to get any their sins forgiven and repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah Subhan says in Surah Nisa, inamoto Walesa Tabata, Lavinia I'm not gonna say that had died Tjahaja homo to call it in YouTube to learn, well, are they able to what Alladhina Moton kuffaar Allah says in this ayah, that Tober Allah subhanaw is not going to accept the Toba from those who extravagant in sin and their lives, until death comes to them. They will say, I repent. Now I repent.

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Allah says that this desktop was not going to count for them. Well, Adina Mataranka, far not those who die instead of Cofer. That's not going to be accepted from them. So this head is even though it's very short, but opens the door of mercy. So that every moment in your life, every hour, every breath could be the one that you need for your sins to be forgiven. What does that mean continuously you need to keep saying stop for Allah, or to bully or stop for Allah to what a genuinely from the heart as you make your difference rather than the night always say these words are stopped for Allah Allah didn't want to believe I stopped for Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah I seek your forgiveness and are open to isql forgiveness are open to you. I don't know which one of those statements will be the one that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will accept from you.

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But increase your chances for this to be accepted by repeatedly saying it day or night there may Allah subhana wa Taala forgive us our sins and accept our Tober Bananaman wala Jota Anna Anna and a question

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Java, of course, the question is about if someone has a near death experience like an accident, for example that makes them revive and realize you know, their things and their life so they repent Allah Subhan would that be considered, you know, repentance of the repent Allah in that moment? Absolutely. Like the door of repentance and open in every minute of your day in your mind. Until that moment of death comes in. If that moment comes, you're too late for that. Call us. So you shouldn't be waiting to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa taala. I mean, don't say to yourself, Well, I'm still young. So honestly, I don't know I should embarrass myself with Allah. So

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let me just do more. An elephant later. What is later? Who guarantees or later to alarm? Stan, we don't know. So therefore, it's always important in any moment of your life that you seek Allah's forgiveness and repent ALLAH SubhanA wa na

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Somebody may Allah subhana protecting your family on blimey diagnosed with advanced case of cancer. doctor tells them how you have six months left or six weeks left for example. Can they start repenting right now in that moment, of course the doors still open with Allah except the Toba from them, Allahu Allah, that's between them and Allah subhanho wa Taala we don't know how sincere they're going to be on that moment, obviously, but as to Allah, as Patrick said, from them, you know that around try that right

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around when I was drowning in a visa sell them Gibreel told him he said, I wish you were there when you saw me stuffing, you know, mud in his mouth and crowns mouth when he was trying to repent to Allah subhanaw taala like, even God didn't want him to go toe to do Tober He doesn't deserve it basically. And Allah Subhana Allah says right now this is the time to start repenting, like it's too late for that. So how far is too late Allah Allah but as long as you still have the energy and the consciousness to repent to Allah, we should not wait for a moment like that because no one is guaranteed to have those moments to say hey, you have six months left so start fixing your life

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no one has a guarantee momstown

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The answer becomes into you when those conscious what does that mean exactly? I mean

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if a person start seeing the unseen he's out of this world we can't even communicate with them anymore call us so therefore it's over for them. So whether it's been unconscious or get to that moment Allahu Allah

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Subhana Allah Allah Muhammad a shadow Allah and stuff Luca were to be like, Salam Welcome to Local

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