What Proof Is There For A Life After Death

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What is the proof for life after death? What proof does Qur’an provide about this ? Isn’t tawheed, risalah and death – the fundamental pillars of our religion? What are the analogies provided for this ?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives convincing answers.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Quran's main pillars, including the concept of life after death and the use of moral evidence. They also mention the use of the symbol "any after" in the title of the book, which is a sign of hope and satisfaction for those who believe in an afterlife. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the Bible's core values and the need for a judgement day to reward passengers for their good behavior.
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What is the proof that there's life after death?

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One of the main themes of the Quran quite literally on every single page of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the concept of life after that. It is one of the fundamental pillars of our religion. It is one of the main things that our Prophet sallallahu I said, I'm taught to the origin, because the origin did not believe that there's life after that. And Allah proved this point in so many different ways. Through rational proofs, Allah said, look at the dead earth I recreated look at the dead plants, life comes out of them. Look at the powerful creation, look at your life. Surely the one who created you can recreate you all over again. also have the evidences that Allah

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subhanho wa Taala users our ethical or moral evidence, Allah says in the Quran, that do you think we're going to make the pious and the Empire's or the wicked and the righteous equal in this world? Sometimes criminals mass murderers get away. In this world, sometimes the most evil of the evil seem to live good lives, and they torture innocent people, they kill innocent people. If there was no afterlife, no heaven in Hell, no judgment, life would really be unfair and there would be no recourse to justice. But Allah says he is the just Allah says he is the infinitely just, and therefore there must be a judgement day where people will be rewarded for their good and yes

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punished for their evil. And the Quran, as we said, is full of so many verses about the hereafter. But in the end, there will be a leap of faith. It's not a scientific, I can't give you an equation that proves that there's going to be an afterlife. But Allah uses enough and ologies and Allah mentioned in too many ways. And in the end, this is a part of elemental hype, or the knowledge of the unseen, that we're going to have to believe in Allah subhana wa Tada. And also, by the way, if there were no life after this life, then honestly life would not be worth living. What is the purpose of life and the pain and suffering and misery Of what use is our very existence. The fact

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that there's a life after this life gives us hope makes this life worth living. And of course, it fits in perfectly with each and every way that the Quran attempts to prove and it is, as we said, one of the fundamental pillars of our religion tauheed risala, an accurate belief in Allah belief in the prophets and belief in an afterlife.