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The history and significance of the Islam calendar, including the creation of the oma and the first year of the calendar, are discussed. The "monster" or "monster" term is used to describe individuals or groups who cause harm or harm to others, and the "monster" or "monster" term is used to describe a person or group of people who cause harm or harm to others. The importance of protecting people and their culture is emphasized, and the use of language and propaganda is discussed as a tool for responding to the "we" movement.

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Ability Machito Najim smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Shafi mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was a huge amount in our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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are y'all doing

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Alhamdulillah good to see everyone coming on, on a week night at hamdulillah. And, as you know, brother mentioned,

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you know, happy or Blissett, new year, year 1440, while hamdulillah malas, published as in this year, and with the turn of every year, we are reminded when it started

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this oma when it began, it didn't seem like it would survive a small group of people from Makkah running for the life coming to an unknown city of Medina. And together they made the hegira. And this began our our calendar, this is when we began as a state. And for the last 1440 years, this room has survived and has gone through ups and downs. And, you know, empires have come and gone, but the Zuma has remained, and we here at the tip of Africa, we are an extension of that hegira We are an extension of that nation that was established in Medina 1440 years ago, and this haba Rasulullah saw Salah himself maybe could not have imagined to think that Islam would survive for so long and

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come to this land. So Alhamdulillah every new year is a reminder of the strength and the resilience of the oma just something to to mention about the calendar. Initially, there was no calendar in Islam. So we didn't have a calendar. And this only came about what 10 years after the death of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say normal delicata Sahaba together and they discussed you know, how should we make this calendar? Because when he gave a command that bull the masjid or do something they didn't know which year he was talking about. So they decided, let's have an Islamic calendar. And the first question was, when will the first year be? When will your number one be? We don't want

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to be like the Masada and take the birth of the Prophet Salaam as the beginning of our Canada What are we different? So they said let's make the hegira as we became a distinct people, we became a nation on itself unto itself. And anyone that says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah says Allah is part of that nation, we are citizen of that oma, so the hegira became the first year then they decided, what month should be the first month of the year when should it start because even though the months were in order, they didn't have a beginning or end of the year. So amongst my sure amongst consultation, the Sahaba agree that this month of Muharram should be month number one Why?

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Because this is one of the things to think about. After the month of Hajj, when the hajjaj have completed the Hajj, what happens with like a newborn baby, the year starts brand new, that is a chance to start on a clean slate whatever happened last year, whatever problems Alhamdulillah when the sun rises, it's a new day, we can begin all over again from scratch. That's the one of the reasons why, why they chose Muharram as month number one, and this month is not only sacred because of that, but in fact this month is sacred by the Quran. This month is holy by the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says in the Shahada in the light is now Shakira, vikita Bella yo masala Casa Mata will

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mean how are albertan home? So Allah Subhana Allah says that when he created the heavens and the earth, right at the beginning, before they were even people, Jean and angels, Allah decreed when you may time that time will be split into 12 months. That's one of the miracles that you if you go to the west to the east, you find that even other calendars the Chinese calendar, the Zodiac calendar, the Gregorian calendar, the ancient South American calendars are all 12 months where did this come from? It was something from a laws pre ordained and from the beginning of time, Allah says in the Quran, that he decreed that there will be 12 months in the fall of those 12 months or homeroom or

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sacred. What are those four sacred months? We mentioned them? What are the four sacred months of the year

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they'll gather

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the hijab, not Ramadan. Usually we add Ramadan to it. So it's the Hadith of the Prophet Solomon says, three of them are together the character, the 11th month, the total hedger the 12th, month and Muharram. This month, the first month. And Raja why, what do we mean by sacred? Allah says it's sacred. It means that fighting in those months are Haram. Now, what would happen in the past,

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the tribes would have toughs like your gangs, and if one each tribe was like a gang, and if you stepped into another tribes area, they killed you. So you lived in this. in Arabia, there was constant fighting and warfare. So they said, Look, when the time of Hajj arises, the pilgrims, they want to travel from one side of Arabia to the other side. We should stop fighting. So they chose the

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Three months of hedge the month of hedges in Asia, they say the month before the character and the month of Muharram. There'll be no fighting. So they decided those three months no fighting was the judger moving. And the month of Rajab was the month of Ramadan, people would travel for no fighting in that month, and a lot confirmed and he said this remains in the Sharia. Even though something began by the Arabs, he maintained his her arm to fight to kill, and therefore by extension, even to harm someone's anana dignity, it's wrong outside of these months, it's even more so severe in these four sacred months. And also what makes this month sacred and holy. The prophets of Salaam says, the

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best fasting that you can do besides Ramadan, the fasting that will give you the most reward is to force in the month of Muharram, the month of Allah, Allah, the prophet described this month as the month of Allah. So it is one of the four sacred months, it's named moharram, actually from haraam, meaning sacred, that everything now is even more sanctified. But if you that to harm someone is bad, but to do it in this month is even worse. And if you want to do good deeds, the best deed you can do is to fast the best thing you can do in this month is to fast.

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The reward you get for fasting sooner fasting in this month is more than any other time of the year. And of course, the holiest day of this month is the 10th Ashura, which is Thursday, Thursday, the prophets of Salaam when it came to Medina, he found a hidden kita the Jews they were fasting, and he came to know that they fasted because this was commemoration of NaVi Moosa defeating around and that Nabi Musa himself would force on Ashura. So, he said that Nabi Musa is closer to us than he belongs to us, we own this holiday, we own it, and therefore we will fast and to be different will fast the day before or the day after. So and the reward for that reward is one year of sins are forgiven. So

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from last Muharram to this Muharram all the sins are forgiven, if you fast on Thursday, inshallah, and we try to fast either tomorrow or tomorrow and Thursday, or Thursday and Friday. Now, not to be controversial. I must mention that when we talk about haram or Shura, immediately we jump into the Sunni Shia issue, right? People immediately get into that, why because I sure many things happened on assura. Many events happen Karbala, one of them, but the most important thing that occurred on assura is the defeat of your own the defeat of your own and you find practices happening during Ashura, the best thing you can do is to fast you will find people beating themselves you'll find

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people making little boxes in the shape of Karbala and carrying it around from the sooner the best we can do is to fast this is the best thing you can do that to commemorate this month is to fast. And to remind ourselves that this month and assura is about mostly most importantly about the defeat of Musa by by surrounded by the defeat of Musa things around on this holy day. So let's talk about this story of Musa interferon. This is the story that is most repeated in the Quran. From the beginning to the end, choose number one, just number 30. You find musar is being repeated. Why? Why are you Why does Allah repeat the story over and over? Why is the story something that we should

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listen to and hear all the time? Because it's the lessons are the most relevant, and the lessons will apply in all in our life. And we find that the story of Moses and Pharaoh is obviously the story between Huck and Bothell truth and falsehood, justice against operation. And operation is always something that will occur in every generation, there will be some form of oppression. And we are in South Africa. We know this video well, we went through perhaps the most oppressive regime in the world, and hamdulillah we came through it, but as one dies, a new one arises. And as one generation struggles through oppression, the next generation will have to take over with new sets of

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challenges. This is the this is the the SU novela. This is what makes life why we need we need heroes, we need people to stand up. So let's remind ourselves about the student I'm sure we all learn the story from our grandmothers growing up in nanny's lap. We learned about the story of NaVi Moosa and Freetown. But we let's apply it I want to take the story that we know and apply to today. And see the story plays itself out.

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And when we go into the story of Musa and fit our own, I begin with the villain, the villain of the story around let's look at the psychology of a tyrants. The thinking of a Titans the way he operates, and you'll find that there are many films in this world still, maybe not on that degree, but but some elements of it. It might be even in ourselves, when we hear the story we should ask, am I the most out of the story? Am I the heroine of the story? Am I the fit of the story? We should reflect on ourselves. So Allah says in Surah cosas interferon Allah filled out that fear on exalted himself above everyone else on Earth.

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Basically stood up and looked down on everyone else. He believed that his money, his power, his position, his titles, made him superior to everyone else. But just because of the wealth that Allah had given him, that he felt that he was better than everyone else, which Allah, Allah has she and that he made the people into six into groups into factions, he divided them divide and conquer. And he oppressed a sick and in western a football at a minimum, and he took the weakest of them, the bunnies are the children of the group, he oppressed them the most. So what he did was, if you look at the pyramids, the system of Iran, it is the masses on the ground. And those on top stand on them

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is an elite on top like gods and the rest of priest and put down the bottom are the worst, and the most oppressed, they be the biggest burden, even though they're the most. And you slowly have middle management, senior management, and then you have those right on top, the rounds. Now the method of fear around divide and conquer, it's not something that we unfamiliar with. So it's something that happened 5000 you will see it happen in our time, it will happen. And it's happening today. That fear on one of these methodologies. One of his methodologies was to split people into groups and seeks to divide them along racial lines, along economic lines, the rich and the poor, white and

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black. So Nishi, they will divide for the purpose not because they want to create, you know, guidance, but they want us to fight one another, so that they monopolize. They believe in nothing except power and wealth. And we learn from this. Allah's telling us that division will always lead to weakness, division will cause us to be exploited, to be used to be harmed.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says this group of people, they were so oppressed, that you that before Urbana home, we are studying Isa home, they were so weak, and they were so abused, that their own even killed their sons when he felt like it. And he kept the women alive and when keeping women alive for what to use as he pleased.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the psychology of this man, that his whole kingdom was built on a lie, one lie.

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If you repeat this lie over and over and people believe it, then it becomes the status quo.

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The surrounds told the people that are in the pharaohs, they told the people that we were the descendants of, of the Sun God and through us nature is controlled the Nile runs and the kingdom prospers through us. And you need to be completely obedient to associate ounces when other phenomena coffee call me. They don't say to his people, or I call me say to his people, at least Sally la Sally malcolmus Ron Misra has a narrow heritage remit it is not the kingdom of Egypt mine and mine alone doesn't always belong to me the kingdom and the rivers and the Nile does not flow underneath my feet. That because of me, I am superior. I am a bitter claws. I am on top and you need me

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for that to be seen do not see the Hashanah, Fernanda cada, hon Allah, He gathered his people and he said to them, I am your Lord Most High. I am God. Even the most worst villains in the Quran. This is the worst. You not only made himself superior, he forced these people to believe that he was God. And as time went on, they believed it. They believed he was a god. They thought that whatever fit on say must be right, because he's a god. Now we come in I want us to apply this we lived in a system, we a group of people segregated us according to color. And they said based on the color of your skin, one is superior to the other. And they said it long enough to the point where people believed

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it. And that gave one group power over the other same system of your own applies for stuff como abajo that he fooled lsvt for these people, and they believed him, and they followed. Even the oppressed believed him. Even those were complicit believe them. So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that he wanted he wanted to send a hero he went to the scene someone to uplift these oppressed people in the earth and he wanted their own and Harmon Why did you why Judah Houma Harmon is fear owns right 10 men. So Allah mentions the sidekick that we own and Harmon and the armies he wanted to show the map can you have a rune very important, he wanted to make to come to pause that which they

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feared. So the oppressor, the Titan, the psychology of the tyrant, he's always in a state of fear behind his palace behind his army, he doesn't sleep peacefully at night, because that which was taken unjustly, you will always know there will be a time to really count to repay events. So Allah says the operations around in reality behind everything else. There was a deep sense of fear paranoia, we look at the dictators of the world. Why must you

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You know, control a country for up until 1995? Why don't you mean spinal when we 65 we retire. We don't we don't want to work anymore, but they maintain power. Why? Because the minute they let go of power, then they know that, as I say, the chickens are going to come home to roost, all your sins will be repaid on to you. When you look at the psychology of a tyrant, and again we say I say this because we need to ask ourselves Am I the throne because you find Titans at work, could be your boss, could be your employees could be a father who brutalizes his wife, his kids, could be a government of course that oppresses its people. Could be the swan Allah, we see the oppression in

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our land, we we worry when we take our kids to school, or someone snatched him while they come home safely. When we see gangs, terrorize our youth, poisoning our people. This is part of that fear own mentality in our society. And the mentality of your own is that he never has enough No matter how much he has one of the Allah curses. Allah curses the corrupt and oppressive that the more they have the least secure and the less chewy they feel. You know, we look at the corruption you know, the state capture following the news. It baffles your mind that people still so much money. Why must you steal billions? You know, even if you're 10 million your pockets is enough for the rest of your

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life. Why billions upon when is it enough? Never enough? Because Allah curses you with that kind of sickness, the more I steal, the more I eat, the more I drink, I never get satisfied. This is part of the oppression that all this is part of the curse upon the oppressor, the oppressor you find that he's surrounded by Yes Men.

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But none of them love him. They only obey Him because they must even his wife Asya in the Quran, Allah she makes Allah Take me away from him from Tehran. No one loves you, even when smiles at you, because they have to smile at you the psychology of an oppressor. And when we look at our society, as I said, we find operation in a throughout, you know, all around us, when and I don't want to be too political here. But a system when 90% of the wealth belongs to only less than 10% is wrong. It's unjust. It's fair only.

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Something needs to change. When you find you know, when you find countries invading other lands, for years destroying its economy, its people

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whether that invader is a Muslim or not. The Prophet also says that we should always support we fight operation by supporting the oppressed and the oppressor. So opposite Okay, I understand to help the oppressed. Okay, how do you mean help the oppressor by stopping him for his own sake, we stopped him, rather stop him now then in the era.

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When you find Subhana love a system, we people will forever be enslaved to rich countries will forever enslave poor countries, indeed, it's part of that system, the shackles might be gone. But those who were in control 100 years ago, remain in control through a system economic slavery. So this is part of the side effects of oppression. And you know what?

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oppression begins with a mental enslavement. How many of us still feel inferior? Because we're totally inferior? How many of us because we grow up, maybe in bannenberg, we believe that that's as far as I can go in life. I can never become a doctor or lawyer. I can never go beyond this. This is where I belong. That's mental enslavement. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala will always send the heroes and require us to fight this kind of operation. So let's talk about our hero. We spoke about the oppressor. Let's talk about our hero. What is it like to be a Muslim?

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What is it like to be a Messiah? Allah subhanaw taala summarizes that the Moses life Allah says, What about a man not a commodity. So in Abu Musab, you know the story, he would be he would grow up in the house of your own, and then he would rise up a young prince, and he would become a way that I'm not from the ruling class, even though I'm they and then he would see the operation for himself. As a young man for justice, he hits someone, he kills someone, he runs away. for 10 years, he lives as a shepherd. And Allah now calls him one night while he's lost in the desert. He finds this bush that is burning. And Allah speaks to himself by speaking to yourself and almost telling me more

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about your nonprofit I've blessed you and then Allah says, what are called Amanda la Camelot and Oprah Omarosa, this is not the first time I bleached you this is not the first time I came into your life is okay now in our family you remember I was telling him I was the one that inspired in your mother to put you in the basket and negatively fit booty photography feel yummy for you.

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But yeah, you can feel sorry for the only way that the basket will float all the way to fit around and they will take him in my enemy and your enemy will take you well I'll play to Alex mohapatra Mini many This is beautiful words that I don't think any anywhere else in the Quran. Allah says this to someone else's, and then I pulled over you love from me. I pulled over muhabba

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upon you or Moosa, when it does not add any energy you will grow up under my eyes.

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So Allah mentions how Nabi Musa grew up in Pharaoh's palace, how Allah returned him to his mother. Then he grew up as a young man. And then of course, he killed someone overseas. waka waka, Sultan of Santa Ana Jain economic miracle someone and we saved you from that they were looking for you. And then you spent years living in Medina as a shepherd.

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Then almost is to magic to Allah Catarina mousse. And now you are ready to be the hero, you see that the Messiah in his youth. He was young, he was strong, but he was quick to act didn't think he saw the operation. He hated the operation. But he wanted to fix everything with his fists. So I related to us here now, we see the operation that is still one set of rules for certain people, and another set for the rest of us. That is still economic, and injustice. There are still people that will have it easy and other people will struggle they will travel to three hours just to get to work and two, three hours back, spin off the salary on transportation. And there are people that want to change

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this. So our frustration builds up, we burn things, we break things. We strike we use our first analysis, you're not the radio Moosa, you're not ready to be the hero of the story. First, you need to spend time now he has the best education. He grew up in the palace, he has the basic education, what more can he learn? Now you need to go and live as a shepherd, get married, have kids, calm down, have life experience, become mature. Now you already know this was an article in FCI bolt you for myself. Now you are ready to be our hero,

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the hero of our student of emotion. And if we want to ask those of us who want to stand up, some young people will say I want to change I want to fight Palestine city. How do I do it? First thing, go and study how to study anything. First, educate yourself. After that, what now look, after a family be able to support yourself and your family. Now, if you are still after that able to care for yourself, your family and you're ready. Now you're mature enough to take on the challenges easy to scream and shout easy to break and burn striker to hit with a face easy. That's easy. That's not what we need. You need to go through that persevere. And so this is our hero Moosa. He's also

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Subhanallah if we look at our hero, that'd be Musashi Salaam.

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How many of us feel how can I be play any role in this world? How can I fix the problems of society? Now the Messiah was really someone who said the least maybe in some ways, the least qualified to be the hero. Why? Number one, he grew up by film.

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He killed somebody, which means he's got a climb on his name. He lost everything and start from scratch. He's just a shepherd. He doesn't have a tribe. His own people don't know him, the ruling class, don't you know, he's not connected with him anymore. He doesn't have a sense really. He couldn't even speak properly today. If you can't speak properly, you can't even be like an Imam panela. So they'll be Moses, how can I be the hero of the story? How can I be? I'm not ready for that. So let me move side lists a few of these, these worries. And Allah responds by saying tele Don't worry

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that you will be ready. You are ready to take on this challenge. And that's my message to many of us. If you if you are, you know, semi young you you're not a child anymore. Young adults, you've qualified, you've got Yuqing for yourself, and you're ready to take on the challenges of the world the new oddity, a man and a woman to play your role to be the hero in this society. We don't need one Mussa we need many, many more cells in our society, and everyone feels I am not ready. How can I do it?

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You are you are told Now is the time for you to be ready. For those of us who are fortunate enough side note here to check the Shree acid party on Sunday is a special separate session. You mentioned something in this story of NaVi Moosa. He said, if you look at when we look at the big picture, we sometimes think how do I fix Palestine? How do I fix Syria? How do I fix the big things and we forget that the smallest of things we do can have the biggest impacts. So maybe we can't fix the big stuff. But you can teach the small things and whether that big things can change. So you mentioned how Nabi Musa

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ran from Egypt, and he was alone, he had nothing, he didn't know where to go, even if he killed someone, he's a fugitive. So he comes to this town, and he sits there under the tree. And he sees there's a well and they are shepherds, you know, looking making the camels or the sheep drink. And there are two girls standing on the side waiting. So he says mahadevi What's wrong? what's what's up with you girls? Why are you standing like this? So they said, Look, we're not allowed to we have to wait for the main. Now. What kind of mean are these? Right? We have to wait till they done whatever is left. Only then can our sheep drink from the well. So when we Moosa Look, he's got nothing, not

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around, not a synthesis.

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Completely poor. He has nothing but even a sheep These girls are more privileged than him yet he stands up and he takes the shoe out saying anything he takes it is a big strong guy, the shepherds look and they back off and he waters the sheep. He gives it back to them and he sits by the tree. Those girls go back to the Father completely shocked. never experienced this. And I removed her after doing this one good deed. He sits under the tree and he makes a very roll powerful Do you see the desperation in his in his in his in his diocese for sakala Houma so he voted him to Mata Walla Walla Valley under the shade he said for color be in Lima and CELTA Ilya, mean hiding, Allah,

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whatever you can give me I'm in need. And

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he didn't ask for money, anything. I'm not asking for anything. I'm not asking for a specific I don't want money, anything yet Allah I have nothing. Now he did a good deed, small deed. He wouldn't. Even though he was even though he felt I'm the lowest of everyone. I have nothing. He voted the sheep. It makes me do what happens. A few minutes later, one of these girls come over here shyly, our father would like to, to speak to you. So he goes to this man's house. And he tells the story. And he tells a story about his life how he got here. And within a few minutes now beautiful is a bit of a romance here. So the the listening to him. Yeah, you know, I'm a refugee Iran, you

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know, was looking for we found the most powerful man on earth is searching for me. I killed somebody. Now imagine you invited someone for supper. And he tells you, the police are looking for me. I murdered someone, not only the police, the government, what is sacrifice? Thank you. But I think it's time for you to leave. Right? So the girls hear the story. The father asked him, What do you think of this guy? He says he's not married, right? Maybe he's single. So the man says, we'd like you to stay here and marry one of my daughters. And stay with us for 10 years. So now that one act of kindness that he did, got him a place to stay. Got him a job. Got him a spouse, the best

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spouse, he just wanted some sheep. We don't know that one and five ran that one smile that one word of kindness can change our whole life can change society. We shouldn't look at the results. We just do the good deed. So our hero is a very human flawed, even if you will, didn't have a great track record up until this point. None of us I hope have a murder sentence on our either running from the police. I don't think any of us are there. Yet Here he is. And Allah says now you are in a militia. You need to go and you need to go and do the job.

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There's another hero in the story.

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Someone that we forget who's the other hero in the story that we have. Right. Now we know the famous do out of Navy Moosa rubbish roughly sorry, we're silly Emery this other part of the hour? He says he was eaten early and make for me it was eat a minister. Was he the someone that balances you're the if you're carrying something heavy? Or was he someone that carries the other side of it. So he says, Give me a was either from my family Haruna he my brother Harun, I should be he as he he will make I will become strong with him will actually Kofi Emery and he will share my burden my job. Now Spamalot, when I spoke about Nabi Musa story once very few times, my wife actually gets to sit in

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the lecture. And I asked her all the things I said, What did you take? What is your takeaway? She said this several things. Why is this? Because we have two sons. And she says she hopes one day that this is the love between two brothers. Now the moose hasn't seen his brother in 10 years. He's just told about a law. You need to go up against the most powerful man in the world. And when we think of power, we can't imagine someone that is worshipped like a god. Someone people believe is a God. You need to go up against him. Even though I'm a murder all this is Don't worry, you need to go and face him. What else Moshe? This is what what else do you need? This is I only need my brother Harun.

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For us, if someone told us change the world will say look, we first need the Allah we need like billions, trillions of dollars. We need a few. A big army, we need power, we need tanks, we need all these then we can maybe do this. He says I only need my brother Harun my older brother Harun given to me and I can do this job. But if I have my brother's hand in my hand, I can take on the world and he had to take on the world. So I hope you know if you have a brother that I have a brother that we have that relationship, but it goes beyond that. But if we as oma we know this, it doesn't you don't need me to tell you that if we as 1.5 billion Muslims stand together is enough. We will fix our

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problems. All we need is our brother. Really, all we need is our brother hand in hand, and automatically our problems will be fixed. So now you have our villain

00:30:00--> 00:30:07

We have our heroes and they mission now Allah tells them what they need to do. Allah gives us gives him the plan. Allah says they need to do three things

00:30:08--> 00:30:50

is have untold ahuka Be it what attorney has the decree? Allah Subhana Allah says, Go to fear only you and your brother or Musa inform him that you are missing just from Allah take with him my if my signs meaning the stick that they'll be Mossad and these and it just take it to him Allah doesn't tell them what to do just go and you bring it to him and tell him to release bunnies for your three things. So just remember the three things you need to take my Ayah to film tell them tell him I'm we are messengers from Allah and inform him that he needs to leave late bunnies oil, so don't fight him Don't eat him. In fact, our losses for coolala who call and Lane Allah Who are you sleeping just

00:30:50--> 00:30:56

wake up this is one point I think is very important for us. There is no one worse than your own currently in the world.

00:30:57--> 00:31:05

phenomena is as bad as you can get overseas, he will go to the worst of punishments. Yet when Allah says to me Musa go to Pharaoh and tell him

00:31:06--> 00:31:16

about Allah about bunnies he'll remember say to him, Colin lane Speak softly to him nicely Allah says to me Moosa, you speak to fit around with respect.

00:31:17--> 00:32:00

Now Subhan Allah, we want to fix this brother who made a mistake, that sister was doing a hijab, this one was practicing Islam incorrectly in our opinion. And when we speak to that person, with the code and lane with the soft speech, with respect, you know, a minimum of minima, we have the lawn in his mouth as a hobby. He sometimes gets mixed up in the Karbala issues, but he's a hobby, one of the competitors apostle Southern for 20 years, he was our halifa. And he did great things as the halifa. And even in his lifetime, people criticized him, because he was not as great as the whole of Russia. He wasn't as great as him, but of course, on a level far above what we we are used to, and so people

00:32:00--> 00:32:46

would criticize him and he had this beautiful statement, he would say, Listen, you are not better than Moosa, and I'm not versed in Freetown yet most I had to give around respect. So I deserve a little bit more than that. Right? So always remember that when we go about fixing mistakes, whether it's our kids, whether it's our neighbors, our boss, our employees, when we talk to the our domestic worker, toll and Lane respect, because we'll lay this man feet on what did he do? He said, I am Allah and he killed babies. You don't get what he deserves respect. From Musa, ally, when when Allah ma talk to each other, with respect with the, you know, human basic decency, no one is fit. And no

00:32:46--> 00:32:50

one is Moosa. So we should give more than that. And then Allah says,

00:32:51--> 00:33:13

when you go there, I will be a Muslim Iran, I will be listening very attentively to what people are saying. To enable the dialogue between now you have a hero, your villain, the face of what happens. What does this mission tell Pharaoh when we come from Allah? Take our signs to him, and tell him to release bunnies are in.

00:33:15--> 00:33:54

So Allah says 30 if you don't have a cooler in neurospora, will Allah mean go to Pharaoh and say we are the messengers of the load of the mean, and unseen mana bunnies around him and lit bunnies through our ego, freedom, stop oppressing them. Now we jump without in the court. Now imagine the spirit only sitting on his chase palace. He's ruling the world from the at that time, is the most powerful man on earth. The Army's the wealthiest man on earth. Today, we still see the pyramids, they they palaces like imagine. It's amazing today, and we've seen these skyscrapers. At that time, it must have thought these guys are really God. So people believed, right? Moosa comes in this room

00:33:54--> 00:34:26

with nothing except a stick, and how Lunas by side who has the upper hand in this, in this scenario, also fit only sort of loan, he's got his entourage, you know, he's got his soldiers, his generals, the guy that's fanning him, right? He's got everyone they in the palace room. Musa comes in, in front of this man, and Allah says, I will listen very carefully at this conversation. And let's listen to this conversation. So Moses says to him, we have come as messengers from the rubble, I mean, the Lord of the whole universe, that you must live bunny. So

00:34:28--> 00:34:59

those are the two things they say look at how their own response. And again, you'll find that in today's day and age, the people in leadership, those who perpetuate a corrupt system, they use propaganda to respond. Now when people have to debate to discuss they bring this one brings evidence that one brings that evidence we discuss, and then hopefully the truth will prevail. But when people don't have truth on the side, what do they have to do? blackmail, insults? aggression, that's the only way they can respond.

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

So look at Philippines response phone system Moosa Allah. Allah muraki kathina. Well, even when a vista foenum anomaly Cassini did we not raise you as a baby? And you stayed with us for many years? That blackmail, right? And side note, yes, sometimes now we tell our kids 99% we should listen to happiness. Yes, sometimes the kids might have a point to tell the parents give advice to the parents. What happens when our kids tell us Oh, you're a big chef now. Call out call me call your mother. You can also teach us put us in madrasa Are you in charge now? Right, because we don't want to hear the truth. Sometimes. Sometimes they do have a point. So if you're only doing exactly that

00:35:38--> 00:36:18

blackmail, did I not take you in as a baby? And you lived so many years in the spider's web. And this is a beautiful idea of Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Delta. You did what you did that thing that you did. He's not saying you murdered someone but he says I remember that thing that you did. One terminal caffeine. This is one of the strangest eyes in the Quran fit our system Moosa You are a big coffee your own extending Musa uric acid Meaning what? You are ungrateful of the all the things I did to you for you and you killed someone now immediate life you in the audience, you first maybe thought okay, I understand Musa saying let the people go. They need to see their own side. We looked

00:36:18--> 00:36:57

after you he raised you and you coming to me and you killed someone. You think okay, maybe if Iran has a point, but this is propaganda. Did he answer any of the two things that Moses said? But the Lord of the Universe about Bani Israel? No. He changed the discussion. He he plays the victim at this is propaganda. Do we see this happening? We're coming to take our land to take our jobs. They are the ones that are you know, we just want to defend ourselves when we see this. They don't they learn this from their own. So they'll be Moosa must respond. Allah Moses falta, isn't it? He says, Yes, I did that thing. He doesn't say what big fear isn't saying it's I'm not gonna say it. I did

00:36:57--> 00:37:25

that thing. While I'm in a boiling I was lost for a photo to minko Lama system, and I ran away. Yes, because I was scared of you. And he says, I was scared meaning I'm not scared of you anymore. Now no one speaks to me like this ever before. Remember, I began this talk by saying your own system was built on a lie, but he's a god. And now for the first time the generals the ministers the Yang, someone says, I'm not scared of you any more.

00:37:27--> 00:38:09

For wobbly rob the hookman watch anime? No. mursaleen what it moussaka What did he have to come around, say I'm a messenger from Allah. He changes the conversation back, he says, and after I left, I'm not scared of you. Now, my Lord, He made me He gave me wisdom and I am a messenger of Allah. Right. So he brings the dialogue back sometimes very reactionary, we always putting out fires, we always trying to respond to this one and that one, and we get lost and off track. We should have we our objective is this. And as we get in, no matter what happens, we continue to Moosa brings the discussion back and I'm a messenger from the Lord of the universe. And he says, What till can Yamato

00:38:09--> 00:38:46

that which you gave me you? Did? You did you favored me says yes. You did raise me? no moon, no moon No. Holla. Yeah. And about the bunny. Sorry. Is that an excuse to replace bunnies, or is that your excuse? So immediately shows that your own is using propaganda. Once again, the power shifts to Moosa. So if it only responds call a pharaoh, Omar, Abdullah Al amin, right, so now he can't get away from the discussions, this question. And he asked a rhetorical question. He didn't say and who is the Lord of the heavens of the earth? What is this thing the heavens of the earth? Who is this? Arambula mean, I don't know about Rob, other than me, who is this? So Musa said, Oh, you want to

00:38:46--> 00:38:55

know color? Abu savatya Well, He is the Lord of the heavens, the earth one avena Houma. mukuni, that He is the Lord of everything between the heavens and the earth.

00:38:57--> 00:39:23

Call him and how Allahu Allah test me on their own says to the people around him, I do not hear what he's saying. Meaning they weren't getting upset. They were actually listening to him around thought, My Yasmin, my people that are always on my side would jump up and get, how can you say that about God? No one is saying that. The beginning to understand this lie this facade is fake. And Moosa continues all our work.

00:39:25--> 00:39:59

That was a wedding that he is your Lord around and the load of your forefathers or the Kings before color international community or Sega Illuminati known. So for now, what does he do what when you call them in a debate to start insulting? This is a crazy man. You can't win the debate. So you use mockery, that this man of yours is crazy. This guy's crazy. Color a bull mashariki. Well, Missouri, whoever you know my Indian Cologne, Moosa continues, he doesn't respond. He says that my load is the load of the east and the west and everything in between it if you can just think now again,

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

This touches the leader, he's teaching a cleaner but it's politics. Remember what Iran said that they were The Descendants of the Sun, the gods of the sun. Now Moosa is saying, My Lord is the Lord of the sun. Now this makes your own puts him on, on age, or later, hosta 1100 80. If you were to take an Eli besides me, the agenda, the agenda was June, and I will make I will put you in jail. Now, whenever someone has to exercise his power, he has to give names. He has to fight and eat. What does it say about him? He's weak, because he's evidence is weak, in front of the court, for the first time, in anyone's memory, their own showed his weakness, their own showed that he wasn't in

00:40:46--> 00:41:30

control. So Moses is Cora oj took abishai in moving, even if I bring you something clear. So when Pharaoh said, Bring it, what do you have to bring? So now remember, what was the second thing Musa to do? He had to show him the signs. So he said, Now show me the signs. And he shows him This puts the stick down, it becomes a huge like, and he puts his hand in his pocket and he pulls it on becomes white. And if your own, doesn't know what to do, he loses control of his own cabinets. And he says the only excuse he has he says, My people. This is a magician, and he wants to take you out of your lens. Now before it was my Egypt's right, it's mine. No, now he says, this is your country.

00:41:30--> 00:42:00

You need to stand up because he's going to overtake you in your lens. See how he used he shifts the blame. So he's minute, what should we do? So his minister said, let him go, we'll strategize and we'll come back. And that's where our discussion for this evening ends. We can't do the story now. But it gives you the encouragement to decipher the but the point I make of this, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from us to always stand up to oppression, not violently, not with aggression, but speak the

00:42:01--> 00:42:42

muscles job wasn't to go overthrow fear owns government, assassinate him, just show the hug to him. Either accepts or rejects and Allah deal with you. So for the first time, the truth was heard, some of them listened. Some of them thought some of them rejected. Allah subhana wa Tada. And through that, yes, yours will, it will be it will require perseverance we know the story of Musa will continue for many, many years, Allah will sin sign upon sign. And eventually, of course, Allah as he said, You will cause the oppressed people to to be victorious over the oppressor, and even to Pharaoh, Allah subhanaw gave him opportunity of the opportunity to the oppressor, allow will offer

00:42:42--> 00:43:22

the appraiser so many opportunities. In fact, even if he lit bunnies, or he'll go, you would have been the king, but he wanted to step inside the rizzi. He didn't have to cross that line. But he crossed that line. And so he was drowned. And this is a shoe novela that operation will ultimately come to an end, dictatorship will fall, and they'll praise people, they will succeed. But it requires us at the very least just to say the word of how to bring our science and our science to us as the Quran. And let Allah do this, to do small acts of good to not be alone. We can't do this job on our own, we need a hard one on the side. To not be outside of the system. Moosa wasn't someone

00:43:22--> 00:43:58

strange to fit on, he grew up in that same palace. In fact, the only loved him be part of the society. So I reflect back in our problems in our society. You want to fix it, you don't like the way the machine is being run. Don't stand outside and break them as you join, come inside and be part of the committee and speaks afterwards. You don't like the way the MDC is being run, don't burn the MDC, down, you come inside speak kind words, advise. They either take, they don't take, but this is the way things move forward. Same with the government. Same with everything. This is the methodology, our sooner. This is the revolutionary spirit. We think of revolution, we imagined blood

00:43:58--> 00:44:14

and fire killing. That's not our Messiah, the greatest revolutionary of the Quran, no killing, in fact, the one killing he did one person we killed it, until prmi. We know the Hadees leprosy nuptse that people say speak to Allah, He will say, I killed someone who will regret that his whole life

00:44:15--> 00:44:16

requires us,

00:44:18--> 00:44:59

all of us to step forward to stand up to be part of the change. Either you are a failure, or you're a loser, or your heroine. But there's no room for being a spectator is be part of the process of fixing the problem. And then my last closing remark on this. I don't want to end up with a negative but I want to end with a negative thing. We take the story of emotion. It's two halves, one half is defeating fear and the other half is off, the bunnies are saved, and they're given all the blessings and all the freedoms. What did they do with it? They squandered it. They became from all those beloved people, to the most rejected people. We have come 24 years out of oppression right?

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

We now have the freedom and the blessings to do as we want. Now the challenge is to fight the fear own inside. Now that the oppression is gone, and we are free to choose, we are being tested with ease and comfort more difficult, and requires each of us to play a much, much bigger role, because Allah subhanho wa Taala will be strict is given us freedoms it can give everyone else and opportunities it can give our grandparents. So our grandparents both massage it in a party, and they both modalities in a party. And they had as a caste system and they had halaal certifications and they did so many things with operation, not educated not well. What are we going to do? We've got

00:45:43--> 00:46:18

old opportunities, what are we going to do? What challenges are we going to face and fix? What problems are we going to solve? That's the question I leave myself for you. Melis want to bless us in this community, in Cape Town and throughout the world. My 1440 be a good year for this oma May Allah revive the goodness and mercy and kindness and help older priests people on earth May Allah make it easy for them from Yemen to Cydia of honey Stan Chechnya, China all over the world and Allah help the oppressed, the sick, and Mulligan most of the data sokola fade sola Zina, Mohammed

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