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The speakers discuss the concept of "light" and how it is the way of life. They also talk about various ways Allah gives guidance, including guidance on where to find the right place, how to get recognized for the right things, and how to move forward. The importance of investing in one's health and creating healthy lifestyles is emphasized, along with the potential for new owners and culture to create healthy lifestyles. The concept of "good deeds" is also discussed, and the potential for "has been a journey" and "has been a journey and the potential for cha'ams" is emphasized.

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Bismillah R Rahman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala and he was having right. Firstly, apologies to those who are trying to catch up or if they're probably looking from Facebook we've lost the connection for Facebook but anyways YouTube connection is there. So I'm going to carry on inshallah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers and sisters, we're here for the final session of the 99 Names of Allah azza wa jal. And we're here to finally look at those names that were supposed to connect up with Allah Zota through these names. And these are the final names, yes, but these are names that don't complete all of our last names,

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like I mentioned, last year has many, many, many different names. And from his many names, there are so many others in the order and so many others in sooner. And we find that there are there are many other names that we can connect up with the laws. But these names have particularly come in one generation, that's why we're covering them. So we come to the name of an unknown, so no meaning light, but what it actually means is Allah who knows somehow it will help. Allah is the is the light of the heavens and the earth. What that means is that Allah is the giver of light. So we don't imagine Allah as light, what we what we think of is that Allah is the giver of light. And this light

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is in both senses, whether it's in a literal sense or a metaphorical sense, this light

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now allows his, his given light that is there for us to see in the in the daytime, through the sun, and Allah gives us light in our hearts, okay. Allah gives light, light in our heart. And that light is also something which we need, because it was lost the law has given him his main vital laws, and his ask Allah to give light in his heart, in his body, in his, in his, you know, different parts of his body, in his hearing in his seeing, and these are doors that we can make, that we want allows us to put light into every part of our bodies and to to make sure that we are those who find connection with Allah because what what light metaphorically means, if we say, light in our particular heart,

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it doesn't mean that if you were to open the chest, you find like that it's a metaphorical thing, which means there's cleanliness. So our whole limbs and our, our whole heart and everything that we've got in our bodies is clear of

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his clear clean of sins, because sins are the things that cause lumad. They cause darkness. So Allah azza wa jal has given us an opportunity to quote him through this name, we are normal. And this name if you look in the Quran in Surah Surah number 24. So the unknown, you will find that Allah has has put his name Allah for Moodle somehow worthwhile in the midst of so many things that happen to what's happening there, in that surah so much talking about, you know, Xena talking about fornication talks about acquisition of people committing Zina, he talks about how we should keep segregated you know, in our relationships and so on. And then Allah says he talks about this giver

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of light, what does that mean? That means that Allah azza wa jal gives us light or he gives us this beautiful

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way of connecting up with him how when we don't when we listen to when we listen to the to what Allah has revealed in the Quran and the Sunnah. And when we follow our laws, rules and when we abide by what he said in terms of our relationships in terms of staying away from Xena in terms of corrupting our eyes with since then a person immediately can feel this connection with the last minute. So that more and that light is given to those who are not you know, who are not necessarily getting into a sinful life, okay, they're not getting into a you know, life where they were they're continuously sinning or they're making, you know, they're, they're continuously going into an area

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of life where they are, you know, disobeying Allah azza wa jal staying away from that gives us that light. So that is unknown. The next name we'll come to is Al Hadi. Now, Heidi is the guider The one who guides and there are many ways that allows you answers and he guides us in our simplest form, we say in Surah, Al Fatiha we say he didn't sit out and studying. We ask Allah to show us the straight path and we ask Allah to show us the straight path. Now that straight path that we are asking Allah to show us is not literally a path.

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But it's a way of life and that way of life is the way of life also lots of allowance and I'm and the Gambia we want to be on that pathway and we want to go to Jana. Okay. So it's a it's a way of life, it's a way that we conduct our lives. But there are many other ways that allows you then he gives us he Daya is not just giving us hidayah in the dinar, I know a lot of us we use that term. And we say, you know hedaya is when Allah guide someone to the deen, he guides them to the religion and so on. He guides them to the truth. But there are many other forms for example, when a when a baby is born, or even when an animal is born, or in hatches out the egg how does that animal know

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what to do next? How does that baby know that it needs to drink milk? How does it know that? Why is it that it actually sucks and it drinks the milk? Why why why does that well because the soul hedaya when Allah azza wa jal he creates, you know through the bees, he creates honey on the earth, that is he died he die of the beat bees finding that, that honey knowing where to where to find that pollen and so knowing how to create the honey, when Allah azza wa jal, He will guide so many you know others through different means of knowing exactly what to do. This is all guidance, we have several different layers of guidance which Allah gives. And those guidances that Allah gives, sometimes he

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makes a person coincidentally go to a place where they where they find what they want you to find, you know, it's it's just the right time, the right place and so on. Sometimes the person will find that you know, they want something from Allah, which they never even asked for Allah give them guidance. So there are many different forms of guidance. So Allah is that hard enough. If a person wants to connect with Allah through this name, especially if they want to be guided to some matter that they let's say, for example, you want to do something you don't know whether to do it, whether or not to do it, or how to go about doing it, then the name to use is your Howdy. Yeah, Howdy,

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howdy, Howdy, howdy are one who guides or one who guides and ask Allah as well through that name.

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And we'll come to

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a part where we need to reflect on this on this particular name and think Subhana light Allium we are Muslims, you know, those of you listen to me, Allah has guided us and that deserves a massive shocker. It deserves a massive you know, thanks. And since we are guided you know, guys, let's take advantage of what Allah has given to us in the Quran and the Sunnah, because there are many who are not guided out there and there are those who get guided you know, in terms of coming new to Islam and they find everything so fascinating yet, we've got everything on the plate yet you know, we can't be bothered to take full advantage of what's right in front of us. So if if you

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if you appreciate what Allah has given, then take advantage of it and show a lot of things by doing the things that we're supposed to do. Because a lot you know it the Quran says where the lay he mainly whoever terms Allah Allah guides them and there are there are so many is just to say that when a person actually makes that move towards Allah, Allah gives them even more guidance alive and you know, push pushes them even more forward when a person moves back a lot, you know, okay, leaves them back. So when once when the Sahaba came to the to the masjid and you know, they were they were at the Mac not coming forward to fill in all the roles was lost a lot. I sort of made a comment to

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the nearest words of whoever comes forward, Allah moves them forward and whoever stays back Allah keeps the Mac Okay, man Ah, hold on water stays back. Allah keeps him back and man Tada, you know, whoever comes forward and Allah will move them forward. So that's the that's the thing that we should think that yes, we want guidance, we want to move forward. And when I get that close to Allah, through that massive alarm through his guidance, Now, the next time we come to is the deer

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and the deer is, you know, the originator. So buddy semma, where do you Well, the originator of the of the heavens and the earth, He is the originator meaning that there was nothing before that there was no plan, there was no architecture, there was no blueprint, there was no idea nothing allows you to just want you to do it as the originator of creating all of this out of nothing at all, Allah did it. And that is his his name, the dear and buddy or buddy or is one who not only has originated everything, okay, not only originally, but he takes full credit for what he has done. That's how we recognize that's why we couldn't do because you're the one who originated everything. You know, like

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when people have created, let's say, some ideas, something they copyrighted, or when somebody wants to get recognized for some quotation that they made. They want to you know, be Don't be recognized. They won't be quoted the name should be quoted and

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Because it's the, it's they originally created this thing, and allows them to Allah has put his mark in the Quran and he said, Allah Who knew somehow it was out. And then he said, not only has he given us all this, like his buddy or somehow, well, he's the originator of the entire heavens and the earth, meaning that you don't give me recognition. And the full recognition goes to Allah for for the existence that we've got around us. And that's how we recognize him through a barrier now. But it does come from the root word of that the line, which gives the current date now has the meaning also of Buddha. But I'm not going to go into all of you know, explaining bid. Right now, I've got

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another lecture on the internet, sophies versus Salafi and bedarra. So if anyone's interested in knowing the definition of Buddha and the different forms of Buddha, then you can go to the internet, just put Sufi versus selfie and Buddha and put my name there, I'll just put that there, and we'll come up. Because there are different, you know, the difference of opinion of how to approach all of that. But nonetheless, Alberdi is something that we connect with Allah as well, recognizing that he's the originator of all of this. And now we come to the next name, which is Albuquerque. Now Albuquerque means the everlasting, the one who is going to be there forever and ever. And, and back

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he comes with you know, in, in contrast of those things that finish. So backing means whatever his God, He will maintain, he will retain forever and forever. Okay. Allah said in the Holy Quran in surah, and Natalie said marinda, comedienne fed Walmart, in the lucky bap, whatever you've got will come to you, the world will diminish and come to an end, or matter in the light you back on whatever Allah has has, it will remain, it will last forever, meaning that whatever one is that whatever Allah has got, in terms of his qualities will remain forever, that's fine. But the other thing is that whatever we've invested in the asherah will remain forever with Allah. As long as you know,

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we're doing the right things without spoiling our actions and so on. Those things will be there. In fact, specifically our malasana, which is good deeds, Allah said, well back here to say hi to Habana interim, be careful about the everlasting good deeds, the better in terms of a reward that your Lord will basically give you. So these are no these are actually one of the actions we're doing we should see it as an investment in the next life. Because we've, we should look at it as we've got two banks, okay, we've got two banks, one bank is in the dunya on bank is in the afternoon. And other people are always, you know, bothered about what their bank balance is, how much they've got, where

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they work, you know, how much they're worth, basically, who else is, you know, who else has got whatever, and how much how they compare with them and how they got more or less and so on. There's always this thing in our minds, what am I going to do with that with that money? My next plan, my next thing I want to buy, okay, whether it's a car with his clothes, with AIDS, you know, holiday, whatever you want to do, people have got plans, what they want to do with the monies. And it's always on their head, you know, I want to I want to have a healthy bank balance, especially for rainy days. Now, what about the athlete? What about us thinking about the Atlanta we're going to

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roll Ganga that's, that's absolutely definite, we've gone that is there's no one here, listen, to me, I can say that you're not heading that direction. You can do whatever you want on this earth, but you can't deny death. You can deny whatever you want on this earth, but you can't deny death.

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Because death is something which is absolutely, you know, at least an absolute truth. Now, there are people on the earth La ilaha illAllah, who are trying to find ways that scientists who are trying to find ways of, you know, defying death or trying to live as long as they can, but It's futile now people aren't people are finding anti aging products you know, in the in the past before people used to die of these plagues. And today, we've got so many things so many systems on the earth to try and prolong life and to save people from dying early but in the past when a pandemic came millions and millions died, there was no way of just surviving you know, that without mass deaths are happening

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on the earth. So in the past also people lived till you know, maybe 7080 and so on and they were gone. And now you have people you know, in certain countries, you've got the average death rate that has gone higher but the question is, what's beyond the let's say you put you get all the creams and everything else and you have anti aging cream and you have all the best fruits and veggies, veggies and you have the best nutritious food and your inside is very, you know, healthy. Okay, fine. It's good. Okay, fine. I'm not saying that stuff. You know, good, but by the time you reach the age 90 and 100

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how long more do you want to live?

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Seriously, if you ever if you ever get there if you ever get there how long more do you want to live? By that time? I mean your body's giving up. Okay your your joints are giving up and mentally you must be drained and with all your life and what you live with and everything you've seen and the new generation that you're seeing around you, you're probably going to be thinking man now I'm better off in the grave than being here. I mean, even if nothing else is to help my friend so how long do you want to live people have this fantasy if I live above 100 a fantasy one Earth why would you want to have that fantasy oh my god my god just just get on with what the amount and the action

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you're supposed to do? Do it quick get it you know getting into the bank of the aka like I said getting into that bank to start you know start investing investing as much as you can quickly as you can because soon as death comes who wants to stay here man? Seriously, this is a this is a downtrodden stinking place this world stinks. I don't mean literally it stinks. But it it really has a bad stench in terms of how many people are messing around on this earth how many people are know cruel that dishonest that cheating the lie that because so many people who want to create bloodshed who want to you know who are racist who are arrogant, who want to be who want to you know oppress

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others control others who want to amass wealth and do all sorts of things on this earth right? You got so many people who who do all sorts of things on this on this earth. Do you want to really live here for that long do you want to be like here for such a long time? What's it what's attaching you to this world so much? What is it it's got to be items things or people that's always going to be either you love someone on this earth so much or you love the things on this earth so much that's what it is. There's nothing more than that.

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There's nothing more than that. And there's plenty more things to enjoy in the afterlife plenty more and all you got to do is you got to put our mind and our good actions into the bank of the academic Allah said you know we're back at the side of how these things will be lasting they'll be lasting so Allah will give the give back not only you know, you know when you have a bank on this earth you put money inside and if you leave it then you get interest. I'm not saying you should get interest Okay, something haram but I want to give you an example for you to understand that concept. Okay, so you put monies inside there and then you have an interest rate you know, there's an interest rate or

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have an interest rate of the of the athlete and once you've done one deed, you invest it for the athlete to the athlete, and if you've been able to keep it there as in, you haven't done something so disruptive that allows wiped away your your good deeds. So if you've managed to go to the dam, gentlemen, with a single deed mean, you've got so many single deeds you've sent to the asset and you came to the accurate you came to the next vote. And here you are, lo and behold, you've got all of your actions in front of

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Allah, Mangia. I bill Hassan al Fatah who ashram Surya, whoever has made it to the Day of Judgment with a good deed, than for every single good deed, I'm going to give them 10 minimum 10. That's now your halaal interest.

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For the after this Hello Allah Subhana Allah, you leave some goodies in there.

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It multiplies and multiplies at 10 was a minimum, Allah can give up to 700 illa cellular immunity, therefore, if you want to account for this, either from 10 to 700, and he can give even more according to hadiza mojari.

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And that's outside of Ramadan. Can you imagine inside of Milan, it's even more, it's even more. So. That's what we should be, you know, concerned about that. That's the investment that we want to make in terms of the Acura so that's a last

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name and then we come to the T's name and word is okay. And why this? So Allah, this is the air or he's the inheritor. He's the final final inheritor. What does that mean? That means, look, everything we do right now is just coming from hand to hand. Okay, that's all that's all happening. That's all that's happening. I, I wish you know, we all can wake up. My dad had something, he died, he passed on to me, Hey, I'm going to die I'm going to pass on to my son or my daughter. Okay, now my, my granddad before that has something that probably passed to my dad. And that's how many is that's how the world is. Whatever you've got today, it's going to go into the possession of others.

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Either it's going to perish or it's going to go to the possession of somebody else. So let's say for example, you have money, that's definitely going to go to somebody else's bank account, or somebody else's possession or somebody else's inheritance. Once you die, when you've got your items, your clothes and other things and then they'll be gone as in parish after 10 years, 15 years, whatever, whoever's born, whatever you've got laflife gone. at best. Someone's going to preserve it in some kind of closet or something for a few more

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years or even better, they put it into some kind of museum if you will, that archaic. The divide, divide do that. But what's going to happen after your furniture at best is going to become antique and sold as antiques and stays for another few decades centuries? What about India? That is gone, gone to the next person, next buyer, next bidder, that's going to take it I wonder what have you got nothing? What have I got nothing, nothing from this earth. Everything's passed from one to another one to another one to another, even land think of it right people are dying today to try and get some lands and properties and big house is you know, what even countries are fighting for, you know,

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governments are fighting for a new land or debated disputed borders the fighting on that, by the end of it, what happens that land goes into another land another owner, another owner, soon you might have a big war, where they we have to re shape the way the

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map is looking. And if you look at the map, in the 1900s, early 1900s or early 20th century, you will see that you know, there were hardly barely any borders that as many boards as you can see, he was the European colonization, the British, the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Spanish, the Italians, the Germans, the Americans and you know, when they went across the world, and when they started to go and go and start you know, that they they literally pillage the earth, then they started to create borders, you know, certain languages and people that create the borders this mind the Dutch mind the Portuguese and that's my that's how I look what happened to Africa. Over over the last

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three 400 years in Europe as well, so many different borders popped up even Arabia, radius vandalia so many borders came up all these countries about you know, Jordan, and Palestine. And so um, they were all like a sham. They were like, you know, he was Jerry's jersey and arabo he was,

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you know, he jazz large parts were together for centuries and centuries. But what happens is when war comes along, then they get divided. So what happens is, there's new owners, there's new land is a new culture, there's a new civilization, okay? And then it moves on to into another and to another. What is there that that is so lovable? That is so kind of crazy on this earth, that we must attach our hearts to this earth more than half none, nothing, my friend, nothing wake up. There's nothing. And in the end, Allah as the agenda will be the awareness. What does that mean? That as it's passing from hand to hand, you know, from land to one or one owner of the land to another owner

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of the land and one property owner to another property owner and Kaiser, Kaiser Kaiser, right at the end, when it comes to comes to the Day of Judgment, Allah takes it all back. And he just destroys, he doesn't even take it because he wants it. He just destroys the whole lot. Because it was no use the whole of all of this around us was there to see which one of us is going to do the good actions. So that's our worries. So here's the final inheritor, final inheritor now, to live this particular life, I just want to say to you, please, if somebody passes away in your family members, amongst your family members know no matter how much they had, or what they had, and how much how much greed

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is involved and how, you know lustful areas it is to try and claim the next place. And that next piece, please don't take a single penny or a cent from anyone unless you've gone to a scholar. And alima has said a scholar has said this is how your wealth should be divided. Don't even do this and Okay, we just can't do all you know, equal equal. That's not that's not you know, it's not up to you how you divide this. And why this, okay? Allah azza wa jal has told us how to divide this this wealth. When somebody dies, who gets what portion, he's given exact proportions, and it's in the Quran in Surah Nisa, from about 12 onwards, you see, Allah has given clear, clear categorical, you

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know, he's given categories of people have, you know, who you are within the family, within the next of kin and what you what you get so divided according to according to them, because if you divide it according to how you want, not how allowance, then you've taken how many

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you've either taken out on money in or you've lost out on some holiday money. So don't make that move over. We just want to make you all this all you know how I wanted. Go to a scholar and get it get it sorted out. And please, those of you who might have taken something in beforehand, please give that wealth back according to chevier. Before you get to the damage admin, because if you hear these stories where Subhanallah father passed away, mother's still there, the house is there, then she doesn't you know, she just gives it to one whole child or something and others are deprived of inheritance or she stays there. She's she doesn't know what to do. And then she passed away and the

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brother, the sibling that was living with her, he just takes the house. He says, Well, you know, it's my house. You can't just do like that. You know, there are there are there's next of kin. There's this

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Sometimes you know what I want to say to you is that the inheritance hasn't been divided when the person in one person passed away and then a second person passed away so the father passed away first and obviously your mother has a share of what he left behind. So your father passed away and then your mother had a share maybe an eighth or something she never took her share and then she passed away and then you've got the next you know set of people waiting Whoa, whoa, whoa, you know, be careful make sure that you do the do the distribution from the end from your father's end, sometimes three people are passed away in between sometimes a generation has passed away they've not

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even done the proper Sharia you know me sharing out of the of the inheritance. This is quite dangerous because when you get to the Day of Judgment, there's a lot of questions to answer and people who have taken hold on monies will have to you know, will have to pay with their good deeds and my day. Now love protectors. The final two names that we come to one is a Rashid, which is Allah is well balanced, and well. You know, he's got the target absolutely right when he makes his decisions. And when he has his approach towards us, he is Rashid meaning that his decisions and his approach towards us is not only full of understanding but it's also on that on the straight and

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narrow mean that it's right bang in the middle there's no you know, there's no inaccuracy in the way that he might do something with us on this on this earth. Nothing at all. Whatever he does, he does perfectly well. So you know, I want to say this Okay, a lot of people see chaos around us in this earth and so whatever Allah

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has done and Allah has allowed on this earth no matter how bad you might look, there is no blame to Allah Now you might think well how is that right but when we get to the Day of Judgment Allah is gonna explain it was when we see the full thing of how and why Allah did what on this earth that's when we're gonna say wow, I just I just never knew that I just never knew that that was the case. Wow, that's just this is mind blowing. And we all go we're gonna have our jaws dropping on the Day of Judgment thinking that you know if I had known this before man, I would have had those thoughts about a lot every person doesn't matter if you then a cashier that a display whether a believer that

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a movement or a you know monitor wherever they are, they will just say this is absolute banger straight you know, like as it should have been, that's how it should have been. Now allowed explain why chaos was there. Allah will explain why certain things allowed on the earth why they were you know, natural disasters, why they were why he allowed certain people to do what they did whatever it is, Allah will explain all of them they're done so don't judge Allah before the judgment before Jasmine day comes that's what I'm gonna say because Eliza Rashid He's everything is done is done very calculated spell spot on it's done with the absolute you know, it's right bang in the middle

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where it should be. Okay, that's that's him with his judgment and his approach towards us. And the final end companies are sobald which is Allah still has so much

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forbearance for us. This is a beautiful name, okay, we do a lot of wrong things on this earth while we're here with students so much wrong again and again. If there's anyone out there who feels that you know, I haven't done anything wrong, man, you need to check yourself again, because we're always doing something wrong, something or another we're doing wrong now if you feel that you should know that Allah is a sabol which is he has been very patient, very patient over us. And if Allah wanted it would have taken us this task. Well, you actually log in as me because all my thought, I don't know if Allah wants you to take people to task then Allah would not matter aka Allah, I mean that

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but Allah would not leave a single creature alive, if you wanted to just you know, take take any if you wanted to punish one of us, but he doesn't, Wherefore, and Kathy He forgives a lot. And he is forbearance to the Maxi This is a subwoofer is in the form of mobile, which means that he is extremely patient over over us and the mistakes that we're doing and you know, the things that we should have done, we haven't done allies patient. So let's turn to Alaska through these names. And I'm going to ask you guys, now that we finished the nine domains loop is only going to take you even if you do one name a day, it's going to take you just just over three months to learn all of these

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names. And also lots of Allah has has told us that we can gain Paradise by learning these names. And you know, it's so easy just to learn them if you just learn to be by with just your everyday everyday you know, just say, Hello,

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man over here, okay. Man over here, man over him by hand right? And just kind of repeating that for the day and the next stage and one more and throughout the day. Just three people three more men on Rahim on medical we're a man over

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Medic. Right and then we'll love Olivier lo Rahman and Rahim on medical kudos and that they just repeat all for Allah Rahman Rahim America now photoswitches five, a carry on repeating everyday if you add one and then you keep on repeating that then you may go out to these days the maximum is going to take you probably about six months or one year English you really slow that you will get it done. So I'm going to ask you and encourage you to not only learn these names, reflect on these names, bring this engine to our lives. And let us make the best of what we can do with these inshallah, what I'm going to do is look and say simply to our look, spread the news inshallah.

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Tomorrow we're going to have a special session, same time is going to be the last time I'm going to do a do a online lecture this Ramadan. So it's going to be a sort of other sort of beginner level, what is this night? What will we get on this night? How will we recognize this night? how to approach this night What to do on this night? What are the signs of this night, all of that and you know, in the last 10 nights, one of these nights is going to learn to cuddle. So for us to maximize our eye better and to for us to do our best for this for this night. I'm going to ask you guys tuning in to spread the news to as many people as you can. shala I'll see you tomorrow, same time.

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shala 6:30pm UK time he had Zach from Ohio slavery Kumara he will market