Dealing With Someone Dressed Inappropriately At Workplace – Shaykh Navaid Aziz

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The speaker discusses the importance of remembering what one is responsible for and capable of doing in certain situations. They stress the need to give advice in the best possible ways and to make to offer others when feeling uncomfortable. The speaker invites viewers to subscribe to their channel and share their videos and bell icon.

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How do you deal with someone that is dressed inappropriately in the workspace?

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Great question. And I think in such situations, it's always important to remember what you are responsible and capable of doing, and not others what others actually do. Unless I know it's Allah commands in the Quran to lower our gaze towards those things that we desire. So in such a situation, it's very important that one, keep their modesty and lower their gaze when they're capable of doing so. Number two is always give advice in the best possible ways. So if you've built rapport with this person and you have a relationship with this person, try to give them advice that perhaps the way that they're dressed is not the most suitable way in the workspace. And then number three, always

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make to offer such people because such people won't always know best. And at the end of it all, if you ever feel uncomfortable, you can express that to your boss and let them know that you don't feel uncomfortable to feel uncomfortable in such a situation.

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