Can Women Praying Together Have An Imama Or Pray Seperately – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

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The speaker discusses the importance of praying for spiritual health and how it can greatly impact one's well-being. They also mention a video about praying for spiritual health and encourage viewers to subscribe and stay on the channel.

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If women are together, should they pray with one of them as an E mama to them or should they pray separately?

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This is again one of those issues where you have a legitimate st laugh. We have a legitimate difference of opinion amongst the scholars. But there is an authentic narration of it sold a lot of time on praying, leading other women in prayer where she was standing in the middle and they would stand to both of her sides and she would lead them as an Imam, to them. So be the night Allah it is permissible. And again, this is one of those things that there's legitimate difference of opinion and that is true for both obligatory and voluntary prayers.

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