Nadim Bashir – Shattering Doubts #5 – Will Everyone go to Jannah

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "by the way" in title and reference various books and people, including those who believe in Islam. They also discuss the definition of Islam's terms "naive" and its relation to the culture of the time, as well as the importance of following Prophet's messages and not giving up on one's beliefs. The speakers stress the need to be clear about one's beliefs and emphasize the importance of not giving up on one's own beliefs. They also mention a recent group of Christians questioned the title of Islam and emphasize the importance of not giving up on their beliefs.
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim hamdulillah with Alameen wa Salatu was someone that was sold to him Hamid while early he was so happy here during about. So every Friday night, we take right now we are taking some ayat of the Quran and highlighting them and talking about the ayat to clarify any kind of misconceptions or misunderstandings. So the idea that I've chosen today is from sootel Baccarat. This is ID number 62. Allah subhanho wa Taala I first want to read the eye of the Quran, and then read the translation. And then I want you to sort of try to see what exactly is as some say there might be a misunderstanding here. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Lavina Manu well letting her do

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one surah was sabe II in Miami Nabila he will Yeoman hit. Well, I mean, I saw the Hon fella whom a Jew Roma in the Rabi him, what a homophone are they him with whom he has unknown? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, the Muslim believers, the Jews, the Christians, and the ASABE in a sabe II. And by the way, as some of them I mentioned, they are those who don't have a religion. Some some, some scholars, such as Mujahid, said that these are people who are between Christianity and Judaism, but there is many different opinions about this. Some say that these are the people who are close to the Medusa, but my Jews are different than a sabihin. But nonetheless, Allah subhanho wa Taala is

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mentioning four groups here in this idea, the Muslims, the Jews, the Christians and the sabihin. He then says, three things, man and Abdullah he went Yeoman. Well, I mean, I saw Leon, that those who believe in Allah, and in the last day, and they do good, they will reward for the home as you go home and there'll be him, they will have the reward with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, what our whole family him what our home he said on and they will fear nothing, and they will not grieve. Now, when you listen when you read this ayah in itself, just the translation in itself. It sort of seems as it sort of seems as what what do you think it is?

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What does it seem like?

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It seems like the Jews and the Christians and the ASABE Ian, and the macmini the believers, it seems like everyone will go to Jana, and there are three things that you have to do, man, I'm Anna Billa, you have to believe in Allah, you have to believe in the hereafter and you have to do righteous deeds. Now the reason why I chose this is because today we are living in a time where Alhamdulillah with the amount of interfaith dialogue and the interfaith activities that is taking place. There are people who in the name of friendship, in the name of getting along with each other, we the lines that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has created the boundaries, the hurdles that Allah has created, that this

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is right, and this is wrong. This is this is Iman and this is coleford, the line that Allah has created. We began to muddle that line. And we began to go here and there back and forth, trying to please everyone. And what happens is that we are beginning some people they give this impression to others, that it does not matter what religion you follow, if you might be a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim, but as long as you believe in Allah, and you do right

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Just deeds and you believe in the hereafter. hulless you're in Jana, this is a ticket. This is your ticket to Jana. So this is why I want to, I want to talk about this. First of all is let's talk about why this idea was revealed what is the seventh one Missoula. This is, first of all the yahood. The Jews, they made a lot of claims about themselves, first of all, is no urbanna Allah here.

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We are the sons of Allah. We are the Beloved of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we are the chosen people of Allah subhanho wa taala. And because we are the chosen of Allah, lay at the hotel, Janita. Illa. Monica Anna, who then Asara only those who are yahood, and those who are NESARA. Only they will go into Jana, we'll call it tinea who do lays it in NESARA Allah che the yahood said about the NESARA they don't believe in anything than a surah said about the hood, Lisa, Lisa Yehuda, Allah che and they don't believe in anything. So the yahood in itself, they thought that they are the Beloved of Allah subhanho wa taala. And because they are the special children of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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This is why they're going to go into Jannah and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala by sending down this idea, he wants to clarify to them that first of all, no one goes into Jannah because what you think is right, because of what you think Iman is because of what you think, love is ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala chooses who he loves. Only Allah chooses who will go into Jannah and Allah decides who goes with Johanna. This is a decision of Allah subhanho wa taala. So by sending this ayah Allah subhana wa Taala dispels Allah destroys this niche, this notion of the yahood that you cannot just decide who will go into Jana, and Ivana are best for the ultra ion. He says, the right after this idea was revealed.

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Another idea was revealed, which was even more explicit, which was even more explicit, but I'll share that with you later on. Why? Because the idea it really clarifies all this question. So once again, the question is that what exactly does this IR mean? And there's two different meanings of this IR. First of all, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is saying in an Levina Armineh, rarely those who believe now what exactly is the definition of belief? Because see, if you talk to even like the Quran says very clearly, you talk to the machete goon, wala insalata, whom man Holika sama wa T will out lay it all on Allah. If you ask the machete Kuhn who created the skies in the earth, they will

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say Allah did you ask the Jews, they believe in Allah. This is why in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala when he gave examples in the Madani Surah, Allah explicitly mentioned his name, because the Jews were not against Allah. They were against Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Christians, they also believed in Allah subhanho wa taala, but they didn't ship with Allah subhanho wa taala. So the point is this, that all these people, they had their own definition of what Iman is, and here when ALLAH is talking, when Allah this is an ayah of the Quran, that means that it is from Allah, that means that whenever Allah is saying something, you and I we cannot look at this

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idea. Based on our definition, we have to understand this idea based on the definition of Allah subhanho wa taala. So when you and I when we go back and we try to understand the what is the definition of iman from ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala then it means that it is not only Allah that we have to believe in, we have to believe in the reseller also. And that means that the rule of Allah was that if you believe in Allah, and at that time you were living amongst the children of Bonita saw Ian, you have to believe in the designer, and in the prophethood of who Musa alayhis salam, and you have to follow his Sheree. And you have to follow the message that was sent by Allah subhanho wa

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taala. Because right after this, because one thing I really want to mention this also, if you look at this idea, and you look at the IRS before and after, you cannot just take any idea of the Quran in an isolated manner and try to understand it, you have to look at what's as they say SIAC and Subak. Okay, what's before and what's after. So before this, one of the things that Allah highlighted when the crimes of bunnies saw in the Allah highlighted was Waiuku Toluna Ambia. And not only that, we look through Nabil ayatullah, they disregard the Ayat of Allah, they disregard the message of Allah, they disregard what Allah wants. And then not only that, after this ayah Allah

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mentioned to but he is so ill about Musa alayhis salam, and that Musa lism took them

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To receive the Torah and so forth. So as it is, the definition of iman, in the eyes of Allah, or according to Allah is that you have to believe in me, first of all, believe in me, and Tohei. And number two is whatever prophet was in your era, you have to believe in His original message, Musa alayhis salam was sent, the Torah was given to him. And then later on, they distort the Torah, when they destroy the Torah. Then the next Prophet they came was, he saw his cinema, of course, there were some in the middle. But then the next one, the main one that came with a truce with a message, you saw that you sit on inciting some Allah's definition of EMA now is what you believe in Allah,

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and you now have to believe in the message of Esau Alehissalaam. That's the Destiny that's the definition of iman. And then when the Prophet SAW Saddam was sent, now the definition image changes. It's not what you have to believe in Allah. And now you have to believe in the dishonor. And in the message of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That means that when the Christians they say that we don't believe in Muhammad, we believe in Jesus. That's not that according to Allah, you are not following the right definition of iman. That's not the definition. Eema now, when you say that when the Christian when the Jews said, We will follow the teaching of Esau, they said we're

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going to follow the teachings of another prophet Musa, that's fine, but that's not the definition of Allah subhanho wa Taala of what Iman is. So when Allah says in the Naveen Manu, when Allah says those people who believe in Allah, it means that you have to fit the criteria of what is the definition of iman in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then Allah says, What will Yeoman aka they have to offer, they have to also believe in the Day of Judgment, that means that whatever happens, whatever we're taught by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we have to believe in that just because, and see in this ayah, there is no mention of a Nabi, there is no mention of an

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OB. But that does not mean that you don't have to believe in the reseller. In this day and age. And in order for us to be to be successful. We have to believe in the reseller of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a person says, I won't believe in Muhammad, I'll just only believe in Allah, that you are not fitting the criteria of the definition of Allah subhanho wa taala. So believing in the hereafter would imply what it implies that first of all, when we believe in Allah, we will believe in the hereafter. Because when you believe in Allah, you basically are telling yourself that there is going to be a day of retribution. In this dunya we see people who get away with crimes, and

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we see the innocent, who are then deemed or they are, they are considered as guilty. There's so many injustice is taking place in this world. So when you believe in Allah, then we most certainly believe in the fact that there will come a day where true justice is going to be served. If we keep on talking about the idea of justice, then most certainly there will be a time when Allah subhanaw taala will serve justice, then it also implies to believe in the definition of the Hereafter according to Allah, it also means that only Allah will decide who goes to Jannah and who goes to jahannam. And finally, it also means that if you believe in Allah subhana wa Taala and you follow

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the criteria of iman, according to Allah subhanho wa taala, then a person will be saved in the hereafter. What is the definition of amila Salah once again, not according to us, but according to Allah. Because in this dunya, everyone has their own definition of Ahmed Hassan there, everyone has their own definition of what is right and what is wrong. This the one thing for example, the Prophet saw some has told us so many times about the importance of being truthful. Yet today we live in a world where so many people are teaching what that the more cunning the more deceitful you are in your business, the more you're going to advance in this dunya this is what is being taught today. So

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there are a lot of things that today we see in society. That is a complete contradiction to the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when we say I'm gonna Salia the province or cinema has taught us about the importance of Nika the person has taught us about a nick Ackerman Suniti that Nica has one of his Sooners, yet the society that we live in is telling us what that you don't need to get married. You don't need to get married. If you really want to fulfill your desires. There are other ways of doing it. You don't have to commit yourself to another person. Our society is teaching us a lot of different things and once again, if we start to go on everyone

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else's opinion, then we're going to lose our focus. Allah subhana wa Tada has his definition of what I'm going to solve is

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And I'm going to solve there is that Aman, which has been shown to us by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, once again the Yamuna, Salah are those armors that will bring us and that will help us that will help us earn our Jana now. So this is what the definition of the ayah is the definition of the idea does not mean that the Jews, the Christians, the sabe, and everyone going to Jannah it means that the Yehuda at that time who believed who who accepted Iman, according to the definition of Allah, they will go into Jannah as long as they believe in the hereafter, and they did righteous deeds. Then Asara the same thing. The believers the same thing. And what I said earlier, if not our

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best, or the Ultra, and he says, After this idea in the Naveen Armand, who was revealed, right after that Allah subhanho wa Taala he revealed warmane Yeah, but tell him why y'all Islam ed in following your cobalamin so that there's no confusion. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, whoever chooses any other path besides Islam, then it isn't going to be accepted before Allah subhanho wa taala. The only path to Allah is Islam. In Medina and Allah al Islam, the only being that is acceptable for Allah is Islam. And finally, I'll conclude on this. One of the most important things is that when it comes to these kinds of matters, we have to be very straightforward. We have to be very

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straightforward. Trust me when you sit down with other people, they have no problem I've sat down with, I've sat down with people from other churches, and when the subject because this idea, in essence talks about salvation, right, what exactly will lead a person to salvation? You believe in Allah? Allah's definition of Eman? You do righteous deeds of laws, definition of righteous deeds. You believe in the hereafter, according to Allah's definition, then, so this is salvation, right? If someone does ask us that what exactly is salvation? This is exactly what salvation is. But if you talk to even a Christian, I've talked to many Christians, some, some of them are very direct, they

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will say that salvation lies only as they say, salvation lies only in believing in Jesus Christ, and that He is Lord and Savior. That's what they say. That's what they say. And they're very adamant about it. And what that means is that if you don't believe in Him, you don't believe his Savior, and he's Lord, then you're gonna go to you're gonna go Jahannam that's what they believe. But that's why it's very important that we don't muddle this up, we have to be very clear about it. If someone does ask us the what exactly is salvation, we have to be very clear, according to us salvation is you have to believe in the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa taala. And yes, we believe in all the prophets,

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but because Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the final prophet, we believe in his resigner Yes, we will believe in Musa we believe in his stories are mentioned in the Quran. We believe in isa we believe in Jesus, and we believe in, in, in his stories are mentioned in the Quran. But at the same time, the Shetty i that we follow is Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, because he was the final prophet to be sent. And so we have to be also be very clear, they're not they don't shy. I've noticed many times, they don't shy in expressing how they feel. But it is a Muslims in most cases, we feel very shy. Now. I'm not saying Please don't misunderstand me. I don't want you to ever go into an interfaith

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gathering and say, You're going to handle them. Okay? I'm not saying that. There is an etiquette, the Prophet SAW Salem, he was approached many times by Jews and by Christians and so forth. And they outright rejected him. But the policy will ever say you're going to join them? He never would say things of that type. And this is why if that discussion comes up in a very polite way we have to present I'm not saying we sugarcoat it, we have to very clearly present exactly what we believe in. And and how do you take it is how do you take it? That's, you know, well, we have to be very clear about what we believe in? Yes, we're not going to be very, we cannot be very explicit that you're

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going to go to Johanna, if you don't believe in this. You know, like I remember one time there was a group that came here and they asked what leads you to salvation, I said, You have to believe in monotheism, in the Oneness of Allah. And you have to believe in Muhammad. Now, what after that, how they understand it, you know, and what they take after that, from that, that's their thing. But we have to be very clear about what we believe in. And this idea, once again, should never be taken or misunderstood that all these people are going to go to Ghana, it's not that's not how it works. So I want to just take this idea and talk about this today. Ask Allah subhana without to give all of us

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ability to understand these ayat May Allah subhanho wa Taala eliminate any kind of doubts that we may have, and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to keep us steadfast upon his Deen upon his teachings and the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I mean Zakum Allah Subhana Allah 100 That's the word Allah either. Enter Nesta, if you're going to relate the Zachman Maha Samadhi don't play with

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