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Okay, because we're not going to human 100 labor blonde. Meanwhile, Salatu was Salam ala sayyidina, Muhammad wa, the use of page nine, I will have brothers and sisters today wanting to elaborate a cartoon just like Luffy thank you for joining us. Apologies for I think last week, we missed the class, I was unable to make it.

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And today we are on lecture number 24. of our series, Islam from scratch, we had moved on, I think, a week or so ago, a couple of lectures ago, we moved on to

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the study of of fic, which is very Islamic jurisprudence or the Islamic law. And, you know, if you follow the evolution of the series so far, it's almost says, Look, I've, um, I'm happy with the theology of Islam, I want to be a Muslim, I want to be a practicing Muslim, what do I need to do? What do I need to know to be a practicing Muslim, and this is sort of the the rituals living as a Muslim. And we did a whole lot of terminal introduction about the terminologies within thick, what is and is very important to understand these terminologies, these will come up all the time. And really, for those of you familiar with the word madhhab, schools of thought it in simple terms, it

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tries to classify your entire life in the bucket of wajib followed, you have to do it, compulsory things to do haram, you should not do it, you must not do it. knuffel recommended things to do macro things you should not do but it's not forbidden. And then in the middle, you know, we say Mubarak permitted, you have these no implications. And each one of those terminologies have a what we call a point, if you think about it, they have points attached to it. The Fall, if you do it, you get rewarded, if you don't do it, you get punished. So there's a positive mark or a negative mark, depending if you do it, Haram is the opposite. If you do it, you get a sin against you. If you avoid

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it, you get a reward to you.

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So that's the two extremes, what Farrokh and haram, then you get knuffel, and macro, those are optional. If you do it, you get rewarded. If you avoid the macro, you get rewarded. If you do the macro, you don't get sun, if you don't do enough on you get no sun, and you get the middle part MOBA, which carries no points. If you do it, you don't do it. It's equally and so that is important to understand, because it will become

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very relevant later on in our discussion. We then spoke about this point system is geared and ultimately remember, this is what will count on the dev Kiama. Because your entire life will be weighed on the scale, literally, we know there's going to be a scale where all the good points are going to put on one side, or the sevens are going to be put on the other side. And I was going to wave him in a manner which fits his majesty. And if you're good needs him Allah groundless, for us, you're good. Your right hand side of the scale outweighs the sin that inshallah you go to Jana, you know, you know, you go to China directly, if the negative side outweighs the good side, while there

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is a problem. And there are implications to that. We also mentioned

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that this point system only comes into play when you reach the age of puberty. So whatever a child does, you know, five year old child, there is no haram on them. And there's no follow up on them. Yes, we encourage them to do good. We encourage them to stay away from haram. But if they do the Haram, I was only going to punish them. They don't get any sense. If they do the good deeds. The good deeds will be and it's been encouraged by the parents that the parents get the good deeds, but there is no

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and this is becomes very important. So for example, Hajj, Hajj is compulsory, everyone must do a Hajj once in their lifetime. If you did the Hajj before you became caliph, it does not count you don't get the reward of Hajj, you must still do it again. So you are not in the game, if you will. We didn't get to you if you are doing things for speaking witches, it doesn't count. And this is before you become Caliph. Oh, they are those also who are not accountable. The pain has not been when you say the pain. The hadith says the pain has been lifted, there is no accountability on them. There are also those who are not able to make discerning decisions, people who have a mental

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deficiency, people who have some kind of disability where they're not able to make choices, they are permanently as a child mentally or they reach a certain age, you know, where they've sort of gone beyond the point of understanding. So as an old person may Malecon Shiva, they have Alzheimer's. They also would be exempted from a tech leaf. They would not be McAuliffe and those who go through a temporary lapse in judgment and you fall asleep. You become incapacitated, you have been intoxicated

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on the site on the question of intoxication. So say someone took some

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Some kind of drug, of course the drug is haram. And yes, if they do certain sins while intoxicated, definitely.

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It is attached to that. But there is a limitation on the accountability. So if a man divorces his wife, while being high, it will not count. So let's have a discussion. We didn't say the first area of this of tech leave the first priority. So now that we know you are McAuliffe you're being graded, you are on your inner in a in an exam. You need to start, you know, earning points. We say, Well, what is the most important thing, the most important thing is for a Muslim is Salah. And that's why it's very, very important, but I didn't mention this in detail at the beginning, the importance of Salah that

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there will be some says the line between us and between the believer and this believer and it is the line between Cooper. This belief and Iman in Salah is pray from Antarctica for the Kafir. And so Eva does not perform the salah. He is a non believer, he's not a Muslim, and the Sahaba were unanimous. And there's a very clear statement that they did not declare anybody as a kafir as a non Muslim who said the Kalama so long as I did not so long as that person did not leave off the Salah. So if someone says I'm a Muslim, I'm a Muslim hamdulillah but I don't make salah the whole day goes by, I'm at office alone make the word I don't make so I am stuck in traffic and I don't make Mercury I

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don't make up a budget now and then maybe I'll make a salary too. It's a major, major problem your Islam comes into question. And someone for example, even worse, he's does not go to Joomla for any other reason, really, his whole Islam as a Muslim, his position as Muslim, heavy is a question mark around ultimately, also, we do not declare anyone that claims to be Muslim as a non Muslim that's between them and Allah. But to reject Salah completely and not to perform Salah at all out of laziness is tantamount to prefer this is the position of most of them are they that the person who outright does not perform Salah out of laziness? Then his Islam is in question for the person who

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rejects Salah deliberately. So this is we call this Jordan he rejects the concept of Salah he says you know what? I believe in Islam I believe this one god I believe Hamza Salam is a prophet I believe the Quran is the word of Allah, but the salah up and down touch the ground. This is backward archaic, this is you know,

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you know we need to move on from that I don't make salah I meditate, and I reject the concept of Salah this outright Kufa. This is Cofer because he rejects the Quran and he rejects the sooner we're going to be solid. So most people who do performance Allah, they don't do it out of disk. They don't do it out of

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rebellion of Allah they if you ask them, brother Sister, why don't you perform salah they don't say well my mess I make Salah who's Allah they don't say that they'll say I'm lazy make dua for me, I'm just you know, I'll get there one day inshallah they still some goodness in that, but if you do not perform out of laziness, or your Salah, or days go by and you don't perform your Salah, and you you know, the very dangerous it becomes extremely, extremely dangerous not in terms of just in terms of sin in terms of bringing your entire Islam as a Muslim into question. And so, that is why Salah is you know it is a measure of your Eman and Allah protects Pamela as the scholars say if you really

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want to know the quality of your Eman, look at the quality of your Salah, Salah is your relationship with Allah. If your Salah is something which you take care of that you are conscious about you perform it on time you do it in a beautiful manner then your Eman inshallah is something which is in a good state. If you enjoy Salas panel and Allah grant us to get the you actually enjoy Salah Lagos, very special people who wake up and do extra salah, they wake up with a hatchet they make so much Doha then they they are in a very very strong relationship with Allah. And for the one who basically does his Salah last minute just before the work goes out, quickly get to get done, and as a burden,

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and Hamdulillah that person is still acknowledging Allah is my Lord, I need to obey Him, but Salah is an obligation. It's not really a relationship with Allah but that's so good. That's so fine. That's okay. And the person who completely neglected salah, while it is completely neglected this relation of ALLAH, so look to your Salah, I speak to myself first we are all negligent rassada We all did not perform it as we should. In the masjid on time when the work comes in. Then Elisa was asked what is the best deal I could do a man comes to CRO so Allah, I want to intergender what is the very best deed I can do to Indigena and then I will perform your Salah immediately whenever

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comes in. Don't worry about big things like Jihad building budgets, and you know, building orphanages, a humbler all that is good, but better than all of that is to perfect your Salah.

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perform it immediately when the work comes in. That is the best deal that one could do and then afterwards Be good to your parents after Allah subhanaw taala the most important people the most important relationship is that of one's parents. So Salah is the number one priority what after you've taken the Kalima Salah becomes the most important thing. And again, you we can spend an entire evening talking about the importance of Salah, Salah besides the obligation of it, it is also the thing that comes the heaviest on the day of karma. So ultimately, all of this of Islam is just I want to get to Jana. I want to get to Jana, so I can relax. I don't have to worry about anything

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else I can be happy. How do I get to Jana? While you need to pass the exam? How do I pass the exam, you focus on the big things and we don't have the Hadith we're gonna be select the first thing the believer will be questioned about so the first thing is whether you believe it or not, if you're this believer, you fail the exam, you get zero. My law predict if you are counted as a believer, then Allah is going to audit your life, audit our life. And the first thing he will look at is your Salah. And if your Salah is intact, if your salah is in good shape, if you have no deficiencies in your Salah and you pass that question, then you have basically intergender the rest of your life

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that ends and since that you spent the year and the the things you listen to look at good or bad My Allah gave us those things will be minor compared to the salah one. So focus on the Salah, perfect the Salah, and in sha Allah, you are one foot in Jannah you're one foot in gender, may Allah grant us the ability

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to be better and to be more punctual and to be observed within our salah I can go on and on and on Allah you'll find in the Quran.

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Allah Subhana Allah says we're upheaval Salah He never says what for you and pray solo means beg Salah will Akiva Salah he always say and make a call make establishment of Salah. So what's the difference?

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The difference is pm Kurama you'll find it when the Prophet Allah talks about caring for your family, your wife use the same term. Be conscious be caring love, prioritize, prioritize may be a good way to maintain your so it is established, maintain, prioritize, be firm, make this part of your life let it be part of your every single is Pamela.

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And may Allah groundless. For us, it's also a beautiful thing as a Muslim, where you can say I'm 50 6070 Since I was McAuliffe since McCullough for before, say from the age of 1213, five times a day, every single day of my life, whether it was hot or cold, whether I was fasting or not fasting, whether I was traveling, whether our sick, whether I was working when I was on holiday, five days, five times a day, I made solid, my Rob, I performed my salah, what better symbol is the I'm a Muslim, that I worship Allah I submit to him that I bow to him 17 times if you look at all the superfoods in the nativity,

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and so, rather than raka as a 17 times two is of course the default. So Subhanallah this is it's an amazing thing, that you perform your Salah, your Kadima says La Ilaha illa Allah that there is none worthy of worship of Allah. Allah is the only one that should be worshipped. That's what you say, no one else must be worship but him then Allah has but now he's my worship.

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Where's the worship? I didn't perform salah. You say yes Allah, you deserve to be worshipped but I didn't worship you, then that's even worse, in a way. nonetheless. That is all the introduction to Salah. So Allah will bring blessings and Baraka in your life. Salah is the thing that will bring comfort to you in times of difficulty, Salah is the thing that will open up a door, in your business in your relationship. It's blocked, the Salah, your relation with Allah, that is the thing and to have that opportunity five times a day to speak to the Lord of the universe, what Allah that is what Allah is offering is not for him. Allah doesn't get any benefit from my salah. But it's for me that

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Allah fixes things in our life. Allah wipes away your sin when you perform Salah and he protects you from calamity as you perform your Salah. So may Allah grant us that and then we said well, if salah is the door to Jana, then the door to Salah is Tahara you cannot perform Salah without understanding purification and that is where we start talking about the different types of substances. So with purification, the first thing is

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to understand

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that substances come into three types. They are substances which are what we call the hoorah color, they are pure, they are clean, and they are purifiers so they are clean, and they can purify dirty things. And for our purposes to make life easy. The only substance

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which is power who is free is liquid water. So water can be ice, that's a solid form, it can be guess steam or it can be a liquid it flows. So the only substance on Earth that is pure and can remove impurity, by default is liquid water in its natural state. Again,

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every substance is either thawed which is pure, which is a purifier, bar which is clean, or digest which is dirty, is the only categories a substance can fall into. The whole category is a substance which is clean in itself, and it can purify impurities. And the only substance which is polluted is liquid water in its natural state. So, water from the ocean even though it's salty, even though you can't drink it, it is power, water that comes down as rain. But you can drink is to hold water that's in the river in its natural state power water that you take from the well it might have a taste in it, if it's in its natural state, it is tolerable and he can be used as a purifier. Then we

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said there is a type of category called nudges. These are impure substances and the about 10 of them. So, we will go through the list of things which are dirty nudges and then we have everything else besides the nudges and the door is what we will tolerate these are substance which are clean by default, but they cannot purify you you cannot wash with it. You cannot console with it. You cannot take we do with it, it cannot remove an impurity and shall.

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So one might ask well okay, what if so, the type of impurity, which we all know is unique, you read is one of the Jassa if you read is on your clothes, you cannot perform salah, wear that or that you wear that clothing.

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If you're urinated you need to purify yourself through Moodle. So we have urien which is that is you have a cup of water, which is pure, you took the cup out you took way to the ocean, you took a bucket of water so that water is the hole. If I utilize that bucket, I use a pour the urine inside that bucket of water what happens now? I have mixed data with substance with energy substance what happens now?

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If I were to urinate in the ocean, the be Gaucher. I'm on a ship and a urinate in the ocean.

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Does the ocean become nervous? So that's our question.

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Any questions so far?

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Everybody following

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obeyed has a question. You said.

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Yep. What is?

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Like okay, or something? Yeah. So make asks, well, water is a natural state, many of us we don't take water from the natural point anymore. No one goes to the well, no one goes to the ocean in the river and you get water in the tap. You get water that has been distilled or purified or whatever it is, is that still in its natural state?

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From we're not talking about at a minut level we talking about?

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With a naked eye? Does it look in its natural state? Does it look like water in its natural state? Does it taste like water in its natural state? Does it smell like water is that just if those boxes are ticked, then by default it has remained in its natural state.

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So when you open the tap yes, there's been chlorine maybe that's been added to it or fluoride has been added to it. The water that you get from the shop, there has been certain minerals that have been added to it. So by actually bringing on cube, right, so if you if you look at this, we all know what water there is not a fresh water. So let's let's divide the water between fresh and salty ocean water and or other waters. We know that facial water has a certain color that it is translucent or transparent. You can see through it that it doesn't have a smell and

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it doesn't have a specific taste. If it meets those three criteria, it is deemed to be natural. It is the even though it was taken out of its natural environment and went through certain processes. It is deemed to be natural, and that's fine inshallah so your your water from the tap, unless some there was some contamination and the water comes out Brown, then it's not natural. The water in the pool, you've added so much chlorine, it has a smell, you can smell it doesn't smell like water anymore. That, oh, it's some water mixed with chlorine, then it's not in its natural state. So in the past that many of you might have said, you know, when we were kids, the Imam went into such long

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lengths to talk about types of water

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So it's not even relevant anymore. Yeah, back in the day, you know, before plumbing Subhanallah, people had to wonder, can I take this water out of the well can I take will do with it? Can I hustle with it? We are humbly living such luxury, we don't have to worry about such things. So for all intents and purposes, if the water is clear, it doesn't have a smell, it does have a taste, it is deemed to be natural, unless it's from the ocean, where it should have a kind of a taste, which is salty, that is fine. So getting back to our question, if I were to mix Urim, with water,

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pure water, what happens? So without getting into too much of the technical details, one would say, if you urinate in a cup,

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and write that cup of water is no one's gonna drink it, that cup of water is dirty. It's nudges. Whereas if you urinate in the ocean, nothing happens. You're you will still jump in the ocean and swim. And so what's the difference? While the quantities that depending on how big the water is? That is going to determine if the when they mix together? Are they are they are they fine. So if a little amount of water is mixed with the Jassa, it becomes impure. If a lot of water is mixed with no Jassa, when it's not, it has no effect. Now what is the literal word Salaat is a whole lot of technical shadier discussions, it's called cooler, cooler time to coolers for our purposes, it is

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190 liters. So roughly 200 liters, is deemed a lot of water, anything less than 190 is deemed a little water. So if you urinate

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in a bucket of 50 liters, that water is not just if you urinate in a bath of 100 liters. That bath is nudges. If you urinate in anything that is less than 190 liters, or by default, it is nice, even if the smell or the taste or the color of the water has not changed. So if I have dropped, I put one drop of urine

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in 100 liter bucket of water, that water is no longer power, you cannot take do that.

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However, if you were to put NASA in water that is more than 190. And it doesn't impact the color smell or taste of the water, the net water remains pure.

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If the color does change, if I for example, I have 200 liters of water, and I add 200 liters of urine in there, of course the color is going to change. So now that what is notice, if I add some chemical in there, like our pool, our pool has more than 190 liters, because there is a chemical added that change the color the smell of the water, it is no longer to hold it. So boy is that nudges. But it's not. It's not a word, you cannot also take we do with that water. So that's the rule.

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Again, very simply, if any Energizer is added to water less than 190, that water cannot be used for power, you can think we do with it. If the water is more than 190. And you add much acid to it, then we say well, I have two options. Option one, the energizer did not change any of the characteristics of the water. If it didn't change, then would they still find voodoo? If any of the characteristics, any one of the characteristics of taste, color, texture smell changed, then

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it becomes not just any questions, this part of the teaching is very, very technical. For some it's very enjoyable for others, it might be a bit dry, any questions?

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Okay, are they no questions?

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We now talk about NASA. So now we know that the only pure pure only purifier only tallwood substance is liquid water Hamdulillah. A side note on this, this this liquid? We were told, I don't know but how many liters of water you drink a day two liters. What do they say three because

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a capsule two liters. And that's what the science tells you

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as well. And so obviously this water has a very special

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and, you know maybe the those who have more knowledge can speak about this. But what is a very special kind of substance, you know, it is the most precious, you know substance for life. When they go when the scientists look into space, I'm looking for life. How do they look? You know this, the universities are big. They look for liquid water, a place where the temperature is not too cold, it's not too hot. It is just right through the water to be liquid. And if the water is liquid, there is a possibility of life. And this goes in line with what we find in the Quran where Allah says we've made every living creature

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From liquid water, you know he didn't, he didn't in Arabic, it's very specific when you say map Marvins, flowing water, water that is liquid. And Allah says everything that is alive, whether it's the angels or the gene or people, they have some water in it. And we also know very interestingly, if you look at the geography of the universe, or the summer, what you have our world and our world is part of a universe, that universe is part of what is called the first heaven, that first heaven, or the is the lowest one, and then on top of it is the second third, until you reached the Seventh Heaven, to the seventh, the highest heaven.

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The higher you go, you get to three schools here with that, that's the the last creation that really no creation can go beyond it. Only the prophets Allah went beyond that Israel, the Mirage, above the seasons will die is the currency, the footstool of Allah, even though Allah does not please feed or chase or anything like that, but he has a courtesy. Then, above the courtesy

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is not the Throne of Allah. It's an ocean of water policies in the Quran, that the Irish the Throne of Allah is suspended on an ocean of water. So this thing, this liquid is really the highest creation

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underneath the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala. And from that ocean of water, every living creature was brought to life. So at some, it's a very Subhanallah an amazing, amazing substance, the most amazing substance in creation is liquid water and Allah. So we spoke about pure substance which is liquid water. Now we are talking about the other bucket dirty bucket, which is Natasha that Jessa impurities come into two types. They are it Allah speaks about in the Quran, that certain things are that it is they are dirty. And there's if for example, Allah says yeah, he will live in Amman oh those of you believe in them and Moshe Coonan I just that Verily the idol worshippers the policies,

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they are unclean, they are dirty. They are nudges Valia Valia caribou, Yakubu Masjidul haram about the Amin had and therefore they are not allowed to enter the masjid halacha to Intermec. So one of our brothers that is to eliminate we did this clause he said I believe it and make dua my granny is not a Muslim, but I visit her and sometimes she hugs me and she kisses me. Is her kiss. Notice Allah says the mushy keen oddity. The unbelievers are nudges Are they are they if she kisses me is my will do broken Keramik Salah and install some of

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my wet keys get any game you still got my cheek, what now? So we say that this is not physical impurity, it is. It is a spiritual impurity. Allah also calls the using of

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a bones and arrows for fortune telling. The arrows are the causes or nudges. The arrows are nudges. And the use of gambling is nudges. So does it mean when the guy rolls the dice, that is when he breaks? He is obviously commit sin, but it is not the when Allah says majesty, he means it is spiritually dirty. It is spiritually detached from Allah subhanaw taala. So they are spiritual impurities. We're not talking about that in this class, this is all about physical impurities that can be removed with with water.

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So, what are those physical impurities that can be removed with water?

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What are the physical impurities while the list is number one human and animal excretions like you read in experiments or anything you know the scholars summarize it the basically any substance that exits the front and the back passage economic Mala Mala covers up anything that exits your front private path and your back private pot. Anything that is solid, liquid or gas is deemed to be not just to make life easy. It is deemed to be nudges. Yes, they are sorted. One might say what about a baby, a baby comes out is it not just Subhanallah it's not going to those very extreme kinds of scenarios. But for all intents and purposes, anything into it comes out of the front of the back of

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an animal or a person is not just blood is deemed by most most maps to be nudges. Although they are certainly exceptions. Remember, we are you this is a foundational class, it is not an advanced class. So blood we will do blood to be to be nudges.

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And also understand there is also an element of of minutus if this, you know you are you. You have a small cut and a drop of blood comes out. It doesn't it's sort of negligible. The Sharia also ignores negligible

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things when you're fasting, you're inhaling a and in that eight is water doesn't mean you're fast breaks, it's negligible.

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muddy, and worthy, these are two sexual discharge. So any any fluids exits the private part because of a. So the first one was about exclusions, you know, you release an exclusion. But muddy and Wadi

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are two types of discharge that exists the male and the female private part due to sexual of a sexual nature. So, in our vernacular, we call this pre ejaculate, or pre come and ejaculated, which is the, you know, the, the climax. If you don't know I'm talking about that, maybe this class is a bit too advanced for you. And then all types of milk that comes out of a human or an animal that is unlawful for consumption, so maybe we shouldn't use the human because it is obviously human milk is for consumption, but an animal that cannot be eaten. So the milk that comes out of your cat according to get that will be deemed as nudges, okay. Any type of discharge, that is of a of a, from

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a wound or a pass any kind of harmful discharge out of the body, which is a indication of something dying, of gangrene, or those kinds of things would be not just vomit is deemed to be not just animals that are dead, the carcass of a dead animal that cannot be eaten. Up rather, the carcass of a dead land animal that cannot be eaten, is deemed to be najis. So, there are two types of land animals you can't eat. You can't eat land animals. Even certain animals you can never eat them, even if you score by them. Lions, tigers,

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rhinos, sound like any animal which can never be eaten. The carcass is deemed as nudges

00:31:54--> 00:32:20

and animals which you can eat, but they were not slaughtered correctly. The cow died of natural causes, that carcass is deemed as nudges. But there's only for land animals. As for aquatic waterborne animals, they are never never nudges. So if they are taken out of the ocean, they are never floated. They are deemed to be halal. All animals from the ocean are always deemed to be halal.

00:32:21--> 00:32:41

Except of course, if it is allowed to be consumed, but none of them are just even the animals you can't consume. So they're certain there are certain waterborne animals you can't eat. Because if you eat them, you could die because of a poisonous whatever is haram to eat them because they're gonna kill you. But it's not magic. Right? They're not nudges if they blood falls on you, no problem.

00:32:42--> 00:33:17

Historically, analysis, classical thick, any form of liquid intoxicant was deemed to be not just any substance, that if you drink it, it makes you drunk alcohol. For example, if you were to drink it, it would make it is deemed actually the Shafi method in particular, and we are in Chaffey county here, they would deem that if you are if someone pulled some alcohol on your clothes, you can make Salah wear that clothing because it is not just any liquid, which if drunk can intoxicate you, it is deemed to be nudges. And then dogs and pigs in particular,

00:33:18--> 00:33:26

are classified as, as najis. Even the loving ones. And this is a bit different. Your loving cat is not notice

00:33:27--> 00:33:51

the difference between eight and 10 is the one that is dead. A dead carcass of a cat is not nice. But if your cat you know, muffins, sits on your lap and they ease on you. No problem if she likes you no problem. If she urinated on you, it's a problem. But if she likes you no problem. The loving Hey, and the body of an animal that even you can't eat, it isn't badgers.

00:33:53--> 00:34:16

Way as dogs and pigs, even the loving ones of them is nudges. So by implication, some other hubs have seen and we'll talk this maybe in more detail. They hate the skin of a pig. They hear of a dog, the saliva of the pig, the saliva of the dog is not just unlike cats and tigers and all those other animals. So yeah. Are there any questions or is there two there are two areas which needs further discussion.

00:34:20--> 00:34:20

Any question

00:34:22--> 00:34:22


00:34:26--> 00:34:27

online guys

00:34:30--> 00:34:32

are there any questions online?

00:34:34--> 00:34:35

Okay, so

00:34:38--> 00:34:38


00:34:41--> 00:35:00

Make sure you continue to share again. Okay, we still sharing. So this is your list of nyassa. On this list, there are two elements which could be controversial. For most of us. We agree that any kind of unit is not just that sexual discharge sexual assault from a private party right? Not sexual discharge from you

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

mouths you kissing in the saliva. Now, the discharge from your private part we all accept as najis.

00:35:05--> 00:35:11

We will all deem that they did caucus is not just for me, it is not just Okay, no problem. Some of you might say, I have a dog.

00:35:13--> 00:35:36

That is the dog, if the dogs he is on me is that madness, we need to talk about that because people do own dogs and you're allowed to own a dog within certain requirements in the Sharia, but you are allowed to own a dog, but they are strict requirements, it just not not just you can just have a dog as a pet, the requirements for having a dog, and then liquid in toxic and someone's hang on our sanitizer.

00:35:38--> 00:35:43

As has alcohol in it a type of substance. And in fact, we used to clean

00:35:44--> 00:35:45

and Subhanallah

00:35:46--> 00:36:30

your perfume as an alcohol a type of alcohol in it. So when I spray my yoga bus on me, and I go to the magic uncovered Energizer, can I make so now like that. And so these are two questions that are classically has been deemed as nudges. But we need to discuss this in a little bit, a little more more of detail. So okay, we've got some time. So let's go into the, or alcohols, energies, I must make a side note, you actually you don't want to take a side note here. What because most of you understand that in Islamic scholarship in Sharia their format, for schools of thought there are four opinions. And we should stick as much as we can to one of those opinions, as good good as a good

00:36:30--> 00:36:31

segue to start discussing.

00:36:33--> 00:36:38

You should, as you go through your scholarly life, as you go through as a student,

00:36:39--> 00:37:09

you initially start as what we call you make tech lead, you follow one school of thought and stick to that. And you don't chop and change. When you get to a certain level of understanding, you are now able to explore other opinions, because not one, no one school of thought has all the right opinions, you may now go and get a second opinion. And if you're able to judge to the two opinions and choose the better one, that you may do so but you must have a level of understanding. It's not just you are must have studied formally.

00:37:11--> 00:37:11


00:37:13--> 00:37:32

but you can but you are limited to the four opinions, you cannot go to an opinion outside of those four, unless you have reached an extremely high level of academic understanding of Islam, where you can almost have an independent opinion, and all of our gifts. And I'll give an example for this. If you are a Sikh, if you are a patient,

00:37:33--> 00:38:13

you should go to your family doctor for diagnosis. This is a doctor who has seen you and as assist you your whole life, they have yo yo they have your stats and all of that, go and stick with your family doctor. Now does it mean your family doctor is the best doctor in the world? No. But don't chop and change without any knowledge. So you should not diagnose yourself. If you're not a doctor, you should use us a patient who has their aesthetic medicine, you go to the doctor, you ask the doctor, look, I have a cough, what should I take? He says here, take this tablet, you don't ask any questions, you just following that whole technique. If you are a doctor, you've studied medicine.

00:38:14--> 00:38:43

And now a patient comes to you. Well, now you have an answer to say, Well, you could take either this bit, you can either take up an auto or you could take a discipline, he now has the ability to offer treatment within the spectrum of the bathtubs. So whatever the agreed possibilities, he chooses the best one, and this person is called a witch died. So if you are formally studied in Sharia, you can chop and change between the mud herbs, because you have the tools to do so.

00:38:44--> 00:39:21

If you have become a professor in medicine, you can now propose experimental treatment, you can say you know what, there is a brand new drug. It's not in any of the textbooks. But I've started the research I can recommend. Now you have the ability to do that. So similarly, like you have in medicine, the person who has no medical training, you don't have the right to go to Google and diagnose yourself and most certainly you can find no someone else. If you have not studied the Sharia in a dark room or in a Sunday University, when you are a student, you just take what the Imam and the chef tells you, you stick to one and you basically Of course you can discuss it, you have

00:39:21--> 00:39:58

the ability to consult different doctors no problem. But you should really not be diagnosing anyone else. You should not be giving factoids to anybody else. If you studied formally, as a university or in a dark room, you now have the ability not to chop and change between the mother hops out of wool and fancy, but you can say look, I've studied the Shafi method, but I find in this area, the Hanafi madhhab is stronger. I have studied the Hanafi madhhab. But I believe the humbly method be stronger in that opinion. And I have all my evidences and I and I'm comfortable and choosing the struggle opinion to reach that you need to be formally trained in the Sharia. And then of course, if you want

00:39:58--> 00:40:00

to get to the level of a Mufti where you can say

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

You know what, within the form of hubs, I have a unique opinion that is basically different. It's very rare that you will find a matter which goes contrary to an opinion that goes outside of the form of hubs.

00:40:12--> 00:40:16

But if you ever reach a certain level, you may do so.

00:40:17--> 00:40:18

Any questions on that?

00:40:19--> 00:40:54

This is usually when people ask quite frequently, what method should I follow? What methods are we teaching at the end of the day? Remember, the mother hubs are trying to understand the Quran and the Sunnah in the best way possible. And yes, every month hub, all four of them offer Mother Mother hubs, if you stick to them, it will lead to jannah inshallah, all format hubs are based on the same methodology. So you asked what is the difference between the Chavi Hanafi? What are the different from others? They all agree on the same thing. We will if you ask a question of the Shafi the height of the email, you will say I'll go to the Quran. I will look first in the Quran. If I don't find it

00:40:54--> 00:41:00

in the Quran, I will look to the Sunnah there'll be some luck, if I don't find in the Sunnah. I will look at the Sahaba they all agree on the same thing.

00:41:02--> 00:41:38

But they disagree at times, when the one person that eats the ayah and we'll get to this when the Shafi is that eat the idea about touching a woman does break you were doing he understands it differently, the harder he reads it, he comes to a different conclusion. All of them reading the same Quran the same idea, because you can read it you can interpret in different opinions. And that's permissible. And that's why we have different modalities, but all four are good and 100 or even in the differences. It's a mercy from Allah because it allows us flexibility in our Sharia now very different to the first part of the series. The first part of the series is very clear.

00:41:39--> 00:42:06

There is no secret opinion. There's one Allah, there is no second opinion. There are five pillars of Islam. There are six pillars of iman, you have to believe in angels, you can't say well, there's an opinion that says they're not angels know, the theology of Islam is non negotiable. We as the fic and the legal side of Islam, the is interpretation, there is flexibility and inshallah as you go through this, you understand it better. I think our time is up. Are there any questions? Any comments?

00:42:08--> 00:42:18

Just like he couldn't so much. And we asked last Monday except we continue next week with the love was Allah saying that Mohammed or Islam was serene hamdulillah belong to me. I said Armani commercial line obrigado