Common Mistakes During Ramadan – Odour During Salaah

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni


AI: Summary © The host of a video about the importance of smell in one's life and how it can affect one's mood. He explains that people come to the salon and try to smell good, but they do not like it because it can cause one's health issues. He also mentions that people may not be able to avoid certain aspects of the salon if they are isolated from others.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode and our Siri common mistakes and the Milan

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the point that I want to mention today

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it's something that as an Imam I hear about it a lot. I don't get to experience experience that much because of my position in the salon, but I know of it, which is

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people come to the mustard while they their clothes or their body otter smells so strong

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or the eat you know, Mashallah I'm healthy. I'm eating salad. You know, even in the mustard that day I saw a spot and a mustard and the solid and the mustard filled with fresh green onions and yellow onions and white onions and purple onions, you know, and wash Alavi consuming and they come to line up with a salad no individual Selim said if you consume onion or

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garlic don't come to the mustard because of the smell that comes out of your mouth that it's bothered the angels and bother the believers are on you. Same thing people smoke and they come to the mustard and they're you know they're this spread Mashallah their nicotine and their breath that filled with cigarettes around to the people next to them and it can be

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you know, very disturbing and it's not allowed for the Muslim to come to the message like that. Also, some people come to the mustard and their clothes, Masha Allah you think you are you somebody came next to you and pray and their claws like they just for example, just fired core or like you know or fire some falafel and you know, and you like Mashallah, in the restaurant you feel you're not in the master because of the clothes and how it smells sisters and brothers. So you know what if you cook them Mashallah you consume all the smoke coming from the food, maybe it's a good idea for you either to change the food take shower, put some perfume and come to the master put some

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deodorant before we come to us especially this year Ramadan coming in a little bit more

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warmer weather, it is something important for you to pay attention to it that will first of all for yourself because our physiology impact our psychology. If I smell good, if I look good, if I dress nice, I will enjoy my salon more I will focus on my Salama and also it is important for that environment at all. You know somebody walked in domestic it's different experience when the smell nice and everything smell good versus you know it smell like you know

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you know unpleasant smell is unpleasant smell, when it smelled good or smell bad makes a big difference in the mood of the person. The people next to you, even the angels to the other will be bothered by that smell. So it makes sure that you pay attention to this. But also for our sisters remember the prophets are seldom said as an Imam Muslim reported in the men Assad bullhorn fellow to shed manna a Salah if you put perfume on don't come to the masjid that's something that Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said but you can put deodorant, that's not a problem.

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inshallah tada and if the sisters are completely isolated from the brothers, there's no any ignore hallways nothing they don't meet. They don't come across each other's if she put some body spray or something like that, that will not travel that will be fine as well. Insha Allah tada

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May Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us are Salalah, Solomon and abena Mohamad. Subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ is not gonna lie to us and I want to go