Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2019 – Therapy – Day 25

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of showing love for Allah is emphasized in the discussion of the book "The Jesus and the Holy Spirit." It describes a woman who experiences healing and transformation from a culture of fear and wants to be respected. The speaker also discusses the use of the words "Hadith" in narration and action on a graph, as it is graded as a honor for the Prophet, and the importance of showing love for one another to increase chances of being attracted to Allah. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of showing love for one another and bringing them closer to Allah, as it will benefit those who love Allah.
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I set on wanting to lie on a couch what's your brother Hey Rahim with another Ramadan therapy may Allah subhana wa tada make this Ramadan a blessing month a month of forgiveness expiation of our sins a month of healing and cure to that which ails our hearts and our behavior with others. May Allah Subhana Allah make it a month of therapy and in great distance Baraka and its blessing Allahumma Ameen. May Allah accept the 24 days that have passed were in there at number 25 and also kind of went to Allah give us a good completion for the month of Ramadan except its entirety from us and be more generous to us than we anticipate, for he is at a job and can he somehow know what to

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The most majestic the most Hi, today I am delighted to share with you this beautiful drop this drop of beauty and healing and therapy. I do I wear the prophets I seldom narrates the do out of a prophet, and therefore that you know that immediately sparks your interest. This is a drug that is so significant that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam quotes that you are of a prophet. Now this isn't just any prophet of God, the prophets I seldom quotes this prophet of God and he describes this as being God an Abbot and buchon that this particular man was the most serving of God. He was the most devoted before God the most connected to God, of those who connected themselves

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and who were given scripture by Allah. This was one of the elite amongst them, it is that who the alayhis salam, David, peace and blessings be upon him. This Hadith is also narrated by a Buddha that that led him Allahu Allah, who was one of the zoo Zoo had the Sahaba, those who forsake the dunya, those who turned to the North African or those who were, you know, gave a firm covenant to Allah, those who stood up late at night in their prayers reciting the Quran in their standing before Allah, those who were the first to given their charity that the last to take from others out there that is from the elite of the Sahaba and the dryer that he usually narrates, in the Hadith he narrates from

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the prophets I seldom usually run along that same vein where he speaks about the spiritual connections of the Prophet Isola. Now this hadith is quite compelling to me and others it's graded as has an acceptable Hadith for narration and action upon it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said Canada, Minda, he Deadwood from the drop of the Buddha Islam, the Prophet says from the drop that he used to make and there were many others. can they afford a lot of money as he would say, Oh Allah, I asked you for your lump will help me you handbook and I asked you to bless me with the love of those who love you. While I'm in the liver you believe Huni illa

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hubback and our law I asked you to make me love the deeds that bring me closer to your love that endear me closer to you. Allow me to come back at 100 a minute see, we're actually women and men in our law, I asked you to make your love more dear to me more blessed and more are loved and beloved to me. Then what is the love I have for myself or my family or even a sip of cold water in the heat of the day? Allahu Akbar. What a beautiful derive from a beautiful prophet narrated by the best and Master of prophethood Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So I repeat this out to you and make it a part of your repertoire, that we increase our love for Allah and that Allah is

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his beloved to us. Because the love of Allah is extended to us which makes us love him. Whenever Allah speaks to us in the Quran, he speaks about rather your lover I know one other one. When Allah loves you, you love him. When Allah is content with you, you become content with him. So we asked a lot for his love. And that's the beginning of your relationship with God that you ask Allah Subhana Allah to love you which will make you love Allah. And many people when they as they say show you hey, I want to increase my love for Allah, my love for the prophets, I send them know that it will only increase when the love of Allah increases for you. So you have to draw closer to Allah with the

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things that will endear you to him, which will be actions that you have to perform. So listen now carefully as I retell you this drop of Deadwood la celeb Allahumma inni as Luca hubdoc Oh Allah I beseech you, I beg you I request a view your love.

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Oh Allah it's not Oh Allah, let me love you. It's all love, love me because if you love me, I will love you. Along make me as I don't get held back will help me in your head book and the love of those who love you. Why is that important? Because those who are connected to Allah will lead you to Allah. Those who are connected to Allah are invoking God and they will invoke God on your behalf. Those who are loving of Allah will increase in their love and will radiate and encompass you in the love that they have for Allah. And then for the prophets I seldom teaches is that of the most sincere love is the love of a person for another for only Allah sake, that we should say to each

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other or hibou, Kapila I love you because of my love for Allah. May Allah make us lovers of each other for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah made me as I look back oh ally asked you, I beg you

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Your love,

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what however your handbook and the love of those who love you will help Bellarmine and the love of the actions that will make me love you that will make you love me will help make your handbook while I'm in LA you may live on Isla herbig. And I love the deeds, the actions that would lay the Torah we're the past thing in the, in the long days, the recitation of the Quran even when I'm tired and bored and disconnected and can't understand everything that I'm reciting will happen and the deeds that everybody resists doing, I wish to do them all up, put love in my heart for the things that are arduous to get from my wealth when I want to hoard it, to give for my health and spend it in in

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helping and assisting others to get for my time which is precious to me to give him for my energy and my son Dr. Weil, Hyman a levy you went live Huni illa herbig that will allow me to reach your love to allow me to earn your love. And therefore the way you earn the love of Allah is through actions. And it might be that these actions are performed that you haven't grown in love to Allah but you perform them hoping for the love of Allah. I love men. Yes, I know God will help me you handbook What? Whatever your handbook Well, I'm in the actions and your levy you believe in your handbook that will allow me to reach your love. Aloha magic. Becca Oh Allah make your love. I have

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bet la Ameen. Next see where le when Matt embeded Oh Allah make your love more precious to me more dear to me more beloved by me. Then what I love for myself and what I would love of my family and what I would even love, have a sip of cold water on a difficult and hard day. What a powerful way Allah subhanaw taala make this

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healing and light and Baraka and blessing for us. May it be a drive that you remember on a little card. Don't forget the drive later that we studied earlier. Which I remind you with today Allahumma indicar fu to him one last time for me along with Nick I flew to him would have for me a long way in the UK I flew to him wouldn't have for me.

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It was it was ridiculous. He never met your brother your high Brahim with another Ramadan therapy. You're at number 25 the joy of the love of God

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