Ikram Sanaullah – Representing the Muslim community during the African Union Summit

Ikram Sanaullah
AI: Summary © The Muslim community has taken actions to address the challenges of drug and mental health disorders, including mental health issues and drug addiction. The community has launched educational programs and support networks to increase awareness and access services for individuals affected by these conditions. The community is also focused on fostering understanding and partnership with healthcare providers and mental health organizations to remove obstacles and ensure the will of the communities.
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And we're going to move over now to shaky Cron is another good morning to everyone.

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Respected excellences and do I guess

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I stand before you today to address a topic of paramount importance how Islam perceives the challenges of drugs and related mental health disorders, and the dedicated measures taken by the Muslim organizations in Zambia. To prevent these pressing issues

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in the world grappling with the profound consequences of job and its impact on mental health, it is crucial to explore how Islam views these challenges and inspiring steps that the Muslim community has undertaken to address and prevent them. Islam as a as a realistic faith, places great emphasis on mental health, the Quran, the holy book, and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad guide is to maintain the same mind and a heart, recognizing that reading encompasses spiritual, emotional and psychological dimensions. In Islam, the concept of maths underlines the importance of inner peace and tranquility.

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Serenity teachings clearly discouraged the consumption of substances that lead to intoxication. This prohibition is rooted in the desire to protect individuals from harm and maintain their mental and physical health. Drug addiction is one of the most significant causes of self destructing and life threatening behaviors. Were the clear information about this. Were the clear information about this reality as the Almighty says, When I tell people

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do not cast yourselves with your own hands into destruction,

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made the response from the Muslim community

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has demonstrated remarkable dedication to addressing these challenges. Number one, educational initiatives. Most recently, Islamic centers and community organizations have launched educational programs to increase awareness about the harmful effects of drug abuse and mental health disorders. support systems have been put in place. Many organizations have established support networks that offer assistance to individuals and families affected by drug addiction and mental health issues. These networks provide a safe space for open discussion and seeking help. Counseling Services. The Muslim community recognizes the importance of professional mental health support. As such, there are

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now numerous Islamic counseling and mental health services available to provide culturally sensitive care chaplaincy services in correctional facilities? Chapman's chaplaincy services are offered in correctional facilities. Because the inmates need spiritual support. Their faith helps them cope with the tough emotions of being in prison, like feeling sad, scared, and separated from family members. They might feel guilty like they've lost their freedom and need guidance. Our chaplains provide care and help them through these difficult times. The future plan is to expand these services to the hospitals as well. While progress has been made challenges persist, including stigma

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and limited access to services. The Muslim organizations in Zambia actively seeks partnerships with healthcare providers and mental health organizations to remove these barriers. In conclusion, the Muslim community in harmony with the principles of Islam acknowledges the gravity of drug abuse and mental health disorders by fostering understanding education and support. We are taking meaningful steps to prevent these issues and ensure the will of the communities Thank you very much.

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Thank you so much.

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