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The Story of A Verse #10 – Like A Panting Dog

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Ibrahim Hindy

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The Quran tells us the story of Balaam Balaam was a man of knowledge, he had knowledge of the Scripture he had knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He was a man that when he would make dua, to Allah Subhan, Allah to Allah, Allah would accept his da almost immediately. He was known amongst his people as being a righteous good man. Balaam was from Kenya and you know of the Canaanites and it's the land. That's Moosa and Benny in Swahili fled to when they were leaving Egypt, one day, the people of Kenya on came to that bell and they said to him, moose and bunnies are coming here. They want to take over our land. They said to the lamb, you need to make dua to Allah, that Allah defeats

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them, Allah gets rid of them now, but as a man of knowledge, he knows that Mousavi Salaam is a prophet, one of the greatest prophets of Allah azza wa jal, and that his followers are believers. He should have said to his people, let's not fight them, let's accept them. These are people who believe in Allah Subhana Allah, this is one of the greatest prophets. Let's find a way to accept them instead of fighting them and getting rid of them. But they went to Vietnam and they said to him, we will give you money, we'll give you position will give you status, just get rid of these people, we don't want them. And so bill accepted what they were offering him and he stood up and he

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started to make da against Moosa and against penaeus, right. But every time he would try to make against moose and Benny's rot in his tongue, would start saying things against himself and against his own people he was making against himself. The people stopped and they said, but I'm How is it? Every time you were making, you're making law against us, not against Mussolini's law, he, he said, I don't have any control over my tongue. Every time I tried to speak Allah changes my words. So then I'm said to them, Listen, I know that Allah subhanaw taala curses the people who do Zina, the people who do sin so he said to them, take the most beautiful women in your city and beautify them and send

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them out to seduce the soldiers of Mossad s&m, so that they will do Zina and Allah will curse them.

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And Allah subhanaw taala revealed these verses about Balaam.

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fusa whom can yell lemo moon? What Allah subhanho wa Taala discusses Beckham and he describes him. He says what oh [???]. Now a lot of fun. Now who would be here? If we wanted to, we would have elevated him with his knowledge we would have raised him with his knowledge. So Pamela knowledge is something that can elevate you, raise you in this world and in the next world. Allah Subhana Allah says, Well, I can no alcanada Elon, but he rather threw himself to the ground. He threw himself to the earth with tebah, Hawaii, he followed his desires in his lusts, when we follow our desires in our lusts, it doesn't cause us to be elevated. It brings us down, it demeans us. It makes us lowly

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and to the ground Allah. Allah says he's clinging to the earth, clinging to the ground because of his desires. And then Allah subhanaw taala either describes him like a panting dog. He describes him like the dog that's panting its tongue as out. He says, If you chase the dog, it pants and if you leave the dog and you don't chase it, it's still pants, Allah how to how to describe some of this terrible description. Why does Allah Subhana Allah describe him as a panting dog, because the dog, whether you chase it or not, it's still panting and Balaam whether he has knowledge of a lot or he doesn't, he still commits these evil sends and tries to follow his base desires. And Allah subhanaw

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taala gives this example. Because the dog is incapable of self control. It's incapable of self regulation, it can't control the fact that it's panting and Balaam couldn't control himself and his desires, whether he had knowledge or he didn't have knowledge. If he had knowledge, he still sinned. And if he didn't have knowledge, he would have still sinned as well. And this is a very powerful story, one that should cause us and bring us to reflection and cause us to realize

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that knowledge is beautiful, but knowledge should cause us to do better to try to become better Muslims to try to reach help elevated levels of connection to Allah subhanho wa Taala and that it should remind us to try to be steadfast on our religion, why our Prophet sallallahu? How do you send him the most common do I that he would make was the American liberal club that was called the idea that Oh, one who alternates the heart, keep my heart firm upon your religion. And so, we asked Allah Subhana Allah to keep us firm upon his religion and to protect us and preserve us from the evils of selling our religion to get a little bit of the offerings of the dunya and rather to keep us firm

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upon his Deen and to stay away from the evils and the fixing of the dunya