Yasir Qadhi – The Branches of Faith – Episode 07 – The Levels of Iman

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of knowing one's overall scale and the three key milestones for Islam is highlighted. The "red zone" in Islam is defined by the number of people practicing the five pillars, the number of people receiving the message of Islam, and the level of sin. fulfilling these requirements is crucial to achieving the highest level of spirituality and success in Islam. Main sin is identified as major sin, and individuals in the "red zone" or culture where they are not fulfilling their requirements of Islam are committing major sin. Unwavering good deeds is also crucial to achieving their goals. A law and a good deeds are also important to achieve their goals. They plan to assess their progress and make plans for the upcoming lecture.
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Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy woman, voila.

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So we were talking about the increase of a man. And today inshallah will be the final prelude to the reality of demand from tomorrow we're going to go over each of the points that we're going to go over of the 70 odd branches of demand. And today's talk is going to be about the, the gauging of your level of a man. You see, a man, as we said, is not just one reality, it rises and it falls. And we need to know each one of us, we need to assess where are we on the scale of Eamon, you know, many of you are doctors here, you know that every single element of our biology, every single element of our existence, every single aspect, it has a measure, this is your level of cholesterol. This is how

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much your heart should be beating, this is this this is that if it's higher, if it's lower, you're in trouble. There's a gray zone, there's a yellow zone, there's a red zone, each one of us we need to know, we assess, we check our pulse, we check our temperature, if it's beyond normal, this is a warning sign to us, I need to get my act together again. So the question arises, what are the overall charts that we need to know of a man? This is today's lecture? They're very rough. Obviously, this is a very detailed topic, and we only have 10 minutes. But what are the rough charts of a man such that once I know that chart of a man, once I know the levels of demand, I can then

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self assess where do I stand on the scale of a man. And as we know, a man rises and falls and there is no simplistic easy chart. However, on this chart, there are three key milestones that we're going to mention today. three key points that we should all be aware of. Obviously, the highest level of a man is something that we cannot even grasp it is the amount of our profits a little longer than he was send them. It is an amount that is the highest of the high and obviously there are levels of gopher gopher is in one category. There are many levels of gophers, the gopher of Abu Talib is not like the gopher of Abuja, Hill, they are not the same. So even Cofer has levels. So today we're

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gonna talk about the three main milestones on the graph or chart of Eman. And the goal is once you know these milestones, now you will assess your life. Where do I stand this servi these milestones? Am I above the first below the second? Am I above the second below the third? Am I above the third? Where do I stand so that you have an idea and you strive to go higher and higher? And obviously, even in our self assessments, we have to have the caveat, we have to be careful, this is a generic assessment. In the end, we are always doubtful What if I have committed a sin? What if I am not pure for the sake of Allah, so we doubt at the same time, at the same time, we have a generic idea of

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where we stand. So the first of these levels the bottom level, is really the disc the difference between golfer and man, it is the the the line that separates the non Muslim from the Muslim. Imagine a person who's never heard of Islam, and he's going to convert in a few days. He doesn't know that yet. You start talking to him, you start preaching, you start giving him Islam slowly but surely he begins to know a lot. No the messenger, something grows in his heart. It's not yet a man that Allah recognizes but something's happening. So this is below that line. He's thinking he's contemplating he's reading the Quran. Eventually, he becomes more and more certain. Then a time will

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come when he will announce his Shahada. He will publicly embrace Islam. That is the conversion he's just converted from Cofer to Islam. Now it is possible that the new convert Eman is so strong he'll go all the way to the top. That's very common Mashallah Tabata kala, those of us who are born into Islam, those of us who are born into some we don't have a conversion process, we are by default Muslim, but this minimal level is not the level that Allah wants us to be at. It is the level that is the minimal that is accepted by Allah, but it is not the minimal that Allah is pleased with that is level two, that is the higher level. And that level occurs when we practice the five pillars of

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Islam, which is the Shahada, the Salah, desica, the CM the Hajj, and we avoid the major sins. memorize this. When we fulfill the AutoCAD and we avoid the major sins, the major sins, we know them

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by enlarge, murder and drugs and alcohol and these are the major sins, if we live a lifestyle where we don't have the major sense and we are implementing the can of Islam, then we have reached Alhamdulillah. We call it the yellow zone, it's not quite the green the green is the highest, this is the yellow zone. Now what is the difference between the red zone which is not yet there level and the yellow zone, what is the difference? The difference is as follows. The ones who are in the red zone, they say they are Muslim, but they are not fulfilling the outcome. Maybe they're not praying five times a day, maybe they're not fasting Ramadan, maybe they're able to go for Hajj, but they're

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for no reason delaying Hajj, that is a major sin. Maybe they're committing regular sins, major sins, maybe they're drinking all the time. This means they have not reached the level that is required by Allah. So they're in we call it the red zone in English, I say the red zone. In Arabic, this is a faster is a Muslim, but is a faster, the technical term is a faster, what is the reality of this this level, the reality of this level is as follows. This person is a Muslim, a sin will not expel you from Islam. However, he is in our vernacular, a bad Muslim is not a good Muslim is a Muslim who is not fulfilling the requirements of Islam. Therefore, in this world, he shall be treated like a

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Muslim, the inheritance the marriage, the the the burial, all of it will be according to the laws of Islam. But in the ark era, this person is under threat of punishment, this person has not yet reached the level where he will enter Jannah directly this person, there is a possibility that he will be punished or she will be punished in the grave and on Judgement Day. And in the the fire of *. This is the type of person without the Prophet system. When he went to Israel in Mirage, he said, I saw people and they were eating the property of orphans and they were drinking alcohol, they were drinking the fire of *, I saw people they were stealing and they were being punished in this

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manner. So these are Muslims, and they are committing major sins. So they are in jahannam. But their eemaan will eventually save them from jahannam and they will go to gender. So this category of people because they are Muslim, they will eventually enter gender The key is eventually and this is how we understand all of those a hadith man Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the hot agenda, whoever says La ilaha illAllah shall eventually enter agenda. Abu huraira said, even if he committed Zina, even if he stole and the prophets have said, even if he did this, even if he did that, meaning eventually after they are punished, if Allah wants to punish them, they will enter agenda, but we

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don't want to they will enter agenda, but we don't want to go through jahannam we want to go directly to agenda we don't want to go to Johanna for a millisecond. So what is the level that will save us from jahannam and allow us to go to Jenna without going through Johanna myth that is the level that is the what we aim for, at a minimal level. And that level we said when you fulfill the five outer can properly which means you're praying, you're fasting, you're giving the the the zakaat you're going for had you're saying the Shahada and you are avoiding the major sins, this person is that the bare minimum level and if he or she lives a lifestyle like that until death, then there is

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a guarantee from a law that they will not go through jahannam they will go directly to Jenna. This isn't the Quran in touch Danny bukoba uromodulin hoonah and we recited this verse yesterday in touch Danny bukoba Rama tuna and Luca francomb sejati come if you avoid the major sins, we shall forgive your other sins and we will cause you to enter agenda in touch Danny boo kabbah uromodulin honan Nuka francomb sejati come with Helen Kereama and Allah describes the people of Jenna insalata najem and he says Who are they and Latina yeji attorney buena Kaaba Iran if me Well, they are the ones who avoid the major sins in aluminum. The minor ones it's okay we will forgive them nobody is perfect.

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Nobody is an angel Illa Allah Allah says okay, lemon here is a minor sin, the Illa llama okay the llama the minor sin, we shall forgive it the people of Jenna are not going to be angels, we all commit sins, but they did not commit to major sin or if we have committed a major sin we have must repent completely. We must give up that sin and turn over a new lifestyle. Then we have raised ourselves to this rank, which is the rank that is the one that is required by Allah yet it is still the yellow zone. Why is it the yellow zone because we're literally at the edge of the corner. One major sin and you go back down one side or you don't pray you go back down you have to repent.

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Obviously repentance forgives and raises your rank. Remember, as Muslims repentance always raises your rank.

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But we want to aim for the highest the highest level and the highest level, which is a level of Yes. And obviously this is Islam. Imagine your son now the three levels, the highest level of your son, that is the level where the Muslim and the movement is fulfilling not only the waje bat, but most of the sunon and many of the Noah Phil and they also have a level of spirituality. They have a level of horseshoe in their hearts, they're constantly thinking of a law, they're doing Vicar, they're, they're imagining Allah is looking at them because that's the level of your son. So the level of a son comes by both quantity of actions and quality of existence, both of them have to be put

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together, that is the level of ersan the level of the axon will never be reached by the bare minimum, the bare minimum only five Salah Not a single nothing, only 2.5 seconds, not a single No, you want to get to axon, every door of good you have to go beyond the minimum so now you go much more you do select to do have you pray the sooner you pray to hygiene Zakah you do much more than 2.5% So yeah, more than just Ramadan. You fast three days of the month, you fast Monday, Thursday, same thing with all of the good deeds you will go as much as you humanly can reasonably can. Then it's not the quantity it is the quality of your heart. It has handled basally said Abu Bakar Sadiq

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did not become ahead of us did not win the race because he had more salah and Zika than us pause here has another basileus has an obesity Don't compare me and you to Obama this deal has anniversary is fasting every third day he's reading Quran every three days he's doing this he's doing that so hustle and bustle is saying I will walk into Cydia and ask the righteous of the tab your own it's not as if he has more deeds were doing those deeds. But it was something that settled in his heart. It was his class his who should have a lot that spirituality that's why Abu Bakar won the race not because he's doing more sada and slam than us again this has has centered bossley speaking me and

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you yes I will be doing much more solid out and Sam than all of us. We have to get to that level of quantity and then it is quality as well. That is the level of your son and of course the level of your son. In the Quran. Allah calls it a Sabbath on a Sabbath on Allah calls it the winners of the race. And Ally's origin mentions that these are the macabre boon to these are the ones that are closest to Allah subhana wa tada These are the people of genda. To fill those, this is the highest category and Allah says in the Quran through la familia or wehlener waka Li Illumina often in a batch from the previous generations and a very, very small batch from the later generations, that is

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a difficult level to achieve. But we should aim for it, we should strive to get there. And the good point when you get to that level, when you get to that level, you have the opportunity to enter Jannah without even hisab Okay, this is the main point here you will enter Jannah without accounting, because the second category they will enter agenda but there will be accounting you will have to stand in front of a law and in that standing we will all be terrified it will be us and allow one on one directly and allow we'll go over our hisab deed by deed by deed. If we have our books in order we will be allowed to enter agenda but the ultra righteous the vvips the more say no

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and the Saba con una hora agenda tabula rasa, they will end as soon as the resurrected they will be sent into agenda without any hisab without any other job that is the benefit of being in that level. And of course, we aim for that height, height and that good level. So brothers and sisters, the goal of today's lecture is very simple. Each one of us should look at our level, are we fulfilling the organ? Are we committing any major sins, if we are not fulfilling the kind of Islam while then we need to get there that is the minimum that is required by Allah that will guarantee insha Allah to Allah that we do not enter jahannam if we have major sins, we repent from them right here and now

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when it comes to commitment to Allah, I will not return to those sins after Ramadan, we live a lifestyle of purity of goodness of man. So we get to this level. If we're already at that level, then inshallah I hope many of us are, well then we're not satisfied. We want to go higher. Want to do more than this. We want to do in every good deed, we want to go forward in our Sunnah. ask ourselves, where am I lacking? What can I do more in Zakah? Where can I give a little bit more in our good deeds in our ersan in our block with others, there's infinite chapters and doors to do good deeds. And the one who wants to get to level three is never satisfied, always seeing what is an

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opportunity, I can earn more good deeds. And eventually, at some point, there really is not much more than a person can do. This isn't the times of the past these days, very few of us can reach that level and that's where it converts to the quality of your ex and the quality

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If you're thinking of a law firm your consciousness of a law and that is the level in the hadith of God as a prophet of the law I just sent him said, What is that level of xand and taboo the law can undercut Ah, you are worshipping Allah, as if you are gazing upon him. Imagine you are literally looking at a law could you ever commit a sin? Could you ever do anything wrong? Then the Prophet system reminded us even if you cannot see him, don't you know he sees you that is that level of exam. So brothers and sisters, let us assess ourselves continuously. Let us strive to better ourselves. This is our posts of Eman This is the blood pressure test of a man we look at our

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lifestyle, we compare it to the chart and we always aim for higher and higher and inshallah huhtala. Tomorrow we will start the some of the account that we're able to do in this month, and inshallah Allah will do around 20 we have only 20 or so days left we'll do around 20 of the pillars that Imam Al bayhealth dimensions in Shabbat the man until tomorrow said on YT como la wabarakatuh

In this mind opening video, we are to made to assess our wrong doings and evil deeds and take charge of our lives by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi. He goes on to to motivate us to strive to better versions of ourselves so that we can feel the pulse of Iman , look at our chart of Iman and imbibe the density of Iman into our life as well.

Here, we see Shaykh discussing the levels of Iman and highlighting the traits and identification markers of each type of Iman – Fasiq, Muslim and Muhsin.

Just like it is not possible to be a Mu’min without first being a Muslim, likewise it is impossible to be a Muhsin without first being a Mu’min.

Join Shaykh Yasir Qadhi as he beautifully explains the three categories and makes you ponder over its intricacies. 

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